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The secret to helping families choose to buy an innovative and economical sleeping mattress.

The secret to helping families choose to buy an innovative and economical sleeping mattress.

A mattress is an essential item for every family's sleep. You must have wondered how to choose a quality mattress at a reasonable price. Please pocket right away the secret of choosing to buy a mattress that Ru9 will share through the article below!

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Choose the right mattress for a good night's sleep and improve your health

1. Popular types of sleeping mattresses

The foundation of a good night's sleep is a soft, comfortable, and well-supported mattress. Currently, on the market, mattress products are widely provided with many different types for customers to consider and choose from. In particular, the most popular can include some types of mattresses such as:

  • Nệm lò xo: This is one of the most used mattress types today. The internal spring system helps the mattress to have good elasticity. However, the disadvantage of spring mattresses is that the mattress puts direct pressure on the person's body lying, causing back pain affecting the spine.

  • Latex mattress: The product is one of the high-end mattress lines that are very popular because of its durability and good elasticity. In terms of quality, mattresses from natural latex are better evaluated and are more user-friendly. However, the cost of the product is therefore also more expensive. In addition, all types of latex mattresses have a closed structure. The ventilation is not high. It is easy to cause a secret tunnel when lying down.

  • Nệm gòn ép: This is one of the most popular hard mattresses on the market. The cotton mattress has low durability and is easy to collapse quickly. More importantly, the mattress's support is not really good, which can cause pain when used for a long time.

  • Foam Mattress: Mattress products are made from foam matterial emerging activity in the market. Foam mattresses have outstanding features, such as uniform body support and keeping the spine's natural curve. The mattress has high elasticity, creating maximum comfort when lying down. Thanks to the flexible foam material, the mattress is lighter in weight than other mattresses for easy transportation. In terms of price, foam mattress has a reasonable price, lower than natural latex mattress.

2. How to choose a mattress to ensure health?

Choosing the right mattress not only helps you and your family sleep more thoroughly. Besides, the mattress also helps to improve health by supporting the correct lying posture. However, how can consumers buy a mattress at a reasonable price while still ensuring good health and quality? Here are a few valuable criteria for you to consider when shopping:

  • Nhu cầu sử dụng: Everyone has their own personal needs and preferences. However, when choosing to buy a mattress, you need to pay attention to the support capacity of the mattress. You should choose a mattress with support compatible with the body's weak points, does not cause pain, and protects the spine.

  • Mattress material: Material is one of the main factors affecting the quality and actual performance of the mattress. Each type of material has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can confirm the safety of the material through prestigious international certifications.

  • The support capacity of the mattress: A healthy mattress not only needs to be comfortable and comfortable, but it also needs to ensure the correct posture support. A good mattress will support the body's weak points, such as the shoulders and hips. It is best to buy from brands that allow you to sleep on the mattress for the most authentic experience.

  • Easy to clean: The mattress is a product that has been associated with sleep for many years, so keeping the mattress clean, fragrant, and optimally eliminating harmful bacteria is extremely important for a good night's sleep. Therefore, you should prioritize choosing mattress products that are easy to clean to make cleaning simple and effective.

nem ngu

Choose to buy the right mattress to improve optimal health

3. Why should Foam Memory Ru9 mattress be an optimal choice?

As a company specializing in sleep, Ru9 is proud to offer customers a product foam memory mattress new generation. The mattress is high-performance foam, exclusive to Ru9, with full support. In particular, the spine is always kept straight thanks to its optimal support ability according to the body's curves. Therefore, the mattress helps improve health, primarily supporting the treatment of bone and joint diseases more effectively.

In addition, the memory foam layer has integrated cold gel to help relieve pressure evenly and support good heat dissipation. The mattress cover is easily removable for easy cleaning. Therefore, your mattress will always be clean and hygienic.

In particular, memory foam mattress Ru9 is the first certified memory foam mattress in Vietnam CertiPUR-US about the health and safety of consumers. So, you can rest assured to use products for your family to improve sleep and ensure the health of your loved ones.

Hopefully, you can choose a good mattress to ensure quality and health for your family through the above article. Ru9 foam mattress with outstanding advantages and reasonable price is also a smart and economical choice for a good night's sleep. So don't wait, contact Ru9 website hoặc liên hệ Facebook Ru9 - The Sleep Company to own a quality mattress and experience top services exclusively for you.

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