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What are the benefits of sleeping on a latex mattress?

What are the benefits of sleeping on a latex mattress?

Latex mattress seems to have become a companion, taking care of each person's deep sleep. Latex mattresses are divided into two main types: natural latex mattresses and mattress artificial rubber. Each type of latex mattress has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, suitable for each different object. If you and your family are confused about which mattress to buy, then follow the article to have the most reasonable choice.

What is a latex mattress?

Latex mattresses are not only used today but have been used for a long time. Latex mattresses are often made from natural materials, which is latex. Over time, in parallel with the development of the industry, latex mattresses are manufactured from many different materials, typically industrial raw materials. Latex mattresses often have a square vent design on one side - a factor that affects the firmness or softness of a latex mattress. Latex mattresses do not make a sound when turning, in addition, have the ability to support the body. So, which type of latex mattress is good and right for you?

Latex mattresses are quite familiar to most Vietnamese
Latex mattresses are quite familiar to most Vietnamese< /span>

Learn about latex mattresses

Natural latex mattress

Natural latex mattress is made from rubber with 100% natural latex raw material, so latex mattress does not contain impurities substances, chemicals that affect human health, do not cause skin irritation, even if it is a newborn baby.

  • Advantages: Latex mattresses have the great advantage of high elasticity, no phenomenon during use. collapse, subsidence or deformation of the mattress. Natural materials combined with advanced production technology, natural latex mattresses also have natural antibacterial ability.

  • Cons: In fact, because natural latex mattresses have a solid and hard structure, they have not yet created optimal comfort. for user. In addition, natural latex mattresses still cause a feeling of heat, ventilation function needs to be improved. In terms of the price of a natural latex mattress, it is quite high, so choosing buy mattress Any good rubber with a reasonable price also makes many consumers hesitate before buying.

Favorite natural latex mattress in the family
Natural latex mattress is popular in the family

Artificial latex mattress

Different from natural latex mattresses, artificial latex mattresses whose main ingredient is Polyurethane Foam (PU). Foam). Wedges also have the same features as natural rubber, but with a shorter use time and lower safety assurance. To be able to know which latex mattress is good, usually based on the D parameter, the higher this parameter means the better the mattress quality.

  • Advantages: Mattresses are cheaper than natural latex mattresses. The durability of the mattress is relative and depends on the quality of the product.

  • Disadvantages: Similar to natural rubber, the ventilation as well as the breathability of artificial latex mattresses need to be improved. better good.

In general, besides the well-known advantages, latex mattresses still have disadvantages that need to be overcome, improved and improved in quality. more and more.

In addition, thanks to the application of advanced research and science and technology, the market has now appeared more diverse mattress products with different features. more superior. One of the outstanding products that many people are interested in is the Ru9 foam mattress - a Vietnamese mattress of international quality.

Reasons to use Ru9 Foam Mattress instead of regular latex mattress

Besides the usual latex mattresses that make users wonder when deciding, Foam Ru9 mattress is currently the most optimal mattress, meeting the requirements of consumers in choosing which mattress to buy. .

Ru9 foam mattress is becoming more and more popular among families, replacing latex mattresses
Ru9 foam mattress is increasingly popular with families, replacing latex mattress< /em>

Ru9 brand Foam mattress can be said to be a mattress with optimal use, with quality that is completely worth the price.

The outstanding advantages that foam mattresses possess compared to latex mattresses include:

  • Able to support the body well despite constantly moving and lying in different positions

  • Outstanding motion isolation, people sleeping together do not affect or disturb each other when turning

  • When lying down, the body does not sag and does not roll up causing discomfort

  • Suitable for both people with osteoarthritis pain, and pregnant mothers

  • The ability to diffuse body heat is quite good, the mattress can be used even in summer days

  • The outside of the mattress is designed with a layer of cotton to help reduce the possibility of the mattress catching fire

  • Passed quality and safety inspection for users' health

  • Fast shipping as the mattress can be neatly packed in a box

Ru9 Foam Mattress with special foam structure for optimal support
Ru9 Foam Mattress with special foam structure for optimal support< /em>

Hope the article has brought useful information, sending readers a satisfactory answer to the question “buy a good mattress".

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