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Why is memory foam mattress good for sleep?

Memory foam (active foam) is a material that is still unfamiliar to Vietnamese people. However, in fact, this material is very popular in the industry mattress at European and American countries today thanks to its extremely good use in preventing back pain and pain when sleeping. Let's learn about Memory foam mattress through the article below!
Why is memory foam mattress good for sleep?

The origin of this memory foam was originally a NASA design to minimize pressure in space. Later, with its outstanding efficiency in pressure distribution and maximum support, activated foam is more widely applied in many different industries such as footwear, medical and sleep.

Similar to memory foam pillows, memory foam mattresses are often known for their ability to self-adjust support to any shape and weight. Therefore, this mattress can be designed to maximize the effectiveness of the active foam to bring the deepest and most comfortable sleep.

Full support

Foam mattress has the ability to remember the natural curve of each person's body through temperature and weight. Therefore, at each different point of the body, the memory foam mattress will have the corresponding support at each point to help bring maximum comfort when sleeping. You can understand this better when looking at the function of the Ru9 Contour layer in the Ru9 multi-layer foam mattress: automatically adjusts to support the soft points of the body.

Uniform pressure relief

Memory foam mattress Ru9

Each body part has a different weight. For normal types sleeping mattress, when lying down, the pressure needs to be reflected back to the body in an upward direction. to support. Therefore, the pressure on the body parts is also uneven. Meanwhile, memory foam mattress has the ability to relieve pressure horizontally. This means that regardless of the weight of the body part, your body will still be supported equally.

At the same time, thanks to the release of horizontal pressure, the memory foam mattress has the effect of minimizing the sensation of movement on the same mattress surface. Different from spring mattress or latex mattress, this will support maximum sleep for those who do not sleep deeply or have trouble sleeping, because you will not be startled every time someone turns over right next to you.

Relieve pain in the body

Memory foam mattress reduce body fatigue

The reason that memory foam mattresses are effective in supporting back and spine pain is because of the ability to combine features between mattress layers to both reduce pressure on the spine while sleeping and help muscles. You can lie down in a natural position. Along with that is because the design of the foam is very soft and airy, helping the body to relax comfortably, muscles and joints are not tense all night long. In some mattresses, the activated foam layer can also be covered with a cold gel similar to the one air conditioner mattress helps to regulate the temperature, similar to the Ru9 mattress.

In Vietnam, very few people do their due diligence before buy a mattress or pay attention to your sleep. This is extremely harmful because sleep plays an important role in restoring energy to the body after a long tiring day. It can be said that memory foam mattress is the optimal choice for sleep today, because of its ability to help the body relax and create a feeling of being cherished.

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