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Compare ventilation between popular mattress materials

Why is mattress ventilation so important to sleep?

Compare ventilation between popular mattress materials

As a country with a sub-equatorial location, in Vietnam, the hot season can last for 5-6 months with temperatures ranging from 35-38 degrees Celsius. Even on the hottest days of the year. , some areas in Vietnam even reach temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius. At this time, a well-ventilated mattress plays a very important role so that you can sleep more easily and better. So which choose mattress material has the best ventilation?

Why is mattress ventilation so important to sleep?

1. Mattress material absorbs sweat well

Scientific studies confirm that the human body is 60% water, each night an average person excretes 0.5 liters. So mattress sleeping well will help absorb sweat well, and at the same time release moisture out, helping muscles can feel good and sleep well.

The breathable sleeping mattress helps absorb sweat

2. Ensure hygiene

A mattress that is not well-ventilated is also capable of absorbing sweat and moisture in the air. However, instead of releasing them, these mattress materials will store under the mattress, causing moisture, discomfort, and odors. In contrast, a ventilated mattress will help circulate air continuously, both the surface and the inner mattress layer are dry, helping to ensure hygiene for the user.

3. Does not affect health

It's horrifying to think that every night I "live" with bacteria for 8 hours on an unventilated mattress. Due to the secretive nature, anaerobic sleeping mattress easily becomes an ideal environment for bacteria and mold to proliferate, thereby causing health effects such as allergies, dry cough, rhinitis, etc. Time also seriously affects the quality of sleep.

Meanwhile, the fully ventilated sleeping mattress solves the above limitation thanks to the breathable mechanism, which automatically regulates the temperature and humidity of the mattress and the mattress. user's body temperature. Therefore, mattress sleeping well not only brings quality sleep but also ensures health.

Comparison of ventilation of popular mattress materials

1. Spring mattress material

Spring mattress has an internal structure of a combination of many materials such as felt, mousse, rubber chips and other materials that are tightly pressed into sheets, sew upholstered with mattress cover. Although there is a gap between the springs, the mattress does not absorb and dissipate heat well, so the ventilation of the spring mattress is very poor.

Spring mattress has poor ventilation

2. Natural latex mattress material

Natural latex mattress is made from the main ingredient is 100% natural latex mixed with additives through incubation, steaming at suitable temperature in the mold to mold into the mattress.

Because the rubber has a closed structure, it will not be breathable in nature. Therefore, manufacturers often design thousands of ventilation holes on the mattress surface to solve this drawback. As a result, natural latex mattresses are more airy than spring mattresses. However, because of the hole punching so much, it will inadvertently lose the support for the lying person. That's why natural latex mattress material will give you a more secretive feeling than usual.

Besides, latex mattresses also have other limitations that are quite heavy and cumbersome, very difficult to clean. If used for a long time, it will easily generate moisture, bacteria, ... that users cannot eliminate. Therefore, although the mattress is airy, it is not the best choice. In addition, the expensive price, the big difference with other mattress lines is also a minus point.

Hot natural rubber wedge material

3. Foam mattress material

Thanks to the foam structure of breathable open particles, it will give the mattress a very good natural ventilation ability. On the other hand, foam mattresses have high antibacterial properties, do not worry about unsanitary. Long-term users only need to clean the mattress cover to ensure safety, no longer worry about agents "hiding" under the mattress that are harmful to health.

Foam mattress - Perfect choice for a good night's sleep

Why is Ru9 foam mattress a necessary companion in the journey to finding a good night's sleep?

  • 100% ventilation

  • Through research, Ru9 foam mattress is specially designed to achieve the best ventilation. Accordingly, the mattress structure consists of 3 layers of high-grade foam and millions of open particles to help air flow easily between the mattress layers. At the same time, the mattress cover is also made of spandex material which is very absorbent and super breathable.

    Maximum ventilation Ru9 foam mattress with 3-layer foam structure

  • Easy to clean, outstanding support

  • The Ru9 foam mattress cover has a zipper so users can easily remove it for cleaning. At the same time, the foam inside has natural antibacterial properties, so users do not have to worry about the presence of bacteria inside the mattress.

    On the other hand, thanks to its modern design with exclusive memory foam and Ru9 contour foam, Ru9 foam mattress is not only absolutely cool, but also relieves pressure and pressure. outstanding support, helping users have a cool sleep.

    Ru9 foam mattress has outstanding support

    With the aim of shortening everyone's struggle to find a good night's sleep, The Sleep Company Ru9 is constantly innovating and improving to bring providing users with the best quality ventilated sleeping mattress. Go to Ru9 to experience a good night's sleep today.