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Compare foam mattress with other mattresses on the market

Nệm foam được nhiều gia đình chọn lựa nhờ sự êm ái lý tưởng cùng mức giá hợp lý. Hãy cùng Ru9 tìm hiểu ngay các ưu nhược điểm của nệm foam!
Compare foam mattress with other mattresses on the market

With soft elasticity and reasonable price, foam mattress has become the new choice of many families in sleep care. But if you compare latex and foam mattresses or other popular mattresses  on the market, will  foam mattresses  keep their advantages? Let's find the answer to the above question with  Ru9  with the following article!

Some popular mattresses on the market

Currently on the Vietnamese market, you can check out some popular mattresses such as  latex mattress, spring mattress, foam mattress, etc. The variety of products gives you more choices. However, you should prioritize choosing the right mattress for your family's financial conditions and needs.

1. Natural latex mattress

With the main component being natural rubber, the natural latex mattress provides good elasticity and support. Mattresses have long-term durability, safe for users. But many families have given up on this mattress because the mattress price  is too high. In addition, latex mattresses are also quite heavy, difficult to clean and move. If you are looking for a durable mattress, you can refer to this natural latex mattress.

2. Spring mattress

This type of sleeping mattress  was especially popular in homes many years ago. Spring mattresses have a multi-layer structure combined with a spring system to create elasticity. This type of mattress helps to support the spine of the lying person but unevenly. Elasticity and durability are highly dependent on the quality of the springs inside.

In addition, the spring mattress is relatively bulky, making it difficult to move. For spring mattresses, when lying down, the jet will push back towards the body, creating pressure on heavy parts such as shoulders, hips, etc. A sagging mattress can cause pain and, if severe, affect the spine.

3. Foam mattress 

The appearance of foam mattress in the market has brought about a dramatic change in the “sleep” industry. This type of cushion  is made mainly of active foams, commonly known as memory foam. Foam mattresses have the characteristics of open structure  and high elasticity.

Previously, the material memory foam was NASA applications in reducing pressure in space. With the ability to spread pressure and good support, this material is widely used in many different industries such as medical, footwear and sleep. More specifically, memory foam also has the ability to automatically adjust the appropriate support for any weight. Because of its outstanding features, this material is also used in the production of  memory foam pillows  to support and relieve shoulder and neck pain.

Soft and comfortable foam mattress

Not only focus on studying materials, luxury mattress brands like Ru9 also care about mattress covers. The cover is usually made of airy spandex and can be removed for cleaning.
Materialssleeping pillows or sleeping mattresses made of foam are both lighter in weight than other materials on the market. You can easily move the mattress without wasting time and effort.

In order to better suit the diverse needs of users, foam mattresses are designed with many different sizes and thicknesses. Types of  mattress 1m8 and  mattress 1m6 are popular product lines chosen by many families. At the same time, manufacturers also launched a line of  cushion 1m2  to meet the needs of young people living alone and users who want to use a small mattress to expand their home space.

Pros and cons of Ru9 memory foam mattress

The human spine has a natural curvature. So, if your body is not well supported when you sleep, you will wake up tired and sore all over. Understanding this, Ru9 studied the sleeping habits of Vietnamese people and released foam mattress aims to improve the sleep of Vietnamese families.

Ru9 mattress improves sleep for Vietnamese families

5 ​​things to know about Ru9 Original Foam Mattress

Features of Ru9 foam mattress

  • Structure thick mattress with three layers of high-performance foam and millions of open-structure particles with different uses.

  • Relieve pressure on the body horizontally, prevent movement, keep the mattress surface flat.

  • The cover is made from super breathable spandex and is easily removable for cleaning

  • In particular, the active foam layer is integrated with cold gel to help distribute heat evenly throughout the mattress. This mattress will provide a comfortable sleep throughout the night even on a hot summer day.

  • Optimal support for body curves, protecting the spine.

  • Foam mattresses are designed with practicality in mind to create the ideal softness to suit any user.

The above article has shared for you detailed information about type mattress from foam as well as some other mattresses. As can be seen, Ru9 mattress is the ideal companion in your family's sleep every night. Please contact Ru9 via page Ru9's Facebook or website to buy mattress with many preferential policies like buy mattress in installments 0% interest or experience 100 nights of free trial sleep!


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