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Guide to choosing the right double mattress, comfortable and economical

The double mattress is a comfortable and exceptionally convenient mattress product. However, how should you choose to buy a mattress to ensure quality and still have a reasonable cost? Here are some valuable suggestions for your reference. Let's explore!
Guide to choosing the right double mattress, comfortable and economical

Double mattress is a popular product line used today. The mattress is favored by its spacious design, suitable for couples and families. Currently, this product line is increasingly improved with many different types and materials for consumers to consider. However, how to choose to buy mattress the most suitable, quality and smart pair? Let's find out some useful tips on shopping for a 2-person mattress shared in the article below.

How to buy a double mattress for quality and comfort?
How to buy a double mattress for quality and comfort?< /i>

1. Trend of young people choosing double mattress

A mattress is a sleep essential for people of all ages. Because using the right mattress will ensure a deeper and better quality sleep. That is also the reason that this product is increasingly improved in quality with many different types.

Especially recently, the trend of choosing double mattresses has become more and more popular, especially among young people. This product line is interested by its fairly spacious size. Although essentially a double mattress is understood as a mattress for 2 people. However, depending on the size of your body, you can sleep 1-2 more people.

Comfortable double mattress for the whole family
Comfortable, spacious double mattress for the whole family

Currently, there are many types of double mattresses on the market with different qualities. Over time, the way young people shop for mattresses has changed markedly. Recently, many young people pay more attention to healthy mattresses. This is really a good signal, showing consumers' interest in the quality and actual effectiveness of mattress products.

2. How to choose a smart and suitable double mattress

Double mattress is quite popular in the market with many different materials and types. However, how can you and your loved ones choose the smartest and most suitable buy mattress ? Here are a few criteria for you to consider:

  • Size: Because it is a 2-person mattress, it is essentially the mattress area. quite spacious and comfortable. However, you need to base on the needs of use as well as the actual space of the bedroom to choose the appropriate mattress size. In which, the most popular and popular today is the mattress size 160 x 200.
  • Thickness: This is one of the most dominant factors for smoothness. and fix the double mattress form when lying down. There are currently 4 popular mattress thicknesses. Specifically: the thickness of 5cm is suitable for small bedrooms or floor mattresses. The thickness of 10cm is the average mattress size, ensuring smoothness while still being convenient to use. And the thickness of 15cm is a popular thickness suitable for many types of beds. Finally, the thickness of 25cm gives the feeling of optimal support and comfort, especially bringing more luxury and comfort to the bedroom.
  • Cmaterial: The actual use and quality of a double mattress depends a lot on material factors. You need to base on the needs of your family to choose a mattress material that is firm or soft. Note, the mattress needs to be safe and user-friendly, and does not contain harmful impurities. In addition, a good mattress needs to ensure complete support and let the body rest in the best conditions. For ru9 foam mattress, The mattress also has the ability to isolate movement, so you won't be disturbed when the person next to you turns.
  • Cost: The mattress should be priced commensurate with the actual quality and existing financial condition of the mattress. self. You should be careful, do not choose to buy mattresses that are too cheap. Because they are of poor quality and have a short shelf life.
Comfortable mattress for all positions to be comfortable and relaxing

Comfortable mattress, making every position comfortable and relaxing

3. Ru9 memory foam mattress protects health and ensures a good night's sleep

Understanding that sleep is extremely important to health, Ru9 has researched and successfully produced a high quality Vietnamese mattress product called foam mattress. memory. The product is made of high-performance, exclusive foam from the brand. This material has a smoothness and moderate settlement, so that any lying position is comfortable. In particular, the mattress helps to support the curve of the body, helping to protect the spine optimally.

Besides, the mattress structure is also upgraded with 3 layers of foam with its own functions. Include:

  • Exclusive Ru9 Contour foam layer, optimally supporting the spine and ensuring the natural curve of the body, providing comfort when lying down.
  • The memory foam layer with integrated cold gel relieves body pressure evenly, supports heat dissipation and good breathability.
  • The bottom layer of foam helps keep the mattress in place, isolates movement and ensures quietness at night.

In particular, memory foam mattress Ru9 is also the first Vietnamese mattress to meet strict international standards for user safety from CertiPUR-USⓇ. Therefore, your family can safely use the product without worrying about harmful problems or affecting health.

Ru9 has many preferential policies so that you can own a shock-priced mattress with good quality. In order for customers to have a more realistic experience of foam mattresses, Ru9 has launched a 100-day trial sleep program. You can return the mattress if you are not satisfied with the product. Besides, Ru9 foam mattress products are warranted for up to 10 years and always supported during your use. In addition, the company still has many other supports such as free shipping, low interest installment program,...

Ru9 Double Mattress Friendly And Healthy
Ru9 double mattress is health-friendly and safe

Hopefully, through the above article, you can choose for yourself a satisfactory and economical double mattress. Currently, Ru9 has provided the market with a wide variety of mattress sizes. You can visit Ru9's website, or go directly to the brand's showroom to experience the actual quality and choose to buy the most suitable product.