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Explore natural and man-made fabrics

Explore natural and man-made fabrics

Besides choosing one mattress Satisfied, choosing fabric for bedding products also makes many people wonder. Especially the confusion between artificial and natural fabrics. Explore the article below with Ru9 to answer your questions!

It is recommended that an adult sleep 8 hours a day. However, there is a very large proportion of young people who often have trouble sleeping or lose sleep, leading to reduced health and quality of life.

Besides an irregular lifestyle, a cause of insomnia that few people think about is the fabric of the bed sheet. Poor quality fabric can cause itching, heat, and does not absorb sweat, causing discomfort and insomnia. In this article, Ru9 will answer what cotton fabric is and why cotton is the most popular and commonly used fabric for bedding products.

Learn about natural and man-made fabrics

Difficulty sleeping and insomnia is an alarming phenomenon, especially popular with young people today when they have to balance life with stressful school and work schedules. To have a good night's sleep for 8 hours, bedding plays an important role that many people often overlook.

Sleep experts say that good quality bedding will bring great sleep. Explore with Ru9 the most commonly used natural and man-made fabrics, what cotton is and what is the best fabric to use.

1. Natural fabric

Natural fabrics are fabrics woven from plant or animal materials (Cocoons, wool or goats...). Natural fabrics are generally eco-friendly, soft and breathable.

Cotton yarn

Cotton is popular, easy to find and affordable

Cotton is popular, easy to find, and affordable

Cotton or cotton yarn is an extremely popular natural material made from cotton fibers with outstanding features such as lightness, breathability and softness. In addition, cotton fabric is durable and easy to wash.

Premium cotton fabric especially Egyptian cotton with long and extremely soft fibers smooth. In addition, Pima cotton and 100% natural cotton are also good cottons widely used in the production of bedding and pillows.

Wool (Wool)

The wool is warm and retains heat well, not suitable for use in hot climates all year round

Heat-resistant wool is not suitable for use in hot climates all year round

Wool yarn is made from natural sheep and goat wool. Some types of wool are warm because of their ability to retain heat, but can cause itching.

Merino wool yarn is most widely used for sleepwear, underwear, workout wear because it is made from super soft, non-itchy, absorbent Merino yarn. Good absorption, breathable, good heat retention to keep you warm.

Silk (Silk)

The silk bedding set, although it looks very luxurious and beautiful, requires sophisticated washing and care

Silk is a soft, smooth, luxurious material made from natural protein fibers from silkworm cocoons. Silk has an excellent thermoregulatory ability to help users feel cool when it's hot and warm when it's cold.

<3 . Silk fabrics also require more elaborate and expensive dry cleaning.

Linen fabric

Like silk, linen is also considered an expensive material when used for bedding. Made from the flax plant, linen fabric is gaining popularity recently for being cool, breathable, durable and soft. In hot climates, using linen bedding is a great choice.

Bamboo fiber (Bamboo)

Made from rayon, bamboo fiber fabric is light, breathable, soft and has good antibacterial ability, so it is also suitable for blanket sets bed sheets.

2. Man-made fabrics


Performance polyester

Polyester fabrics are inexpensive and highly breathable, but not as soft as silk and cotton fabrics

Different from the original polyester that is durable but not absorbent, performance polyester is a more advanced material with micro-perforations for breathability. and high sweat absorption.


Nylon is a durable man-made fabric used to make wrinkle-free bed sheets. However, nylon will degrade after each wash and cannot withstand the heat of the sun and dryers.


Acrylic fabric is not as soft and comfortable as natural fabric, but Acrylic is very wrinkle resistant and can create bed sheets with many vibrant colors brilliant. However, Acrylic is mainly used to produce blankets instead of bed sheets.

Which fabric is the best for summer

Each type of natural or artificial fabric has its own outstanding advantages. But the most suitable fabrics for hot and hot weather all year round in Vietnam must be thin, light fabrics with outstanding breathability and absorbency. Here are some fabrics you can consider.

Cotton percale fabric

Ru9 Cotton Percale Bedding Set

Bedding Set from cotton percale by Ru9

cotton percale fabric is a fabric with a weft knitting technique. - 1 warp thread for strong fabric surface and light roughness. This fabric is loved for its thickness, durability, yet breathability.

cotton satin

Cotton Sateen has a weaving technique with little interweaving of the weft and warp yarn to give a smooth, soft fabric surface. Although the fabric is soft but retains warmth well, cotton sateen fabric is suitable for places with cooler and colder climates.

Sweet pink cotton sateen set

Sweet pink cotton sateen set

Linen fabric

In today's market, high-grade linen is quite expensive because the production process is more complicated than cotton fabric. Therefore, if your budget is not yet abundant, linen is not the right choice.

Tencel fabric

Tencel fabric made from cellulose fibers is considered a semi-natural and semi-artificial material. Recently, tencel fabric is very popular because it is wrinkle free, breathable, soft, biodegradable and sustainable for the environment. Tencel fabric is durable and easy to wash, however the cost is quite high due to the expensive manufacturing process.

How to choose the best cooling fabric for your bed

<3 Understanding that, Ru9 will "tell" you 8 simple ways below to choose the most suitable bedding set.

Soft bedding set will bring you to the most complete and warm sleep

Soft bedding set will bring you to the most complete and warm sleep< /p>


Fabric includes softness, breathability, durability. The fabrics with the best cooling capacity are linen, cotton and tencel.

Weaving style

The weave of the fabric determines the feeling when touching the surface, the breathability...In which, cotton percale and cotton sateen are two types of fabric with high quality. weave best suited for cooling.


Price is also an important factor that many people consider when shopping. Although natural fabrics such as 100% cotton, silk, tencel, and linen are more expensive than man-made fabrics such as polyester, they are also soft, cool and durable after a long time of use.

Weaving density

High-weave fabrics are often considered superior because of their smooth surface finish. However, there are also brands that swap the concept to upgrade fabrics with low density and quality.

A good yardstick should have a weave density of 300-500. Higher than 500, on the contrary, will cause a secret because air cannot circulate through the fabric.


You shouldn't be too frugal for one good bedding set is a worthy investment. After a period of use, high-quality bedding sets will still retain their softness without fear of being worn or ruffled.

Hopefully after this article, you will somewhat understand the properties of fabrics, especially cotton fabric. Each type of fabric has its own properties and characteristics to suit the climate, preferences and budget of each person. However, always choose bedding from good materials to have the warmest sleep.