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Distinguish memory foam and rubber materials in the sleep industry

Distinguish memory foam and rubber materials in the sleep industry

Between memory foam mattress known for its superior softness and latex mattress elastic, breathable, durable, which mattress is really good and most suitable for each family?

<3 "" title="mattress">mattress good elastic, breathable, durable rubber, which mattress is the best and most suitable for Vietnamese family.

The truth is that every mattress has its own pros and cons. Therefore, the right mattress will be one that meets your own unique needs in terms of materials, preferences, health conditions and budget. Let's explore the difference between memory foam and rubber mattresses with Ru9!

What is a memory foam mattress?

The memory foam material was invented and used by NASA in 1966. However, one Memory foam mattresses are usually not manufactured with 100% memory foam (Polyurethane foam) but will include additional layers of PU foam, contour foam and cold gel like Ru9 memory foam mattresses.

What is a latex mattress?

rubber mattress can be composed of 2 types of natural rubber from tree resin and synthetic rubber. Latex mattresses have very high elasticity and durability, especially 100% natural latex mattresses. Latex mattresses are also antibacterial, anti-mildew and have good breathability, so they are very suitable for use in the summer.

On the scale compare memory foam mattress and latex mattress

Both memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses have their own outstanding properties. However, to find the right mattress exactly for each individual's needs, you need to learn more about the following characteristics.

1. Force dispersion

Memory foam

Memory foam mattresses have concentrated force dispersion, also known as actuation. That is, when a person lies on the bed, the mattress only sinks in that area and does not affect the person on the other side of the bed. This feature of the mattress is very suitable for couples where one person often tosses and has difficulty sleeping.

Memory foam mattress has a settlement when lying down so it feels extremely comfortable and comfortable
The memory foam mattress has a settlement when lying down, so it feels extremely comfortable

Memory foam hugs the smallest movements for outstanding comfort. The slow elasticity of impact can be said to be the biggest reason why users love memory foam mattresses. Whether you lie on your side or lie flat, the mattress hugs every curve and movement of your body.

Memory foam mattress is especially suitable for people with neck, back and shoulder pain than hard or highly elastic mattresses because of its ability to relieve pain. Release pressure on painful body parts.


In contrast to memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses are always known for their high elasticity and do not sink when lying down. However, because there is no certain settlement, when lying flat, many people feel uncomfortable when the mattress does not reach and support the waist.

 Latex mattress has high elasticity so it is not very suitable for people who like to lie flat

The latex mattress has high elasticity, so it is not very suitable for people who like to lie flat

2. Smoothness

Memory foam

Foam mattresses, especially memory foam mattress by Ru9 is built with a contour foam layer next to the memory foam layer to provide superior support and pressure relief, giving you maximum comfort and smoothness .


Latex mattresses, especially 100% natural rubber, also provide a soft, comfortable feeling when lying down. For those who have a habit of sleeping on a mattress with a certain firmness and elasticity, a latex mattress will be the most suitable choice.

3. Breathability

Memory foam

Compared to other materials, memory foam mattresses have a high heat retention capacity, so they are easy to get hot when lying down. Therefore, when buy mattress foam, remember to choose mattresses with extra cold gel layer. Helps cool and breathe like a Ru9 Original mattress.


100% natural latex mattress is famous for its excellent breathability and cooling ability when lying down. Therefore, if you live in a hot and humid place, a latex mattress will be a great choice.

4. Unpleasant smell

Latex mattresses often have a characteristic rubbery smell that is quite unpleasant when newly purchased and only evaporates after a few weeks use.

Some memory foam mattresses also have a slight chemical odor. However, mattress lines with international certification CertiPUR-US® such as Ru9 mattress will limit the maximum odor and cause no discomfort when used.

Have peace of mind when using internationally certified quality Ru9 memory foam mattress
Safety when using Ru9 mattress with international quality certification

5. Antibacterial ability

Composed of layers of high-density foam memory foam mattresses are naturally resistant to dust and bacteria. 100% natural latex mattresses are also more antibacterial than synthetic latex mattresses.

6. Price

Memory foam

Memory foam mattress has quite economical price, only from 7 up to 12< /span> million for 1 Queen size mattress (1m6 x 2m). Young people living alone or small families who just bought a house and want to save money can own a satisfactory memory mattress with good quality.


Latex mattresses are durable and can be used for many years, so the expensive price is worth the quality. However, for many families, spending several tens of millions for a 100% latex mattress is also a big obstacle.

Low mattress and memory foam mattress: Which is better?

Latex and memory foam mattresses both have their own advantages and limitations mentioned above. You can consider different factors to choose the mattress that best suits your needs. Besides, you can consider the following two factors to choose the best mattress.

<3 of body. If you want to own a mattress with 100% pure natural material and certain firmness, a latex mattress will be more suitable.

In terms of back pain relief, memory foam mattress is considered the best mattress to help reduce pressure on the lower back, relieve back pain caused by activities poor posture or playing sports.

In terms of durability, although the average price of a latex mattress is quite expensive, up to several tens of millions, it has high durability and can be used continuously after many years. In contrast, memory foam mattresses, although not as durable as rubber mattresses, have a very affordable price for a mattress that ensures optimal support and outstanding smoothness and comfort.

As such, there is no universal formula for the best mattress. The perfect mattress is the right mattress for each person in terms of material preferences, mattress softness, elasticity, alleviation of back/shoulder diseases, price, brand reputation…Let's weigh in. Remember what factors are important to you to find the most suitable mattress to have the warmest sleep!