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What time of year should I buy a mattress?

Finding out the best time of year to buy a mattress not only gives you a "great value for money" mattress, but also saves you money, helping you enjoy a full night's sleep.
What time of year should I buy a mattress?

Why should you choose the right time to buy a mattress?

Finding out the best time of year to buy a mattress doesn't just get you one mattress “value for money”, but also save money, help you enjoy a full sleep.

Like other household products, mattresses also have "golden" times for users to choose a mattress without having to worry about price, even less worrying Concerned about quality. Timeline for customers buy mattress receive the most attractive promotions usually falls on major holidays of the year. For example, on the occasion of April 30, International Labor Day ⅕, National Day September 2 or Black Friday of the year-end season,... In addition, the time when manufacturers launch a new mattress line is also one of the occasions for You have the opportunity to choose from an improved quality mattress at an affordable price.

Benefits of buying a mattress at the right time

The first benefit of choosing a mattress and buying it at the right time is economic efficiency. You will set a certain budget and easily find a new mattress that fits your budget. Saves you a lot of money because a good mattress often comes with an expensive price. At the same time, you will also have many opportunities to learn and compare mattress shipping and warranty policies between manufacturers, so you can make the right decision before buying yourself a new mattress.

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Instead of rushing to change a new mattress, choosing the right mattress at the right time will help you have more time to pay more attention to your needs and preferences. A suitable mattress will give you a full night's sleep, give you a great rest after a hard working day, and keep you full of energy every day.

Other factors to consider when choosing a mattress

On average, mattresses have a shelf life of 5 to 7 years. Because of the long-term use, most customers need to consider carefully when choosing a mattress. In addition to choosing the right time to save costs, the elements of structure, durability, .. also need to pay careful attention.

The most important factor when choosing a mattress is the material. The material that makes up a mattress is a prerequisite for a good night's sleep. Among the high-end mattress lines on the market, Ru9's Original mattress uses foam material with the international certification CertiPUR-US - the most popular and prestigious certification for health safety, durability, and durability. and does not contain substances harmful to the environment.

Moreover, the breathable open particles in the foam layers and the premium absorbent Tencelspandex mattress cover combine with the cold gel particles in the memory foam sized to Active when exposed to body heat, providing almost absolute ventilation, helping to feel the softness and comfort with many different lying positions.

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In addition to material, mattress design is one of the factors that need to be prioritized. High-end mattresses are often designed to provide complete comfort, outstanding support to ensure the health and sleep of the user in the best way. Ru9's Original mattress line with a height of 25cm, with 3 layers of foam: Contour Foam, Memory Foam and PU Foam is scientifically and delicately designed, giving you a good sleeping experience like in a high-end hotel right in his own room.

In addition, Ru9's Original mattress comes with a 10-year warranty to ensure a durable mattress that fully accompanies the user's sleep. Along with the free shipping policy is Ru9's home test program that allows you to experience the mattress for 100 nights in your own bedroom. If you are not satisfied, Ru9 will return the mattress and refund 100%

Not only has such optimal customer care policies, Ru9 also has a program to buy mattresses on installments, from only 1,060,000 VND/month. You can already own a new generation Original queen size mattress, enjoy the smoothness and comfort of a full night's sleep. Hopefully, through this article, choosing the right mattress at the right time will become easier for you.