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How lack of sleep wreaks havoc on your body?

Why is Ru9 foam mattress a necessary companion in the journey to finding a good night's sleep?

How lack of sleep wreaks havoc on your body?

Did you know that getting enough sleep is the best way to maintain health. Prolonged lack of sleep will make the body tired, unable to concentrate, affecting work as well as daily life. Let's find out with Ru9 how lack of sleep will wreak havoc on your body through the article below.

Incalculable effects of lack of sleep

Long-term lack of sleep impairs health and is a major cause of serious illnesses such as:

  • Aging rapidly: Usually you will see phenomena such as darkening of the skin, swollen eyes, Tired after losing sleep. This will leave your skin lifeless, with more wrinkles and dark circles.

  • Increases cancer risk: When you have insomnia or don't get enough sleep, there is a very high risk of cancer . Especially colon cancer, breast cancer, etc. Because lack of sleep, the body will gradually become exhausted, causing weakening of the immune system. A new study from the University of Hong Kong has shown that lack of sleep causes DNA damage. DNA loses its ability to heal itself and increases the risk of cancer.

  • Makes you obese: For those who lack sleep, it will increase appetite, which will lead to obesity. Getting enough sleep will help you control your weight, combined with a scientific diet.

  • You have a high risk of cardiovascular disease: When you sleep, your blood pressure, heart rate, and reactive protein levels are high. than. This will put you at a higher risk of heart-related diseases.

Lack of sleep makes you tired and stressed
Lack of sleep makes you tired and stressed

4 Causes of poor sleep

The lack of sleep, not sleeping well is a condition that many people suffer from. And there will be many causes of this lack of sleep such as:

1. Due to stress from work and life:

You are worried by the activities of your daily life. It is these pressures that weigh on your nervous system that will make your mind always in a state of stress and thoughts working continuously. In the long run, mental fatigue and depression lead to longer-lasting insomnia.

2. Unhealthy lifestyle

According to research by some doctors, the common caffeine consumption of an average person per day is 400mg. If you use too much and use it after 3 pm, it can cause insomnia.

The cause of your lack of sleep
The cause of your lack of sleep

In addition, having dinner too late is also one of the causes of your discomfort. You need to eat 2-3 hours before going to sleep, if you eat after this time, it can put pressure on the digestive system, cause discomfort and lead to insomnia.

3. Having a sleep disorder

Many people have sleep disorders that interfere with falling asleep, they can be short or long naps. There are many causes leading to this disease such as: cardiovascular - respiratory diseases, sleep apnea syndrome, aging due to old age,...

That's why, if you have a sleep disorder, you should find out what causes this. Then, see your doctor for advice on treatment or improvement to get enough sleep. Only when you have good sleep will your body be full of energy and healthy.

4. Sleeping on the wrong mattress and pillow

After a long day of activities, it is time to lie back on the mattress and pillow is very important. A soft and good mattress will help support and relax tired muscles after a long day. An anti-neck pillow will limit pain in the cervical spine after a long sleep. So, if you choose poor quality products that will only make your body exhausted from fatigue and prolonged aches and pains, it will wake you up every night.

How to choose a quality mattress to improve sleep

In order to avoid frequent lack of sleep, the choice of mattress is very important. A good mattress and the right fit will give you and your family a good night's sleep. To have a good night's sleep, you need to pay attention to some of the following characteristics when choosing to buy a mattress such as:

1. Material is guaranteed to be safe to use

Currently on the market there are many types of mattress and there are different types of mattresses. own characteristics. Therefore, you need to choose the right mattress, pay attention to the safety as well as the mattress material. Compressed cotton or rubber mattresses will make the body feel secret and hot when lying down for a long time. One of the types of mattress that is being used by many people in recent times is the Ru9 foam mattress. This is a type of mattress that is rated as safe for users' health. Because the Ru9 foam mattress is certified by a prestigious international organization that is CertiPUR-US® certification for foam material.

2. The support and elasticity of the mattress

The mattress should have good elasticity, be able to support the body optimally in all lying positions. In particular, it is necessary to avoid back and spine pain when using. This will help you avoid frequent insomnia.

3. The ventilation capacity of the mattress

The ventilation of the mattress when lying down also needs to be taken into account, especially in the Vietnamese climate. You should avoid using mattresses that accumulate heat, make sleep unregulated, and easily breed bacteria that affect the respiratory tract.

How to choose a quality mattress to improve your sleep
How to choose a quality mattress to improve your sleep

Ru9 mattress brings a good night's sleep to your family

Ru9 mattress is researched and designed to be suitable for sleeping in the Vietnamese climate. As a result, the Ru9 foam mattress can help support maximum sleep and provide effective sleep. With the design of 100% high-performance foam material, especially the advanced proprietary structure with many features such as:

  • Optimal support according to your body curve and keeping your spine straight in any lying position.

  • Relieves body tension and aids in good motion separation.

  • With its breathable and removable cover, it's easy to clean, providing you with a safe sleeping environment.

  • The outer layer of cotton has high fire resistance.

  • Ru9 sleeping mattress is also certified safe for user health by the international organization CertiPUR-US®. This is an international certification of foam materials with many strict criteria.

Ru9 mattress helps you get rid of frequent sleep deprivation
Ru9 cushion helps you get rid of frequent sleep deprivation

With the outstanding features of the Ru9 sleeping pad, it will definitely bring a good night's sleep to your family. In particular, Ru9 mattress will be the most suitable companion to help you get rid of prolonged sleep deprivation, bring good health and a refreshing spirit for the new day.

Ru9 hopes that the above sharing will help you better understand sleep deprivation and better understand how to choose buy mattress that's right for you. Currently, at Ru9, there is an attractive promotion program that is a completely free 100-night trial experience. If you are not satisfied, you will be returned the mattress and receive a 100% refund. Ru9 brings you this test sleep experience to help you feel the quality and always accompany you during use. Don't wait any longer, come to Ru9 store and choose a product you like!