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Why shouldn't coffee be used in place of an office nap?

Sleepiness after lunch is back become a practice for many people. The common solution that office workers believe in to reduce this situation is awakening drinks such as coffee.

Why shouldn't coffee be used in place of an office nap?

Sleepiness after lunch is back become a practice for many people. The popular solution that office workers believe in to reduce this situation is awakening drinks like coffee.

So is this more effective than napping? Through this article, Ru9 hopes to answer for you how to have an effective working day in any situation.

Effective comparison between coffee and nap

According to The Sleep Foundation, you should take a 20-minute nap instead of a cup of coffee after noon.

The main reason is that the caffeine in coffee wakes the brain with alarm and excitement. Coffee's sense of alertness is an immediate effect of the stimulant, not your brain working with a state of mind. best attitude. Your mind is still tired after working hard in the morning. This will make your work not really as productive as expected. In the long run, over-caffeine intake and wakefulness like this produce brief headaches.

What you really need to have a productive afternoon is the right amount of rest like a nap.

An effective nap will bring a sense of relaxation to your mind, helping you to be more productive and creative. more

Benefits of an afternoon nap that office workers cannot ignore

Stimulate the brain suddenly with a short nap

Besides rest and relaxation for the brain after working time in the morning, the biggest benefit of sleep between the two periods of morning and evening work. The main dimension is: to help clear and creative mind (according to < span style="font-weight: 400;">research of the University of California, USA).

Creativity is one of the prerequisites for great work efficiency. Many people can only focus and ideas in the morning and gradually become less active in the evening. Even they have absolutely no energy left for the family.

With a short nap, you can even complete your assigned tasks faster thanks to increased concentration with neurons Nerves are energized and more alert.

With the above practical benefits, investing in an effective afternoon nap is something that every office worker should do.

Invest in an effective nap!

Sleeping on a hard desk or chair in the office causing pain can hardly bring about an effective afternoon nap with the above effects. However, you can completely create a more perfect condition for your sleep with just a simple method: prepare a soft and comfortable pillow, for example.

A nap is just as important as a core night's sleep. Therefore, the feeling of being at home will help you sleep comfortably and completely avoid the aches and pains that are common with naps at the office.

With a fairly limited office environment and not much privacy, just a soft pillow and support the cervical vertebrae like Niu's pillow Ru9 - the leading company in Vietnam in the field of sleep, you can have a good afternoon sleep for a more productive afternoon shift.

Optimal choice for every sleep with Niu Graphene Foam pillow

With the perfect height and suitable for any sleeping position, the Niu pillow can completely become a companion for every afternoon at the office. your room.

Based on the experience of many users, this special pillow has the ability to effectively support the neck - shoulder - nape curve and dispel pain Pain is often seen after waking up from a table or chair thanks to the Graphene Memory Foam material. Not only that, this material is also a high-performance memory foam researched and applied in the advanced sleep industry in the world market. In Vietnam, you can find this standard material with certification international only at Ru9.

In addition, with effective heat dissipation, the Niu pillow can completely bring you coolness no matter how you sleep at the office. room.

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