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06 Tips for Effective Time Management While Working from Home

06 Tips for Effective Time Management While Working from Home

We are starting to adapt to the new normal because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Working from home is one of those changes whether we like it or not. How to manage time effectively when working from home? Does working from home reduce work efficiency? Let's read through Ru9's article below!

What is

Time Management? Why time management?

Time management is the skill of planning within a certain period of time to increase work efficiency and efficiently complete a set plan Best. Time management skills are essential in everyday life and are especially useful for those who are adapting to starting work in their own home.

Live the story you want to tell

You want to tell your loved ones or friends that you manage your time well, work from home is very effective, I have a lot of time. I take care of myself, spend more time with my family, and I recharged a lot of accumulated energy during the last pandemic break. Or do you want to tell them that working from home makes me stagnate, I'm distracted with my bed, the TV is playing an interesting program, the family is gathering to cook and I have to sit here working, Working from home puts my work on hold. That's right, you won't learn fickle time management skills to adapt if your thinking and perspective haven't changed. Working from home is not the cause of your political distractions, but the thoughts within you.

benefits of time management
Live the life you want to tell

Plan to most effectively manage time to get things done

Depending on what type of work you do? Creativity, art, technology, logic, paperwork, office,...and depending on your personality: flying, liking color or logic, liking the system, there are countless ways to build a personal plan for yourself. Setting goals and planning for time management is also a way to instill motivation, emotion and enthusiasm so that work is maintained and high efficiency. So describe the plan that best suits you. If you like to draw, draw it and describe it. If you want to be logical and systematic, draw a table and build a plan. Or you are a storyteller, tell about a new day where the main character is you.

benefits of time management
Build goals, plans to manage effective time working from home

Before building your own planner, you can also apply a few tips to keep your plan from wandering and organizing your time. reasonable time.

You should define things in advance:

(1) Important - need to do it immediately (I have to).

(2) Important - don't do it right away (do it but don't prioritize).

(3) Doesn't matter - needs to be done immediately (maybe with help from others).

(4) Doesn't matter - doesn't need to be done immediately (don't do it or do it when you have free time).

After identifying and reviewing bad habits or things you did regularly in the past that have no value in the present . Start designing your own time management plan.

The space around your workplace helps you stay focused and productive

Arranging the space around reasonably is also an effective way for you to manage your time effectively when working.

The benefits of working from home not only save money and time, but also help you create your own ideal desk. The working space should be quiet and separate from the daily living and playing areas such as the bed, TV, sofa, etc. so that you can focus 100% of your energy on your work. It can be an open space in harmony with nature or simply discreet depending on your preferences.

<3 “remind myself that I am still working and taking my job seriously. Space is the same, a beautiful space not only helps you to have an enthusiastic working spirit but also separates work from other familiar things in daily life at your home.

use time effectively
Quiet, comfortable workspace helps to be productive increased work

Besides, the desk should also be tidy, with only the necessary items for the job. You should also turn off non-important devices that can distract from the work process such as mobile phone notifications, clocks, etc. to facilitate the time management process.

The most effective way to use your time is to have time for self-care and reasonable breaks

Every job consumes a lot of energy, so effective time management also includes allocating reasonable amounts of time to Take care of yourself and rest. This is also the time when you can love yourself or your little family.

use time effectively
Spend time to take care of yourself and small family< /span>

Self-care doesn't mean indulging, so kick unhealthy habits and break with healthier activities . For example, you can meditate, exercise, "take care" of your house or cook with your family, read a book, take care of skin,... You can still take a break with other hobbies such as watching movies, games, snacks,... but in moderation and don't let it affect you too much when you go back to work.

use your time effectively
Take a break from exercise to lift your spirits after going back to work

If you like watching movies, you can check out the list of 100 Movies to Keep You Calm and Happy During the Anti-Epidemic Season in the article this.

Manage time effectively by eliminating bad habits

Like anything, change takes a process, especially to adopt a new skill, a new life habit is more than just a or two days. Therefore, discipline and persistence will determine whether you are using your time management skills effectively.

Saying no to bad habits will not be easy, especially when you are working from your own home. It's important to be persistent and accountable to your time management goals. For example, you have a habit of surfing Facebook up to 3 hours a day just to see "drama" that is not so useful and the next day you don't even remember what you have updated from this habit. . To get rid of them right away, you can set smaller goals, for example, give yourself the first day to spend only 1 hour to surf Facebook and increase the goal day by day until you eliminate them. Quit this habit completely.

Getting enough sleep is a medicine to keep the mind strong

Some people only spend 3-4 hours a day sleeping and think they are making a very good use of their time. However, while working, they are always in a state of pretending to want to sleep. Don't let the mistake of not getting enough sleep and thinking you're using your time effectively reduces your work performance.

Get enough sleep to keep yourself awake. Especially, when you are working at your house, it is always easy for you to immediately run to the bed in the next room to lie down comfortably and sleep soundly, so staying awake is all the more necessary.

quan li time
Sleeping enough is a medicine to help the spirit stay awake to welcome the day new

So, you need to consider your own physiological time and sleep for 6-8 hours a day. Getting enough sleep is not only measured by the time but also whether you sleep deeply and soundly. Before sleeping, you should not use electronic devices, eat too much or drink too much caffeine. Besides, choose the right sleeping position, lying on your back, not on your stomach. If you have a habit of lying on your side, you should buy yourself a soft pillow to avoid good blood circulation because parts of the body press on each other.

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The benefits of proper time management will improve your quality of life and increase your work efficiency proportionally. To capture the pace of modern life, especially during the prolonged Covid-19 epidemic, learn how to manage your time effectively while working from home. Hopefully, Ru9 has brought you useful information to develop this essential skill.< /p>

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