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What type of latex pillow should I buy for insomniacs?

What type of latex pillow should I buy for insomniacs?

Today, people have to face many health problems. One of the most common problems that haunts many people is chronic insomnia. A small suggestion for those who are experiencing this situation is to try investing in a new soft pillow right away. However, you are wondering what kind of pillow to buy? Let Ru9 help you through this article!

1. Causes of insomnia

Insomnia can be caused by both subjective reasons and objective external factors.

On the subjective side, insomnia often comes from unhealthy habits. Specifically, the regular consumption of stimulant-containing drinks: tea, coffee, alcohol, ... especially before going to bed. Besides, pressure from many sides of life is also very easy to cause insomnia.

On the objective side, you may be suffering from insomnia because the environment where you sleep is not pleasant enough. Too much light, noisy sounds, high temperatures or unclean bedding also adversely affect sleep. In addition, if the person staying with you often snores loudly when sleeping or has a habit of staying up very late, you will more or less suffer.

Insomnia causes a lot of trouble

2. Measures to have better quality sleep

    While sleep loss wreaks havoc on our physical and mental health in a powerful way, there are ways for each of us to help ourselves improve this problem.

    Healthy moderation

    You should pay more attention to your eating, sleeping, and resting. You should avoid overeating or vigorous exercise close to bedtime. Instead, create a habit of sleeping at the right time and taking time to relax before going to bed.

    Improve the condition of the bedroom

    If your sleeping partner is disturbing your sleep, "invite" them to practice the same good habits as above. keep the bedroom temperature cool, let the light soft, try burning some scented candles and should buy pillow so smooth.

    Invest in a good pillow to sleep better

    3. Popular types of sleeping pillows today

      Cotton pillow

      This is a widely used pillow for a long time, affordable, but the support quickly decreases over time and easily molds.< /span>

      Feather pillow

      This pillow is quite "luxurious" because of its expensive price, but in return the material is extremely soft and comfortable.< /p>

      Low pillow

      Although it has not been in the market for a long time, latex pillows have been showing many advantages in both price and quality.

      4. Know the characteristics to know what kind of latex pillow to buy

        Latex pillows are mainly composed of natural rubber latex, some types are synthesized with specialized substances to form products. This pillow has many outstanding features worth considering such as:

        Retains elasticity over time: Latex pillows have very good support, along with durability. high. The pillow will still keep its shape after a long time of use. However, because of that, many latex pillows are very heavy and difficult to carry.

        Avoid mold: Latex pillows are resistant to bacteria and are also very easy to clean without fear of loss. quality. But there is a note for neoprene pillows that can produce an unpleasant odor after a period of use.

        Flexible Price: The price of a latex pillow is determined based on the quality of the product. Usually synthetic latex pillows will be cheaper, natural latex pillows bring more benefits, but because of that, they are quite expensive.

        If you want to learn more about buying the right pillow, visit this link: < a href="">

        5. Ru9's Niu Pillow - a companion for a good night's sleep

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        Eliminate the worry of insomnia with a New pillow

        Strongly researched foam material: Foam is a man-made material, consisting of millions of tightly connected air particles. , capable of creating support for each point of the body. The foam that makes up Niu pillow has been carefully researched and adjusted by Ru9 continuously based on user needs.

        Effective support for the head - neck - shoulders: Niu pillow core is made of Graphene Memory Foam, with support properties outstanding. The Niu pillow is designed to bring the most suitable height for the body.

        < /span>

        Easy cleaning: Tencel pillowcase is made from novel materials and ensures the best ventilation, makes it easy for users to take it apart for cleaning at any time.

        < /span>

        Translation great service:

        Within 100 nights from the date you purchased the product, if you are not satisfied and feel it is not suitable, Ru9 will return the pillow and refund it 100% money for you - no extra shipping or surcharges, so you have the most comfortable experience before you make your decision.

        Learn more about 100-night trial here.

        Besides, if you've completed your purchase, Ru9 has a 1-year 1-for-1-for-customer warranty service. In the first year you own the product, if there is an error, Ru9 will receive the pillow back and exchange it for a new one so that you can always feel secure and trust in using the product.

        Insomnia is a problem that has a very negative impact on your life. So, quickly find out which type of latex pillow to buy to gradually overcome this situation. And if you find the latex pillow still doesn't solve the problem, then Ru9 recommend you try the Niu pillow experience to soon find the feeling of a good night's sleep again!

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