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Is "sleeping without a pillow" really as good as rumored?

Sleeping without a pillow or with a new pillow is the right choice? Let's find out which is the right choice for a good night's sleep.
There are many opinions that sleep without pillows is the scientific method of sleeping. However, it is not always right to sleep without a pillow. Even if you always sleep pillow will have a risk of adversely affecting health. So what is the truth that "sleeping without a pillow" is better than sleeping on a pillow? Ru9 will immediately answer your concerns.

Sleeping positions with and without pillows

The habit of most people is to use pillow when sleeping. But there are many people after waking up often have pain in the shoulder and neck area. One of the reasons given is the sleeping pillow yours. Recently, there has also been a lot of information coming out that sleeping without pillows is healthier. In fact, sleeping without a pillow or sleeping with a pillow depends on the position you sleep in.
Is sleeping without pillows really good?< /span>

1. Position suitable for sleeping with a pillow:

+ Sideside: this is the position that is considered the best for health when sleeping. But it will be completely counterproductive if you sleep without a pillow. The side position requires a pillow with good support to keep your spine straight.
+ Lying on your back: sleeping without a pillow is also not suitable for this position. Because without a pillow, your head will sink into the mattress. Conversely, a pillow that is too high will also cause your head to fall forward. This is not comfortable, not even good for the spine. So when lying on your back you need a proper height pillow.< /span>

2. Position suitable for sleeping without a pillow:

It's prone position. In this position you can sleep with or without a pillow. This position has the advantage of preventing snoring and sleep apnea. However, this is still considered the most unscientific position when sleeping.

Things to do to sleep well and not have shoulder pain

Sleep without pillows or yes The pillow depends on which sleeping position you feel more comfortable in. However, if you have pain in the shoulder area when you wake up, it is not because you use a pillow when you sleep. This may be due to your incorrect choice of pillow.

To sleep well you need a good pillow

So, getting a good night's sleep is not about sleeping without a pillow or having a pillow. pillow. To reduce neck and shoulder pain when you wake up, you need a pillow has good height and support. This helps keep your spine straight when you sleep.
Besides, to sleep better The pillow you buy also needs to feel comfortable through the material. Pillows made of good materials will have sufficient softness. At the same time, with the material with high ventilation, your head will not be hot when sleeping. It makes sleep easier and helps you sleep better.

Niu Ru9 pillow helps you protect your neck and shoulders and have a good night's sleep

The best pillow for a good night's sleep is nothing else. rather than the Niu Ru9 pillow. With the ideal height of this quick pillow you can be flexible Change any sleeping position. This way you can ignore the problem of better sleeping without a pillow or with a pillow.

With the New pillow you won't worry about neck and shoulder pain after sleeping

Not only that, the Niu Ru9 pillow also has perfect support thanks to the graphene memory foam material. This is Ru9's exclusive advanced material. This material provides optimal support and keeps the head and neck straight. Therefore, you will not experience pain after each sleep. Your spine, shoulders and neck thanks to the Niu pillow will be protected every day. A good and deep sleep will always be beside you thanks to the embrace of the Niu Ru9 pillow.
You probably already have an answer about whether sleeping without a pillow or having a pillow is better. Just choose Niu Ru9 pillow, you will definitely have the best and safest sleep. Do not hesitate to contact Ru9 immediately to buy pillow and spread Test product quality through a 100-night trial completely free!