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What is a foam mattress? The feature and advantages

Foam mattresses are currently the first choice of families when buying mattresses. So what is a foam mattress? What advantages does a foam mattress have for so many families to choose? Let's read together now!
What is a foam mattress? The feature and advantages

After a tiring day of work, everyone wants to spend time sleeping and resting on a soft mattress and warm blanket. However, buying one for yourself and your family mattressmattress being good is not easy. Understanding the above needs, Ru9 brings you foam mattress products, which are very popular nowadays. So what is a foam mattress? Is foam mattress good? Is there any feature that is superior to other mattresses? Let's explore with Ru9!

Learn what a foam mattress is?

What is a foam mattress?

Foam mattresses are known to be one of the most popular mattresses on the market thanks to their high elasticity. Thanks to the foam material, the foam mattress is much lighter in weight than latex or spring mattresses, and foam mattresses also have many other outstanding points in terms of features and flexibility.

Foam mattress manufactured with premium materials

Features of foam mattress

Good support

Foam mattress has high elasticity and good bearing capacity, helps reduce pressure, brings comfortable and smooth relaxation to users while sleeping. Sleeping on a foam mattress helps you reduce joint pain and supports blood circulation.
Foam mattress provides full body support

Foam mattress has high durability, long service life. For foam mattress products, you can use at least 10-15 years or more if you use and store them in stable conditions. Ru9 foam mattress is made from 100% high-performance foam with a 10-year warranty….


Compared to materials with dense structures such as rubber or with metals such as spring mattresses, foam mattresses with millions of open-structured foam particles, help The overall volume of the mattress is significantly reduced. On average, a foam mattress weighs only 30-40kg while a rubber mattress can weigh up to 60kg….Therefore, customers can arrange, move and clean conveniently and easily.

Advantages of Ru9 foam mattress

Currently on the Vietnamese market, Ru9 foam mattress is one of the prestigious brands, with outstanding advantages highly appreciated by customers such as:
  • Multi-layer foam mattress will help you keep your spine straight in any sleeping position.
  • Relieve pressure on the body, help lying people relax completely, sleep better and wake up no more pain.
  • Ru9 foam mattress has a 3-layer foam outer layer that reduces flammability, making the mattress safe and durable longer.
  • Foam Ru9 mattress received quality certification from the certification organization CertiPUR-US (one of the prestigious certifications in the US as well as in the world about foam mattresses), on the following criteria: ensuring safety for users' health, environmental friendliness and high durability.
  • Packed in a convenient box that makes shipping quick and easy.< /li>
Ru9 foam mattress certified quality CertiPUR-US
Foam mattress products are gradually becoming popular and used by many people. And the question "is the foam mattress good?" got the answer. With a structure of 3 different foam layers, Ru9 foam mattress helps optimally support the body curve, keeping the spine straight, thereby ensuring sleep quality and improving customer health. In addition, with a wide choice of sizes, families can easily own a suitable Ru9 foam mattress.
Special policy Using the product, Ru9 is the first unit to have a 100-night free trial sleep policy. Within 100 nights, if the customer is not satisfied with the quality of the mattress, Ru9 is willing to take back the product and refund 100%.
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