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How is snoring affecting your sleep quality? Causes of snoring and how to fix it

When do you need to use functional foods for good sleep

How is snoring affecting your sleep quality? Causes of snoring and how to fix it

When we were kids, we were often children who avoided sleep. When our parents remind us it's bedtime, we always find a way to stay awake a little longer. Coming into adulthood - when we have to go to school and work to be busier, we learn to appreciate sleep and return to craving a comfortable night's sleep every weekend. The truth is, everyone needs to get enough sleep, and sleep well. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have a full night's sleep, especially those who have a habit of snoring while sleeping. Let's find out the causes of snoring with Ru9 and how to fix it in this article.

Good sleep plays an important role in everyone's life

The importance of sleep for everyone's health and life cannot be denied. Because sleep is one of the essential needs of life, lack of sleep or poor sleep will lead to significant harm, even dangerous to health. From there, it will negatively affect your mood, emotions, work productivity, thinking ability, memory, ... and countless other unforeseen harms.

In reality, poor sleep is much more dangerous than that. Therefore, sleeping properly, getting enough sleep, and getting a good night's sleep will create a barrier to protect you from dangerous consequences that happen to your own health. Getting enough and good sleep helps you consume fewer calories, reduce the risk of obesity, improve immune function as well as focus, energy productivity, mood,... By improving the quality of your sleep, you're improving your health and quality of life.

There are many causes of sleep deprivation, interrupted sleep: from objective causes such as busy work, families with new-born children, to subjective reasons such as the habit of using phones and laptops. However, one of the causes that directly affects the quality of sleep that many people do not notice or easily ignore is snoring.

Snoring - one of the sleep quality warnings

Not everyone snores and snorers themselves or their loved ones consider it simply a sleeping habit. But in fact, snoring is a warning sign of poor quality sleep and health problems. In addition, snoring is also an uncomfortable factor, directly affecting the quality of sleep of the person sleeping with it. Thus, not only one, but two people's sleep is being "threatened".

Snoring is the sound produced when the airway tissues vibrate during sleep. According to Vinmec, snoring is a common sleeping behavior, occurring 44% of men, 28% in women (ages 30-60).

Snoring can affect your sleep quality and health

For adults

When snoring, the trachea will be blocked, leading to a lack of oxygen in the lungs and brain because of the risk of sleep apnea. . A snorer's brain is not fully rested, incapable of doing its natural work at that time, leading to fatigue the next day.

If snoring is severe enough, the electrical brain waves will be disturbed, the patient will face mental decline memory, work productivity, mental health are dragged down negatively, even diseases such as high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke while sleeping.

Snoring can lead to fatigue the next day so woman covers her face with two hand cages

Snoring is more harmful to your health than you think< /p>

For kids

Snoring often takes longer to fall asleep, thereby reducing sleep quality, leading to sleep not drunk, not deep, brain is deprived of oxygen. Children are also prone to sleep apnea, the shape of the face is affected. A decrease in the quality of sleep in young children will have long-term effects on both their physical and mental health.

Baby sleeps on blue pad with blue silk running across her body

Children's snoring can also be harmful to health

Causes of snoring and how to fix it

Eating and living habits

There are many causes of snoring. In addition to the causes related to diseases, diet and activities also account for most of the causes leading to snoring. Smoking a lot, drinking a lot of alcohol, being overweight, consuming a lot of food at dinner also causes snoring.

  • Smoking: Smoke sensitizes the nose, throat and can lead to inflammation, making it difficult to breathe during sleep, leading to mouth breathing, a common cause of snoring. Giving up smoking over time is also an effective way to overcome snoring, limiting the impact on those around.

  • Alcohol: Contained beverages Alcohol - alcohol disturbs the nervous system, relaxes the muscles of the neck. The tissues and muscles around the throat relax, making it easier for the airways to close, leading to snoring. Therefore, it is necessary to replace alcohol and stimulants with healthy foods such as fruit juices, green vegetables and flower tea to improve snoring and sleep quality and spirit after waking up.

  • Overweight: Overweight person often accumulate fatty tissue in the pharynx, narrowing the space between the pharynx and larynx, causing snoring. Therefore, adding healthy foods and limiting fat helps the body stay healthy, avoid overweight and overcome snoring.

Conclusion: For the case of snoring due to your lifestyle, you need to seriously re-establish a healthy diet. , reasonable, increase exercise regularly and regularly to help increase the amount of oxygen to the brain and especially weight loss scientifically with overweight people.

Pathological causes

With causes related to diseases such as allergies, nasal congestion, rhinitis, too large tonsils...or congenital malformations, complications in Heart, lung, patients should seek medical attention from reputable medical facilities for medical intervention for treatment or definitive surgery.

Old age

Snoring is more common in the elderly due to aging in the pharynx and larynx. In addition, the breathing of the elderly is usually not long, sometimes interrupted. Therefore, elderly people need to exercise regularly, focusing on the spine and lungs to improve breathing as well as gargling the throat to reduce snoring.

Head and neck pillow position

Besides, one of the reasons why you snore without noticing is the position or position of the pillow.

During sleep in pose lying back will cause the tongue and mouth to fall backward, narrowing the mouth. airways and lead to snoring. Therefore, lying on the side with the use of a backrest pillow will help the body relax, regulate breathing, and overcome snoring effectively.

A very simple workaround: look for high-quality mattresses and pillows. Mattresses and pillows are important in supporting and maintaining quality sleep. Therefore, choosing a pillow and mattress with optimal support, and a soft, airy experience will help you sleep better and deeper.

You can refer to Niu Ru9 pillow to improve the quality of sleep, because the Niu pillow is designed with outstanding advantages such as quality Graphene Memory Foam material to delicate design (heat dissipation, cool, ideal height suitable for all sleeping positions) provides perfect support for your head - neck - shoulders for a comfortable sleep, most relaxed.

The female friend knows the causes of snoring and how to fix it, so you sleep well on one pillow and the other is sleeping hugged

Nuu pillow perfectly supports the neck area and nape for a good night's sleep

Also, you can also own one more Ru9's hug pillow with the perfect combination of foam and cotton in the pillow core for a complete and smooth sleep. Your quality of life is affected by many factors, even the smallest ones. Getting enough and good sleep is a vital need of the body, no matter what age you are!

In a nutshell

Hopefully the above article has helped you understand the causes of snoring and how to fix it. Take care of your sleep by building a healthy lifestyle and using quality products that understand and cherish your body.

So, every improvement in each element means an increase in the quality of life. What are you waiting for without lcontact Ru9 immediately via website or Facebook Ru9 - The Sleep Company for advice and to order quality products to accompany and care for your sleep.

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