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The advantage and disadvantages when deciding to buy a roll mattress

The advantage and disadvantages when deciding to buy a roll mattress

Rolling mattress is a new mattress trend, which is interested by many consumers today. This change in the way the mattress is compacted brings more convenience and comfort in use and storage. However, besides the advantages, does this type of mattress have any disadvantages? Let's learn more about this issue through the information mentioned in the article below.

Trends to use rollable mattress for modern lifestyle and quality

1. What is a roll-up mattress?

On the market today there are many different types of mattresses are offered. However, roll-up mattresses are considered a mattress trend that attracts a lot of customers to choose and use. In essence, roll mattresses have a design quite similar to other common mattresses. However, the difference lies in the way the mattress is packed and compacted.

Currently, other mattresses use a common packaging method that is folded or kept in one piece. This makes transportation difficult. Unlike traditional mattresses, this type of mattress can be rolled up easily. First, the mattress will be compressed and vacuumed to minimize the size. The product is then rolled into a cylinder and can be stored in a small box.

mattress roll-out
The mattress is rollable and can be placed in compact crates< /span>

Currently, these mattress lines are being offered more and more popularly and widely. At the forefront of developing the rollable mattress line is the foam mattress product line thanks to the flexibility in this material.

2. Advantages and notes when using

Although it is a recent mattress, the roll-up mattress is very popular with many customers. This fact mainly comes from the advantages that this product brings. Specifically include:

  • The mattress has a convenient and easy packaging. It can be seen that conventional mattresses are large in size and quite bulky. Packing thus becomes more difficult and inconvenient. However, with a floor roll mattress, the mattress area will be reduced more easily, taking up less space. From there, transporting the mattress is also simplified and most convenient.
  • The way to unpack is not complicated. You just need to open the box and cut the outer plastic bag, wait for the mattress to inflate according to the time that the manufacturer instructs to use a normal mattress.
  • The weight of the mattress is also significantly lighter than other mattresses. Thanks to that, you can easily collapse and move the mattress yourself.
  • The mattress can be used flexibly with two forms of floor covering or bed cover. Therefore, the product is suitable for many different spaces and bedroom areas.
mattress roll-out
Removable roll mattress

It can be seen that this type of mattress gives consumers a lot of new and modern conveniences. However, along with the advantages, each product also has its own disadvantages. So when using this product, you should note:

  • Read the instructions for use from the manufacturer carefully to properly open the mattress.
  • When unpacking, the mattress should be inflated to the standard. Waiting time depends on the characteristics of each type of roll mattress. Normally the product can be used immediately, but it takes about 36 hours for the mattress to fully expand.

3. Learn about the mattress roll in the Ru9 crate

Ru9 has spent a long time thoroughly researching the sleep of Vietnamese people. Thanks to the application of advances in science, Ru9 has successfully produced a new generation of foam mattress products. This is also the first mattress product in Vietnam that ensures international quality standards from CertiPUR-US about safety for consumers' health.

Specifically, this success mainly comes from Ru9's exclusive foam material with optimal smoothness and comfort. The mattress helps to maintain the correct lying posture, keeping the spine straight. Therefore, not only sleep is guaranteed, but the product also improves efficiency and improves health for users.

In terms of structure, the mattress uses up to 3 different layers of foam with its own functions. In particular, the highlight is the active foam layer with integrated cold gel to help disperse body pressure horizontally and regulate the temperature suitable for a good night's sleep.

Besides the above-mentioned outstanding advantages, Ru9 mattress is also known as a typical rolled mattress product in Vietnam Male. Accordingly, the mattress can be compressed and placed in a small box with only a mini refrigerator when delivered to customers. The opening method is quite simple, does not take much effort. Usually within 3-5 days, the foam structure will fully open and give the most complete feeling.

Japanese scrolling mattress
This type of mattress can be rolled, compact, providing more convenient experiences for consumers

It can be seen that the application of many advanced technologies at the same time confirms the quality and superiority of Ru9 foam mattress. So don't hesitate anymore, quickly do a few simple steps on the website or contact Ru9's Facebook to own this roll mattress product and take care of your sleep!

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