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Does stopping drinking make your health better?

However, many people may tell you that: Drinking alcohol is bad for your health. But do you know, stopping drinking alcohol actually does not help you live much healthier!
Does stopping drinking make your health better?

Tet is coming; what could be better than gathering friends, having family gatherings and enjoying a little alcoholic drink to celebrate a prosperous new year?

However, many people may tell you that: Drinking alcohol is bad for your health. But do you know, stopping drinking alcohol actually does not help you live much healthier!

It sounds weird, but the key here is balance. Studies can list hundreds of harmful effects of drinking alcohol. There will also be studies that tell you that drinking in moderation can benefit the heart, reducing the risk of diabetes or gallstones. The important thing here is, do you need to be aware of the risks of using alcohol and be able to keep those dangers to a minimum?

Why is alcohol not good for health?

The use of alcohol, beer, or any stimulant can affect your health more or less. In fact, alcohol is also a harmful substance that will be transformed by the body into a less harmful substance and helps you enjoy the happy feelings they bring/p>

Therefore, when the amount of alcohol and beer absorbed exceeds the body's metabolic capacity, it will cause severe damage to your health. This condition will depend on different types, and amounts of alcohol, biological factors such as genetics, age, sex, body weight, etc, each will have a different 'stop.'

‘The stop is when you still can enjoy the fun and humour brought by alcohol and beer without worrying about fatigue and hangover the next day. This fatigue results from the body being overloaded in processing the 'alcohol' that you have 'into'.

And of course, drinking in moderation doesn't mean it's not harmful.

But it shouldn't become a hindrance to enjoying life's pleasures!

A little wine or a glass of beer will be the best way to share the joy when you get a holiday, a raise, a promotion, a life partner or a small home. Like a spice that adorns life, the bright colours in your life will become more vibrant and sparkling. And if you control it properly, you will quickly feel the following:

  • Enjoyment: Alcohol can turn out to be extremely delicious.
  • Relaxation: A little alcohol in the blood will help you feel more comfortable. At the same time, it allows you to slow down a little amid the rush of life.
  • Creativity: Some evidence indicates that, when drunk, you tend to become better at problem-solving thanks to audacity in thinking.
  • Connecting relationships: While drinking, you quickly forge social connections thanks to what scientists often call the 'golden time' — when everyone shares the same passion. have fun and make connections easier.

People often think that physical health and mental health are two separate things; they are linked and coordinated with each other. These feelings will help you lead a healthier mental life while also affecting your physical health.

So if you decide to drink, drink it with pleasure!

Let it become a wonderful spice in your journey to enjoy life. Don't drink because you're stressed, or forced, or just because it's a habit.

And when you're still wondering if I should go for a drink or not?

The answer is not 'yes' or 'no', but balance. Instead of fearing that alcohol will cause harm, perhaps you would like to manage your drinking habits healthier?

Also do not forget that after drinking, a good night's sleep will help you speed up the process of 'detoxification' from alcohol and beer. Let's start to care more about the quality of your sleep through the article“The secret lies behind a good night's sleep”

Have a good night sleep together Ru9!

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