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Which pillow is the best today? Choose to buy a good pillow for sleep.

Which pillow is the best today? Choose to buy a good pillow for sleep.

Did you know, in fact, the pillow determines a lot to the quality of your sleep every day. But which pillow intestine brings good sleep? This seems to be a simple question, but not everyone can find the answer. In the following article, Ru9 will "find" with you best pillow for sleep for sleep.

Common types of pillow inserts on the market

Before finding out which type of pillow is good, let's take a look at the popular sleeping pillows currently popular.

Natural latex pillow:

+ Advantages: Made of natural latex with good support to help stabilize the head and neck while sleeping.

+ Cons: Low pillow quite hard and heavy. Therefore, when lying up, you will not feel optimal comfort. The price of this type of latex pillow is also quite high.

What is a good quality pillowcase for sleep?

Feather pillow:

+ Advantages: Very light weight, only about a third of the weight inner pillow other. Feather pillows are also highly breathable. Because of the high ability to release air, it can avoid wet and unhygienic conditions.

+ Cons: can cause allergies in people with respiratory diseases and sensitivities. The material is also unable to support and cause subsidence in the middle of the night. Difficult to maintain and clean. The price is quite high depending on the quality of the feather

Cotton pillow

+ Advantages: quite popular in the market and cheaper in price. There are many types with different sizes and thicknesses.

+ Cons: The elasticity of cotton pillows is quite poor. Compared to other types sleeping pillow otherwise, this type also degrades faster.

Memory foam pillow

Foam pillow for comprehensive cervical spine support!

+ Advantages: Memory foam pillow is a good candidate for the question of which pillow is the best today. This new generation of materials fulfills two major criteria. The first is the optimal support ability according to the natural curve. The second is to create maximum comfort when sleeping.

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3 Note choosing a pillow to sleep comfortably

There are many types pillows but to select good night pillow It's best to consider the pros and cons of each type. We can list out a few criteria to choose a good pillow as follows:

1. Good support

Last night lying on a flat pillow is definitely not good at all. Therefore, the pillow core needs to be made of a material with high support. This also helps protect your spine.

Good support pillow to help you avoid neck pain

2. Comfort and ventilation

Lying on a soft pillow will definitely help you sleep much better. At the same time, the pillow also needs to be ventilated so that you do not feel trapped when sleeping.

3. Safe, non-irritating

To know if the pillow core is of good quality, need to know what material they are made of. This material must ensure health and do a good job of supporting health.

Niu Ru9 pillow – superior quality sleeping pillow, helps you sleep well

To help users find the best pillow case, Ru9 has created Niu pillow. Niu pillow is made from exclusive advanced graphene foam material. This is the best pillow for sleep with 3 outstanding features.

Niu pillow meets your need to find the best pillow
  • ideal height: Pillow can be flexibly adjusted to any sleeping position. When you are no longer lying down, the product's texture easily returns to its original form without sagging.
  • Optimal support for the head and neck: thanks to modern graphene memory foam technology, it creates the perfect support for the pillow. The Niu pillow helps to support the head and neck according to the natural curvature of the body. Thereby limiting fatigue and reducing shoulder and neck pain for you.
  • Good heat dissipation: the efficient heat-dissipating graphene material will help dissipate heat from the head when lying down. As a result, you will feel very cool and comfortable while sleeping. Your sleep and health are both protected by the Niu pillow.

Hopefully with the quality of the Niu pillow, it will bring you a good night's sleep. To be able to evaluate the product quality, please go to ru9's bedding store to sign up for a 100-night trial completely free. Ru9 will give you a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the product! Don't wait any longer, go Buy a pillow today to wake up full of energy every day.