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03 Reasons You Must Own a Floor Mattress cum Bed Mattress Today

03 Reasons You Must Own a Floor Mattress cum Bed Mattress Today

Those who love a minimalist lifestyle, aiming for a neat and convenient living space will prioritize choosing products for families with features “two in one” and easy to use in any situation. Among them can be mentioned the versatility of floor mattress cum bed mattress and is becoming a favorite product line of many consumers and households today.


What is a floor mattress cum bed mattress?

It is a thin mattress, usually made of cotton and cotton wool, used as an alternative to a fixed bed, spread on a flat floor or Can also be spread on the bed to increase the comfort when sleeping.

This mattress has many different sizes such as 1m x 2m, 1m2 x 2m, 1m4 x 2m,... suitable for many different spaces and areas . You can find this multi-purpose mattress at most bedding stores today.

Can call type floor mattress cum mattress is a backup bed for situations where it is needed mobility, such as:

  • Your home or bedroom space is quite modest, not enough room to put a fixed bed that needs attention flexible for other daily activities.
  • When guests stay overnight but don't have enough bedrooms or beds can take advantage of the “2 in” mattress 1” for guests to comfortably rest.

3 advantages of floor mattress cum bed mattress

1/ The "multi-function" mattress for small bedrooms

As mentioned above, in some motel rooms, mid-range apartments or bedrooms with quite small area, placing a large bed is difficult. is often out of scope. Therefore, the floor mattress cum bed mattress will be an ideal choice for people with a modest room area to make optimal use of living space for other activities such as receiving guests, studying, eating. drink.

nem trai san

This mattress can also be used to turn an old mattress into a soft, comfortable mattress, surer than ever

The convenience of this mattress is that when you want to rest, you just need to spread it out on the floor and fold it up and store it neatly in the closet after sleeping. get up.

You can visit the following link to learn how floor topper can be utilized for a minimalist space:

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Just fold the mattress up and store it in the closet
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2/ Cost savings

The cost to buy a floor mattress cum bed mattress will be much cheaper than buying a traditional mattress or a normal bed. On the market today there are many types of models with prices from only a few hundred thousand dong, you can immediately own a good quality floor mattress cum bed mattress.

At Ru9, for less than 3 million VND, you can own a versatile mattress made of soft memory foam material , helping you to rest comfortably anywhere.

You can refer to the Ru9 floor-cum-bed mattress line in the video below:

3/ Easy to clean

An inconvenience when your family uses a bed and mattress to sleep is a rather complicated cleaning process. Normally, cleaning the mattress 1-2 times/year, for careful families, the cleaning frequency is about 3 months/time. This seems to have become an obsession for housewives when having to remove the sheets, transport the mattress and take it to the laundry, which is very heavy and takes time to dry. Even a small stain that can't be cleaned normally will require a lot of effort to clean.

However, with this floor mattress cum bed mattress, you save a lot of time and effort when cleaning. You just need to clean the mattress by washing it yourself like for normal blankets, even simpler by removing the Topper cover and periodically washing it, remember to machine wash it on a gentle wash mode and don't use it. strong detergent and dry in a shady place, away from direct sunlight.


Cleaning mattress is more convenient than ever

Also, if the mattress has stains such as grease stains in food, you can choose to mix a solution of white vinegar with water (in proportions) 1-4) then spray on the stain surface and wait 30 minutes and dry clean with a towel. Very simple isn't it!

Hopefully through this article, Ru9 has provided you with useful information about the increasingly popular floor-cum-bed mattress! Please visit Ru9 showroom or contact Ru9 via website https://ru9 .vn/ or Facebook Ru9 - The Sleep Company so you can experience the quality products for yourself and suitable for your sleep!

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