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What is a foam mattress? How to increase the life of a foam mattress?

What is a foam mattress? How to keep the foam mattress more durable? Let's find out with Ru9 the most accurate answers to these questions through the following article
What is a foam mattress? How to increase the life of a foam mattress?

In recent years, in the mattress market with foam material, it is gradually capturing the taste of users and becoming a "worthy competitor". grudges" of other mattresses So, do you know “What is a foam mattress?” and “Why are foam mattresses becoming more and more popular?” Let's go with Ru9 to find the correct answer to the question “What is a foam mattress?" please.

Comfortable foam mattress for a good night's sleep

You must have once wondered “What is a foam mattress?" and "Why do these mattresses attract the attention of so many people?".
Foam mattress is made of high performance foam material that is elastic and flexible The distinguishing feature of this mattress is its ability to lift Support your body, bring a comfortable feeling when lying on the mattress. Foam material has extremely good elasticity and optimal body support to protect your spine. Currently, on the market, there are many different products mattress foam but the most typical is still a foam mattress. Ru9.
Ru9 foam mattress is composed of 3 different layers of high-performance foam: Ru9 Contour Foam; memory foam layer with integrated cold gel and PU foam bottom layer. Each different foam floor has separate functions, bringing you the most complete sleep.
  • Ru9 contour foam class provides optimal support according to the natural curve, keeping the spine straight so that the Ru9 mattress can fully embrace the body natural sleeping position.
  • Memory foam layer with integrated gel cold: Memory foam has the ability to distribute the pressure of the body evenly. With the ability to disperse force horizontally, you will completely relax your body, relax bones and joints during sleep. The middle foam layer is also combined with a cold gel layer to help regulate the temperature, bringing a cool and comfortable feeling to your sleep.
  • PU foam layer is strong, durable, and helps minimize back and forth motion when moving on the mattress surface, ensuring for your sleep is always peaceful.

Instructions for using a durable foam mattress

In addition to choosing a quality foam mattress, proper use and maintenance of the mattress will also prolong the life of the mattress. So, how to use and maintain the mattress properly? The following are instructions for using and maintaining Ru9 foam mattresses for a long time.

How to use the mattress

Ru9 foam mattress when delivered to you is curled, vacuumed and packed in a carton box. You just need to take out the mattress, cut off the plastic bag and wait for the mattress to slowly inflate to the correct size of the mattress. If you choose Ru9 foam mattress, you just need to wait from 2-3 days for the mattress to fully inflate, bring feel the fullest when using.

Notes to increase the life of foam mattresses

In the process of using, to prolong the life of the mattress, you should note the following points:
  • Do not pour water or chemical solutions on the mattress. These substances will damage the foam, losing the features and durability of the mattress.
  • Especially the Ru9 foam mattress is designed with a convenient zippered cover. Therefore, you should regularly wash and clean to prevent dirt from sticking to the mattress intestine.
  • Remove stains instantly on mattress when soiled. You can use baking soda powder to effectively clean and remove odors.

  • The above are detailed information about foam mattresses and notes on using and maintaining foam mattresses to increase the life of the mattress. With outstanding features, Ru9 foam mattress will help you have a good and deep sleep. So, do not hesitate to contact Ru9 to buy yourself and your family Ru9 foam mattress for the best sleep.