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Has Your Foam Mattress Passed the Durability Test?

Has Your Foam Mattress Passed the Durability Test?

Foam mattress - regardless of firmness, thickness or composition, on average will last about seven years. However, a lot of factors affect the expected lifespan that makes some mattresses much more durable than others, and vice versa.

Though it is difficult to estimate the “exact” number of a picture mattress foam is called durable, how many years will it be used. But for mattresses that pass the durability test, like foam mattress Ru9, it definitely gives you more peace of mind.

3 Signs of Degrading Foam Mattress

Even with hygiene and maintenance of foam mattress regularly and properly, even when degraded, foam mattress will still leave some marks on the surface. If you pay close attention, you'll realize it's time for a new mattress.

Sloppy foam layer

Commonly occurs along the mattress surface in areas that support the heaviest parts of the sleeper's body, such as the shoulders, chest, and hips. Excessive sagging causes the surface of the foam mattress to be uneven.

Signs of foam mattress deterioration is soft, indentations appear faster

Signs of a degraded foam mattress are soft, indentations appear faster

Body concealment

Common problem with foam or latex mattresses. Over time, the surface of the foam mattress will have the mark of the sleeper's body. This is limited if sleeping in one position, as moving to a new position can make you uncomfortable.


Foam oxidizes and turns yellow when degraded.

Durability and Lifetime by Mattress Type

Material composition is often the determining factor in the durability and average lifespan of a mattress. Most spring mattresses have the lowest expected life of any mattress. Because they are most prone to sagging - sometimes after just two to three years of use.

Hardness or softness does not affect the durability of the Foam mattress

Hardness or softness does not affect the durability of the foam mattress

As for foam mattresses, most people think that hard foam will not sag as quickly as softer foam. However, this is not necessarily true. Because longevity is often associated with foam density. Low density foam will be significantly less durable than high density foam. The reason for this is that foam materials with lower density will degrade faster due to repeated nightly wear and tear.

Why Ru9 Foam Mattress is Durable?

Ru9 foam mattress is one of the most durable mattresses, passing the "hardest" tests. before shipment.

High performance 100% foam formula

The density inside the Ru9 foam structure is much higher than the average density of other common foams. Thereby creating a particularly outstanding elasticity for the foam, so there is less wear and tear, without worrying about deformation and loss of original function.

Ru9 foam mattress is made of resilient and flexible high-performance foam

Ru9 foam mattress is made of high performance foam that is elastic and flexible

80,000 rolls at a speed of 70 times per minute

Ru9 foam mattress passes a rigorous durability test before reaching the customer. Only quality products placed on standard endurance testing machines that pass a total of 80,000 rolls at a speed of 70 times per minute will be shipped.

Watch the video below to better see how durable the Ru9 foam mattress is!

More specifically, the Ru9 Foam mattress product is certified safe for users' health from CertiPUR-US®. Ru9 foam meets strict material standards, is absolutely safe and suitable for everyone.

It can be seen that the Ru9 foam mattress is both aesthetically pleasing and ensures the most durability for sleep quality. Worthy is the suitable mattress line for those who aim for a durable - beautiful - good sleeping mattress.