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Explaining the Cheap Pressed Cotton Mattresses Trend

Explaining the Cheap Pressed Cotton Mattresses Trend

The craze for pressed cotton mattresses is largely due to their extremely low prices for students, singles or just working and can be easily purchased anywhere. . However, the flip side of the cheap pressed cotton mattress fever is the unpredictable harms that directly affect health from toxic chemicals in the mattress. Let's find out the truth about the quality of the foam mattress in the article below with Ru9.

What is a foam mattress? Why are cheap pressed cotton mattresses popular?

Pressed cotton mattress (Or pressed cotton mattress) is a mattress made of Polyester fiber that is insulated into blocks. Polyester is a man-made material with extremely low production costs, but the nature of cotton fiber (Polyester) is not elastic, so it is sometimes mixed with natural fibers to create a feeling of comfort and ease. more bearable.

Most pressed cotton mattresses on the market are manufactured in a 3-fold form with very thin thickness and super light weight, so many students or Small families prefer it because it's easy to move and doesn't take up bedroom space.

Besides, the price of pressed cotton mattress is also the most prominent advantage, it can be said to be the cheapest of all mattresses, only from 1-2 million/piece. In addition, the high hardness of the mattress accidentally matches the habit of lying on hard surfaces of many Vietnamese people.

<3 buy if you have a modest budget.

So is it good to sleep on a mattress?

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Compressed cotton mattress lacks elasticity and is less comfortable, causing people to sleep poorly and deeply

Besides that the mattress has a lifespan of only 4-5 years and the hard surface lacks comfort, the mattress made of pressed cotton is harmful to health.

Hazards to health

According to experts, serious harm The leading type of mattress made from pressed cotton is that it contains ingredients that cause heart and lung cancer.... These chemical compounds also cause infections or aggravate chronic diseases of the skin. respiratory tract.

If you have sensitive skin, especially do not use this mattress because it makes facial skin conditions worse such as rash, itching, redness. , eczema, dermatitis.

The chemicals in the polyester component of mattresses can affect children's immature immune systems. Moreover, Polyester is extremely harmful to the environment, taking up to 200 years to completely decompose. The production process also releases a lot of harmful chemicals into the water and air.

Pressed cotton mattresses also have poor breathability and absorption, so you will feel hot in the summer and cold in the winter, directly affecting the quality of your sleep. sleep. For a long time, it can cause users to have trouble sleeping, prolonged insomnia.

Care for your sleep with Ru9 foam mattress

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Ru9 memory foam mattress achieved international certification for quality for health and environment school

Memory foam is a material born from NASA's aircraft seat manufacturing process with super absorbent and soft properties, capable of Spread your body weight evenly on impact.

When compare mattress types Unlike the stiff and less elastic material that causes body pain when lying down for a long time of the mattress made of pressed cotton, the Ru9 memory foam mattress stands out the most with its ability to hug all curves and postures and provide support. whole body at pressure points like neck, shoulders, waist, knees…From there, minimizes aches and pains noticeable when I wake up the next morning.

If it is said that pressed cotton mattress can directly affect sleep, memory foam mattress Ru9 is the opposite when it has the ability to improve sleep quality clearly distinct

<3 is researched and produced according to the preferences and habits of Vietnamese people.

which foam mattress is best

The smooth and soft multi-layer foam texture of Ru9 mattress provides outstanding body support

Good elasticity and multi-layer foam structure to support, feel extremely soft and smooth, fully hugging the body while sleeping. Therefore, people with spinal problems caused by playing sports or chronic back pain are recommended to use memory foam mattresses.

The price of Ru9 memory foam mattress is also very reasonable. With a price from only 8,490,000 VND (Installment from 749,000 VND/Month) for a high-quality mattress that can be used for more than 10 years, this is an extremely economical choice.
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In addition, Ru9 also has a policy of testing 100 mattresses for users to comfortably experience the product. The 0% interest installment payment mode is suitable for small families or young people who have just graduated from school to easily buy their first good mattress.

Sleep and health are two extremely important factors that create quality of life. Therefore, users should consider carefully to choose to buy products with safety certification, high-quality materials and suitable for long-term use such as memory foam mattresses Ru9 instead of running after cheap but poor quality products like foam mattress.

Reference: Good Reasons why Polyester shouldn't be in your bed

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