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How to Buy a Multi-Functional Mattress to Sleep Despite Strange Beds?

How to Buy a Multi-Functional Mattress to Sleep Despite Strange Beds?

During the Covid-19 season, many people have to sleep-rest at work or move to another place to avoid the epidemic. This immediate change has probably caused many people to experience difficulty sleeping, even insomnia because of many inconveniences in a completely unfamiliar sleeping space, especially the feeling of "strange bed". ". So how to sleep better when you have to suddenly change the sleeping space? Let's find solutions with Ru9 in the article below!

What is a “strange bed”?< /h2>
long-haired man lying on bed covering his face with two hands

The feeling of "strange bed" when switching sleeping spaces is very common in many people

Strange bed – scientifically known as “first-night effect – first night effect”. When you sleep in a strange place, the left hemisphere of your brain is always in an active state to send out warning signals. That's the main reason why you're constantly tossing on the mattress and having a harder time getting a good night's sleep when you move to a new sleeping spot.

Golden secrets to help you no longer "strange bed"

1. Make your new bedroom more familiar

Making your new sleeping space similar to your bedroom will help you relax and sleep better. You can refer to doing the following to create the ideal space:

  • Bring a familiar pillow: The brain can remember the feeling of having a good night's sleep in familiar places. Take advantage of that ability by carrying around a pillowcase with the scent of fabric softener that you often use. Or if possible, you should bring your own comfortable pillow. Because the feeling of lying on a familiar pillow will help you fall asleep faster.

  • Check your sleeping space: When you arrive at your new bed, check for sleep-influencing factors such as curtains separating curtains. light, sound inside and outside the room, to room temperature or sheet mattress sleep supports you.

  • Bring sleeping blindfolds and earplugs: You should also pack sleeping blindfolds and noise-cancelling earplugs. These two small items can become “sound and light bodyguards” for your sleep.

If possible, try to stay in a fixed hotel/motel room. The left hemisphere will automatically adapt and no longer "work overtime" to watch your body every night.

quiet room space, breakfast is prepared on the bed, next to it is a chair, the potted plants are scattered throughout the room

Turn your familiar bedroom space to help you sleep better

2. Bringing a sense of security to the brain when "strange bed"

When your brain doesn't let it go, try a few ways to trick it and put your body to sleep more easily.

  • Doing something before going to sleep: 20 – 30 minutes have passed and you are still awake and unable to sleep? Don't lie still and wait for sleep to come on its own. Get out of bed and do a few light chores like rearranging your luggage, then come back when you're really sleepy.

  • Use white noise: Find a few videos of white noise (such as falling rain, birdsong, streams). flowing) and listen in silence to create emotional balance and calm the brain.

  • Perform breathing exercises: Practice breathing on the mattress at a rhythm of 4 – 7 – 8: Inhale for 4 seconds – Hold for 7 seconds – Exhale through your mouth for 8 seconds. This yoga-inspired exercise acts as a natural sedative, helping the brain feel sleepy in just 60 seconds.

  • Face wash with cold water might also be what you need. Instead of keeping you awake as people think, this will help reset your nervous system. It causes an involuntary phenomenon called “Mammalian Dive Reflex”, which lowers heart rate and blood pressure.

After doing these things, soon your mind will be relaxed and ready to sleep.

short-haired man in white shirt lying with his arms stretched out on the bed while traveling, smiling mouth
"Trick" the brain to fall asleep more easily

    3. Bring a multi-function mattress to sleep well everywhere

    A multi-purpose mattress is a versatile sheet that makes it easy to carry when traveling or moving to a new sleeping space. Multi-function mattress is a product with high applicability through easy cleaning, folding to bring anywhere. The multi-function mattress is extremely suitable for rooms with a small area due to the structure of the foam layer that is easily shaped and folded and the shell is deodorized and antibacterial optimally.

    In general, multi-function mattresses still have the same functions as conventional mattresses but improved with convenience and flexibility when use. It is the mattress material that significantly determines the properties of the multi-function mattress.

    • Optimizing area: Ru9's Multi-Purpose Floor Mat very compact, does not take up much space - 80cm wide, 200cm long, 3.5cm thick. The compact size of the mattress not only helps you to reduce the feeling of emptiness and rest assured to sleep, but also extremely convenient for cleaning up after sleeping to make use of the space for other activities. Learn more about the space benefits that multi-function mattresses bring with Ru9: -the-nem-truyen-thong

    • Durable: Foam Topper Ru9 Multi-Purpose Roll Mattress is made of a natural breathable foam grain structure that moves easily, Increases mattress life up to 10 years. While the multi-purpose mattress on the market has an average lifespan of 5-7 years due to its stiffer structure, it often suffers during folding.

    • Cost saving: In addition, this versatile mattress also helps you save money during this difficult period caused by this pandemic. , because the cost of buying a mattress is only approximately one tenth of the price of a regular mattress.

    • Aesthetic: In addition to serving sleep, the mattress is versatile as a decoration for the bedroom, easily changing its position mind to refresh the space. Thanks to the light weight of ¼ of a normal mattress (average 25-35kg for a latex mattress), users can decorate the room and clean the mattress easily.

    • Quality Assurance: Last but not least, this versatile folding mattress is made of 100% PU foam. Durable high performance will ensure the necessary support for the body, the mattress will not collapse even after a long time of use, and has the ability to insulate and resist heat, especially when combined with a shell that is protected from heat. Made from knitted fabric, so it feels airy, not stuffy when lying down.

    • Safe for health: Underlying the inspection process according to a comprehensive and rigorous measurement system, fabric Mattress Cover Ru9 Multi-Purpose Floor is certified safe for users' health, meeting the criteria of STANDARD 100 OEKO- TEX - regulated by a team of leading experts in combination with international standards.

    With the above features and characteristics, Ru9 Multi-Purpose Floor Mattress completely meets the criteria of a quality, smooth, airy mattress. and safe will help you overcome the feeling of "strange bed" a full sleep regardless of any sleeping space.

    Moreover, you can rest assured to accompany Ru9 with preferential policies such as 07 days 01 for 1 exchange when there is a defect from the manufacturer and hand delivery mattress, free shipping wherever you are. Ru9 hopes to bring a good night's sleep to far away places with you with superior mattresses and the secrets mentioned in the article!