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Advice on choosing a good mattress for the spine to gift to your parents

Want to choose a good mattress for your spine to give to your parents? Ru9 will advise you on how to choose the best mattress for your spine through the article below.
Advice on choosing a good mattress for the spine to gift to your parents

For older people, the body will gradually age and lead to osteoarthritis degeneration. Therefore, choosing a good mattress for the spine is the most important thing right now. Especially for your parents when they are older, choosing a good mattress will help support the spine and avoid back pain, limiting aches and pains in daily activities. So you need to choose a good mattress for parents? Ru9 will immediately reveal it to you through the article below.

4 How to choose a good mattress for your spine for parents

1. Choose a mattress according to your needs

Currently, mattresses are divided into many different types of mattresses such as hard mattresses, soft mattresses,.. This is to meet the needs of all ages, interests and needs of each person. For young people, often prefer soft mattresses. As for middle-aged people, they often prefer mattresses with moderate firmness, suitable for all positions, not floating. In general, whether hard or soft, you should choose a mattress with good elasticity, because high elasticity supports the body and helps the spine to always be straight.

Choose mattress according to need

2. Choose mattress by type

Based on those different needs, today, there are many different types of mattresses that are of interest to users such as: 

Spring mattress 

This is a widely used mattress and is made from many layers of springs that create elasticity for the mattress when you lie down. But the disadvantage of this type of mattress is that the mattress's ability to support is uneven when you lie down. If used for a long time, the mattress will sag, making the spine easy to bend. This will make your parents feel pain. The durability of the spring mattress is also not high, so the time to use and life will not be long.

Natural latex mattress

This mattress is manufactured from natural rubber with high durability and good elasticity. But the structure of latex mattresses often does not have ventilation, so when lying for a long time, the user's body is easy to sweat and become more secretive. In addition, because natural rubber is scarce, mattress price is quite high compared to other mattresses .

Natural latex mattress

Foam mattress

This type of mattress is well received by many customers today. With foam material with good elasticity, it will be the right product for parents. Foam mattress helps to fully support the body curve, keep the spine straight and protect health in the best way. The weight of the mattress is also much lighter than other mattresses. You can easily transport and move your mattress easily.

Ru9 foam mattress

3. Choose mattress by size

Choosing a mattress by size is one of the important factors when choosing a mattress that is good for your spine. On the mattress market, there are many types of mattresses with different sizes, depending on the size of the bed, there will be corresponding mattresses such as: For a double bed, usually choose double mattress span> has dimensions 1m6x2m, 2mx2m2, 1m8x2m, 2mx2m2,,...For single beds, the size will be 1m2x2m, 1m4x2m

4. Choose mattress by price 

Besides the quality factor, choosing a mattress by price is also one of the factors that many users are interested in. Because there are many types of mattresses on the market with competitive prices. However, for the latex mattress line is usually the mattress with the highest price. But with this mattress line, there are some disadvantages such as secret, not ventilation, which makes many customers unsatisfied.

Spring mattress is a mattress that is not too expensive but is not durable and has poor support. Therefore, users are increasingly aware and switching interested in foam mattresses when appearing on the mattress market. The price of foam mattress is quite affordable for every family. Besides, the features such as: optimal support, breathability,...  of the foam mattress also make many users feel comfortable and satisfied.

Ru9 mattress - health care gift for parents

Ru9 mattress health care gift for parents

Ru9 mattress is a mattress that is being noticed by many users as soon as it appears on the Vietnamese mattress market. Because Ru9 mattress is the first Vietnamese brand mattress product certified by CertiPUR-US®certified for safety and user-friendliness. Ru9 mattress is also considered a good mattress for the spine, especially for middle-aged people.

The exclusive foam structure from Ru9 will always provide optimal body support and coolness during a long sleep. As a result, the elderly can find relaxing support and help the muscles, bones and joints of the body that are pampered and relaxed to recover during sleep. The product will be the best health care gift you give your parents.

Hopefully the above article has helped you find a good mattress for your parents and loved ones. If you still have questions, you can immediately call Ru9 via hotline 1900 63 63 21 for advice on choosing the right product for you!