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What needs is the King size mattress suitable?

What needs is the King size mattress suitable?

Currently buying a bed King size mattress is trending direction of many users. Sleeping on a soft and spacious mattress is something everyone wants. However, a large mattress will come with factors such as whether it is suitable for home space, what is the price?... Those things make users hesitate to choose to buy < b>which mattress is good. The following article will help you learn more about this mattress size and choose the right one.

What is the King size mattress?

King size mattress is large size mattress. This is one of the popular mattress sizes in hotels. Nowadays, with the increasing quality of life, this mattress size is gradually becoming more popular in families.

King size mattress makes the bedroom space more luxurious

As the name suggests, King size represents the spaciousness and size of the mattress. Many people choose this size sleeping mattress because of its comfort and spaciousness. bring. Not only that, putting a king size mattress in the bedroom space will also make your room more classy.

The standard size of King mattress is 180cm x 200cm. In addition, for some other mattress stores, there are also larger sizes such as 200cm x 220cm called Super King mattress. But the most popular choice for large mattress lovers is still mattress 1m8 x 2m - King mattress.

When buying a King mattress, what factors do you need to consider?

With such a large size, King mattress also makes many people hesitate when choosing to buy. Here are the factors you need to consider before deciding to buy a mattress of this size:
There are many factors to consider when buying a King size mattress

1. Size of bed

One ​​piece sleeping mattress the first fit is to fit your bed. You cannot buy a mattress King when the bed you lie on is only a 1m6 bed. This not only affects the aesthetic factor but also causes discomfort when lying on. If you want to buy a king size mattress, you should also change to a suitable bed size.

2. Bedroom space

Since the bed is quite large, you also need a large enough room. This mattress is especially suitable for bedrooms with large sizes and open spaces. Then, the King mattress will make your bedroom more luxurious and classy. Of course, this double mattress pattern won't be for small bedrooms. Because it will take up a lot of space and make your bedroom smaller.

3. Prestigious mattress brand

With any mattress, you should choose a good brand mattress store prestige. Recognized brands will help you get the right size mattress with equal quality. So you should consider carefully about where to buy when you want to buy good mattress .

King size Ru9 mattress: Optimal support for a full night's sleep

As a sleep expert, Ru9 is dedicated to providing you with the best comfort. Therefore, Ru9 has enough mattress sizes to suit each customer's needs. With King mattress, Ru9 offers standard size 180cm x 200cm x 25cm. In addition, besides the standard King size, Ru9 also has Square King (2m x 2m) and Super King (2m2 x 2m) sizes to fit many spaces.

Still wondering which mattress size is right for your family? Find the answer right through the guide to choose mattress size from Ru9.

Ru9's 1m8 King mattress line is foam mattress will provide optimal support according to the body curve. Currently, this is the line foam mattress being evaluated well for the spine. back on the market.

The product has a moderate settlement, creating smoothness and comfort for the user right from the first time. In particular, all Ru9 foam mattress products have obtained international safety certifications for users' health from CertiPUR -US.

Ru9 mattress gives you a comfortable sleep

Select mattress King size of Ru9, you will get a great night's sleep. With a large mattress size, you can sleep in any position comfortably. Not only that, Ru9 also has a line of foam pillows to help take care of your cervical spine. Your head and shoulders will no longer be tired when you wake up.

Besides, you can rest assured when buying products from Ru9 thanks to the 100-night trial policy. This policy allows you to try on your new mattress at home, and if you're not satisfied, you can return it and get a 100% refund. Choose the mattress that best suits you!

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