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Habit of taking a lunch break lying on your stomach on the table, does more harm than good

Sleeping prone on the table is common for most office workers. But this habit is the direct cause of neck pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain often seen in office workers.
Habit of taking a lunch break lying on your stomach on the table, does more harm than good

Sleeping prone on the table is a common habit of most office workers. However, this habit is the direct cause of neck pain, shoulder pain and neck pain often seen in office workers.

Working at a computer 8 hours a day and being sedentary are characteristics that are easy to find in office people. Not only that, at lunchtime, office workers often have the habit of leaning on a chair or lying on their stomach on the desk to take advantage of a quick sleep, ..However, resting with such postures will lead to headache, dizziness, pain in the muscles of the shoulder and neck, numbness after waking up, affecting work efficiency.

Habit of sleeping on the table is very bad for the cervical spine
Sleeping on a desk is bad for the cervical vertebrae

The formation of this habit is because office workers do not have a suitable resting space, time short rest combined with heavy workload afterwards. So it's hard to get a good night's sleep on mattress like at home. Long-term maintenance not only affects work efficiency, but also endangers health. So, should you change your lunch position or choose for yourself piece < /span>sleeping pillow support will help office workers get a more comfortable afternoon nap. Thanks to that, the brain also works effectively, preventing sooner the risk of disease as well as potential complications harmful to the body.

1. Unexpected harms when taking a lunch break lying on your stomach

Scientific studies have shown that sleeping on your stomach is the worst sleeping position. In addition to helping to reduce snoring, sleeping on your stomach without sleeping pillow< /b> will cause many unforeseen harms, namely neck, back, shoulder pain and even health risks. spine for the body.

Sleeping on your stomach puts a strain on your neck and shoulder muscles, Arms and legs are not straightened, hindering the operation of internal organs, compressing the chest and veins, reducing blood flow to the heart. The slow heart rate makes blood not circulate to the brain, the blood supply to the organs is also reduced, leading to cerebral ischemia. This is the cause of headaches, dizziness and worse, ringing in the ears and numbness in the limbs right after waking up.

Habit of sleeping on the table is very harmful in the long run
In the long run, neck and shoulders will be very affected

According to a medical research group, prolonged stomach rest puts a strain on the spine, leading to an increase in stress. on the rest of the body structure. From there, causes pain in all parts of the body because the spine is considered a conduit to the nerves. The prone position also forces the head to tilt to one side, this< /span> causes the neck to twist, bringing the spine and head out of alignment.

Workers often sleep on their stomachs without a pillow sleeping pillow office support or experiencing some pain in the back or neck. Such pain not only directly affects nap efficiency, but is also a sign of spinal vertebrae being displaced enough to cause the rupture of the inner gelatin disc, allowing the gel to leak out. external pressure causes spinal cord and nerve roots to cause cervical disc herniation. According to statistics from the Ministry of Health, up to 80% of office workers have experienced neck and shoulder pain, causing pain and difficulty in work and treatment. sleeping pillow for people with neck and shoulder pain

2. Investing in a supportive sleeping pillow is the simplest way to protect your health

Changing the habit of lying face down on the desk during lunch break will take a lot of time, not to mention being in a situation of force majeure when the office has no space. suitable rest. Then investing in a suitable sleeping pillow suitable will be a simple way to protect health and prevent optimally. Best.

Sleeping pillow is an indispensable item, not only helping office workers create comfort, making full use of time to get an effective sleep, but also a tool to protect health in the office work environment. When choosing a pillow, pay attention to the right thickness and proper flatness, enough to keep the neck and back in a more neutral position, thereby reducing pressure on the spine.

With Niu pillow - a line of sleeping pillows manufactured by modern technology with outstanding features will be the optimal solution to prevent attacks of pain caused by the prone position. This is a perfect neck support pillow made of Memory Foam material integrated with advanced Graphene technology.