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Misconceptions when choosing a sleeping pillow

To have a good night's sleep, many people think that a large investment must be made in a mattress. In fact, pillows are also a product you need to choose carefully. So what are the criteria to choose the right pillow for a good night's sleep?
Misconceptions when choosing a sleeping pillow

To have a good night's sleep, many people think that a large investment must be made for a mattress. In fact, pillows are also a product you need to choose carefully. So what are the criteria to choose the right pillow for a good night's sleep?

Like a sleeping mattress, you will use a pillow to sleep 7-8 hours/night, ie 2,500 hours/year. If you don't invest in a suitable pillow, your neck and shoulders will not be properly supported, leading to crooked neck, hunchback, even cervical spondylosis.

According to health experts on YourHealth page, the most "standard" sleeping pillow specifications are 8 to 15cm high, 30cm wide, 60cm long. The pillow should not be too hard or too soft. A hard pillow will press on the nerve in the nape of the neck, causing numbness and pain, affecting blood circulation. The pillow is too soft, when lying on the side, it causes the head to sink deeply, affecting breathing. The current pillow market is diverse in materials and prices. So what criteria to choose a most suitable product?

Advantages and disadvantages of current pillow materials

A suitable pillow must ensure the following criteria: support for the head, neck, shoulders, balance between the head and body for blood circulation, ventilation air to reduce heat at the contact between the pillow and the neck. On the market today, there are many different materials, mainly including: cotton, natural rubber, feathers and memory foam. Each type of material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Specifically, cotton pillows are considered a traditional product, anyone has ever used. In the pillow cotton, the manufacturer separates the types: sheet cotton, rolled cotton, loose cotton, ball cotton, and fibrous cotton. Cotton balls, cotton balls and fibers are often used to produce pillow products. Because the material is mainly composed of polyester, cotton and other impurities, the lack of breathability is the main drawback of this pillow line. With natural cotton after a period of use, it easily becomes an ideal environment for bacteria to multiply.

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Using the main material is rubber, the latex pillow has good elasticity. Latex pillows are divided into two types: natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber is durable and safe, while synthetic rubber often has a major preservative, which is difficult to decompose. This pillow line is often quite expensive, the price of natural latex pillows will be slightly higher than synthetic rubber. Like cotton pillows, this pillow is not breathable due to its closed construction.

Feather pillows are chosen by many families because of their softness and comfort when lying down. The feather pillow is taken from the high-grade white down and body feathers of water geese, sterilized and dried at 120 degrees. Normally, a good feather pillow will be structured: around is soft plush, in the center is small body feathers forming a multi-layered pillow structure, supporting the cervical spine.

The disadvantage of this pillow is its high price. With 100% plush types, the price will be higher than the common ground. The puffiness of the pillow is lower than the pillows using cotton material. Besides, feather pillows are more difficult to preserve and wash because they are not washed with water. In addition, this pillow has no support and is prone to subsidence. Because it is difficult to breathe when lying down, feather pillows are prone to bad odors, affecting sleep.

Memory foam pillows are very popular today due to their ability to hug the body shape as well as distribute the weight evenly across the surface of the product. However, some memory foam products can retain body heat.

There are also some other materials such as air pillows, rattan pillows, water pillows. However, these materials are not popular due to their short lifespan and poor elasticity.

Niu pillow – American quality Vietnamese goods

Realizing that memory foam material fits most criteria for a unit that meets most user needs, sleep specialist Ru9 has research and add new materials to upgrade the line memory foam pillow into a product high-class, bringing good sleep to customers.

Based on the advantages of memory foam material, Ru9 researched and introduced the exclusive Graphene Memory Foam material. This type of foam pays attention to creating smoothness, comfort and good elasticity. The pillow structure supports the entire head upper body. In particular, the foam structure can be flexibly adjusted when the user changes the lying position. Thereby, minimizing pain and fatigue in the head, neck or shoulder area.

Ru9's Niu pillow removes the limitations of traditional pillows, providing a better night's sleep complete for the user.

Besides, the heat-dissipating graphene material in the Niu pillow helps users always feel airy during sleep. Accompanied by a pillow cover from tencel knit fabric with high durability. This fabric is internationally certified according to STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX criteria. This standard certifies that Niu pillow products are safe for users' health. In addition, the zipper design on the pillowcase also makes it easy to change and wash regularly.

By overcoming the shortcomings of conventional materials, Ru9's Niu pillow will bring you a full night's sleep, re-energizing you. Contact Ru9 or go to the store to experience the high-end Niu pillow line for you and your loved ones.