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The sleep industry develops sustainably because of user sleep

We have been witnessing a remarkable development in the sleep industry, when new products are born that no longer simply meet the needs of users' sleep care, but develop. towards sustainability, always friendly to users' health and living environment.

We have been witnessing tremendous growth in the sleep industry, as new products are no longer simply responding meet the needs of users' sleep care, but develop in a sustainable way, always friendly to users' health and living environment.

Emissions - an undesirable consequence of an industry that we limit our influence day by day. In the sleep care industry, VOCs emissions are no longer strange because it is one of the risks affecting users' health. However, with the significant development of the industry, now VOCs have gradually reduced their direct impact on users' health mattress.

Body temperature can increase the amount of VOCs in the mattress

1. Learn about VOCs - volatile organic compounds

What are VOCs and how do they affect the body?

VOCs in mattresses are compounds mainly from polyurethane (including polymer organic compounds) and flame retardants. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, when exposed to large amounts of VOCs, our body will experience irritation in the eyes, nose, and throat. In case of asphyxiation, it will affect internal organs.

VOCs are released when we start using the mattress due to body heat. However, California's stringent Environmental Law has concluded that VOCs in mattresses are still "below significant risk" today, meaning severe effects are rare and reported.< /span>

So, don't panic about the mattress you're using. There are many ways to test for VOCs in your mattress and to protect your family from the effects of VOCs.

How to effectively protect your family from VOCs

VOCs are not only found in mattresses, they are also around in your home, in everyday dust and dirt. To limit the effects of VOCs, you must always keep your house well-ventilated, open windows and use fans often, because the indoor environment will have a concentration of gas 10 times higher than the outside environment.

For mattresses, you can choose to buy mattresses with extremely low VOCs emission rates, which are rigorously tested by reputable certification programs , safe in the world.

Children - age group easily affected by dust and emissions in the environment

But we will ask the question, how can we test the amount of VOCs emitted in the mattress? Is there any evidence that this emissions will be safe for health?

The answer is YES. Currently, in the world, there are many brands providing sleep care products with international prestigious quality certificates, as a commitment to safe products, gaining the trust of customers. .

This means that you have to be careful with the recommendations of mattress brands, the quality of the mattress must be certified by a reputable organization. , and must be transparent in all media, and also on the website of the organization or certification program.

2. The first foam mattress line in Vietnam to be certified with the prestigious quality standard CertiPUR-US

Driving from the concerns of customers when choosing a quality and safe mattress, the CertiPUR-US inspection program was born and began to develop a set of standards as well as a rigorous quality control process for mattress materials, carried out by leading experts in the sleep industry.

And Ru9 is the first foam mattress brand in Vietnam to be tested and certified by CertiPUR-US - a prestigious US foam mattress certification. The CertiPUR-US certification is one of the few certifications available today that will test the rate of VOCs emissions and their impact on human health.

Protect your baby's sleep with a quality mattress and tested safety evidence

To test the emission of VOCs, CertiPUR-US will place a test sample of the foam mattress in a small standard laboratory (ISO certified - Organization for Standardization). international standardization). During the experiment, the foam mattress sample will be cooled and dried for 72 hours, after which experts will measure the total amount of organic substances (VOCs) emitted.

CertiPUR-US certified foam mattress models have low levels of VOCs (less than 0.5 parts per million).

These standards are randomly retested annually to ensure the long-term quality of Ru9 foam mattresses.

You can easily find the Ru9 brand name on the CertiPUR-US website to check the certified credentials.

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Memory foam mattress Ru9 Original - the first foam mattress in Vietnam to achieve CertiPUR-US certification

We cannot completely eliminate the health effects of VOCs because it can be found in the air we breathe every day. But we can choose for ourselves quality products to keep our risk of being affected by VOCs as low as possible.

A comfortable mattress, tested and certified to be safe for users' health will be an indispensable choice for your nightly sleep. your family. Experience the first foam mattress line in Vietnam with international standard certification with 100 nights of trial sleep with Ru9.

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