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Why does Niu pillow become the ideal companion of office workers?

80% of office workers have at least once experienced neck and shoulder pain. If you are also in this crowd, the Niu pillow is an effective "sleep assistant" to improve and end this chronic pain.
Why does Niu pillow become the ideal companion of office workers?

80% of office workers have at least once experienced neck and shoulder pain. If you are also in this crowd, the Niu pillow is an effective "sleep assistant" to improve and end this chronic pain.

Chronic pain in the neck and shoulders often comes from symptoms that last for a long time and then get worse, not immediately. Therefore, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of this condition. The source of pain is most closely related to physical work, but not the only cause of chronic illness. In particular, office workers - who actually do not do much physical work - are becoming the leading subjects at high risk of neck and shoulder pain, stemming from daily habits such as falling asleep on the desk. every noon. So Why is this habit so harmful?

1. Sleeping position on the table puts pressure on the neck arteries

The position of the head resting on the table without using a sleeping pillow to support directly affects the nervous system of the neck. Specifically, when the nerve is stretched too much, it will cause nerve dysfunction, hinder blood circulation, and lack blood in the cervical spine, making this area not supplied with enough blood. blood is needed, causing pain and stiffness in the neck.

The most obvious symptom of neck pain is when you wake up, you will feel dizzy. and difficult to turn from side to side.

2. The cervical spine is easily deformed when napping in the wrong position

The cervical spine of the average person tends to bend to create a slight C-shape. In the sleeping position with your head down and your neck tilted forward, you are directly distorting this inherent physiological curve. This habit of repeating often causes loss of movement of the joints, the spine does not have flexible elasticity, leading to cervical spondylosis.

3. Sleeping for a long time will cause an imbalance in the muscle groups on both sides of the shoulders

I'm sure the vast majority of people also use their hands instead of pillows when sleeping at van room. However, this way of resting your head on your hand puts a lot of pressure on your shoulders. It is possible for one side to contract, the other to relax, or both sides to contract, causing local stiffness and pain in the shoulder area. In addition, the nerve that controls movement of the wrist and fingers swells, leading to numbness and weakness in the arm.

Why does Niu pillow help eliminate neck pain for office workers?

Instead of lying on your stomach at your desk, nap smarter, have a better posture by taking advantage of the space in the office, find a The small space allows you to lie flat for 20-30 minutes. At this time, the Niu pillow will definitely work to help you have a quality nap, because:

1. Niu pillow does not put pressure on neck and head

Made from Memory Foam material with memory properties according to body temperature and weight, creates a natural support curve, releasing pressure evenly horizontally,Niu pillow has optimal support and compatibility with any weight or shape. So that when you lie down, you have absolutely no feeling of pressure on your head and neck.

2. No worries when sleeping with Niu pillow

The neck and head are the two hottest parts of the body. Therefore, with sleeping pillows made of ordinary materials, you will easily feel stuffy and sweaty when sleeping, especially with the hot and humid climate in Vietnam. However, with the integration of Graphene technology in the foam, the Niu pillow completely proves its ability to quickly radiate heat to keep your head and neck comfortable right from the moment of contact, combined with the absorbent Tencel pillow case. Good suction, help your sleep always cool.

3. Ideal altitude

Placing your head too high or too low directly affects your spine, sleep quality and health. Ru9's Niu pillow has been thoroughly researched and tested to determine the ideal support height, suitable for the Vietnamese body, allowing you to be comfortable in any sleeping position.

For a better quality nap at the office you need a pillow of the ideal height

Some other suggestions to overcome neck and shoulder pain:

In addition to choosing Niu pillow as a companion in office naps, office workers can also apply a number of combined measures to improve the condition of neck and shoulder pain such as:

  • Optimize workspace or work environment, clean up for 20-30 reclining space minutes every afternoon
  • Arrange the position of the computer screen, mouse with a reasonable height to easily observe the screen and wrist comfortable
  • Reduce stress by eating and exercising properly
  • Take a break, get up and walk around every hour of sitting continuously
  • Do some simple stretches 2-3 times a day< /li>
Do some simple movements to move the body to limit neck and shoulder pain at office

Hopefully, through this article, you will have a more reasonable way to take a nap at the office to ensure health and productivity every day!