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Choosing "hard pillow" or "soft pillow" also needs to be thoughtful!


The pillow is very important because it is your companion to every sleep. However, the question that makes many people wonder is whether to choose a soft or hard pillow to sleep well and protect health? Learn more about it with Ru9 through the content of the article below.

Hard pillow or soft pillow for better sleep?

This is the question that most customers wonder today. In fact, depending on the needs of each person, the requirements for the hardness of the pillow are based on your preferences. Thus, to have better sleep is thanks to the support and elasticity of the pillow intestine.

Soft pillow helps you limit neck pain when sleeping
Soft pillow helps limit neck pain while sleeping

Highly elastic pillows that fully support and hug the curves of the head and neck area, even when you change positions. This pillow material creates a soft feeling, providing comfort and comfort when lying down. Therefore, the pain of neck and shoulder pain is also significantly limited.

What causes neck and shoulder pain after waking up

Neck and shoulder pain when waking up is a very common condition nowadays. now. The cause of this situation mainly comes from the sleeping mistakes of the consumers themselves. So what exactly are those mistakes?

  • Use old pillow: Pillower when used for a long time and not properly cleaned, the quality will quickly degrade. The pillow structure becomes stiff, so the support effect is not guaranteed, leading to neck pain when lying down. This is also something that not many customers today do not pay attention to.

  • Lying in the wrong position: this is a common mistake that almost everyone makes. Sleeping position is what directly affects the quality of your sleep . When lying on the wrong side, the spine and neck bones are not kept straight, causing pain.

  • The pillow height is not suitable: many customers now choose to buy pillows that are too high or too low. It leads to the cervical spine when lying down is not kept straight, puts a lot of pressure on the neck and shoulders, causing pain.

soft pillow

There are many causes of neck pain after waking up < /p>

New Ru9 pillow helps you sleep well, no more pain

For a good night's sleep choose to buy a sleeping pillow matching is one of the necessary conditions. This is also the reason why Ru9 conducted thorough research and brought to market the line foam pillow premium Niu Ru9 pillow.

The product is made of advanced foam material with softness and good elasticity. When lying down, the pillow does not flatten, but only slightly subsides, creating the ideal height between the head and shoulders. In particular, foam has the ability to change the structure flexibly due to its open nature. So the head will be fully supported according to the curve of the spine. This is also a prominent advantage that makes the product recommended for customers who often have neck pain when sleeping or who have cervical spondylosis.

soft pillow
New pillow for a good night's sleep without worrying about neck pain< /div>

In particular, Niu Pillow is also manufactured by Graphene technology. This is the most effective heat dissipation material available today. Accordingly, the heat in the head area when lying down will be absorbed and dispersed by the pillow to the outside, giving the most cool and comfortable feeling. With this neck pillow, you will have a good night's sleep. and full of energy every morning when you wake up.

In addition, the Niu pillowcase is made of Tencel knit fabric with good breathability. This pillowcase is also thoroughly tested for quality and safety, meeting the STANDARD 100 set of criteria OEKO-TEX®. Therefore, you can rest assured to use the product for yourself and your family members.

Ru9 hopes that your question of whether to choose a hard pillow or a soft pillow has been answered. Now with the Niu pillow, your sleep is not only cherished, but the product also contributes to effective health protection. So hurry up and contact Ru9 via website< /a> or Facebook Ru9 - The Sleep Company< /a> to own this quality and superior pillow product.

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