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Should You Choose 2m x 2m2 Mattresses For Your Bedroom?

Should You Choose 2m x 2m2 Mattresses For Your Bedroom?

The trend of designing large bedrooms with more space to enjoy peace and comfort in their own homes has attracted many people to choose choose the large size Square King (2m × 2m mattress) or super large - Super King size (2m x 2m2 mattress or 2m2x2m mattress). In this article, Ru9 will learn more specifically about this super-large mattress size that is becoming more and more popular with consumers today.

What kind of mattress is a 2m x 2m2 mattress?

According to the mattress classification based on size, a 2m x 2m2 mattress is classified as a Super King size mattress. This is the largest mattress size with a width of 200cm and a length of 220cm, flexible thickness.

Despite its large size, somewhat cumbersome and quite picky about bedroom space, this mattress is quite popular in the market to meet the needs of consumers with many different production brands, materials and styles.

Who should use this mattress?

Most of the target customers of this 2m x 2m2 mattress are families with young children (from 3-4 people) or couples have the conditions to design a spacious bedroom which this super-large mattress can fit. Moreover, the family will have an extra large space to store things on the bed such as teddy bears, pillows, ... without sacrificing much sleeping area.

spring mattress 2mx2m mattress 2m mattress 2m2x2m
Proper mattress 2m x 2m2 with large bedrooms or families with young children sleeping together

Also, people with height 1m8 or more also love buying this type of mattress. Because for people of this impressive height, to be able to sleep comfortably, they need at least 15 to 20 cm longer mattress space. Therefore, the 2m x 2m2 mattress is very suitable to meet the rest and relaxation needs of this target group, instead of having to lie neatly on the modest sized mattress, causing discomfort when moving on bed and make your sleep not really complete.

One ​​more popular use case for this mattress is in large hotels that have a luxurious and spacious design to give guests the An impressive relaxing experience - true to the name of the mattress (Super King size) - a mattress that serves kings.

In cases where a 2m x 2m2 mattress should not be used

If you are considering buying a mattress with this extra-large size, there are a few things you need to keep in mind so as not to waste time and money silver!

  • The bedroom has a modest area or the furniture in the bedroom takes up a large area, the selection A Super King size mattress will interfere with your activities and movements. Prioritize convenience and suitability!
  • For those of you who live alone and do not require high mattress, you can choose mattress models with More modest size to help somewhat in cleaning the bed and mattress.
  • Budget is also a factor you should consider when you want to buy a 2m x 2m2 mattress because of the size. The price of this mattress is large, leading to a significant price difference compared to other mattresses. Please calculate carefully before "opening your wallet", friends!

Suggesting outstanding 2m x 2m2 mattress models at Ru9

In mattress types at Ru9, various and quality 2m x 2m2 mattress models are provided to meet the needs of the customers. customers, from materials, designs to prices. Let's find out with Ru9!

Original Mattress

With the brand's signature minimalist style, the Ru9 Original mattress has a very pleasing appearance. But not only score for that, Ru9 Original mattress will impress you with soft, comfortable feeling like sleeping on the clouds with layers < a href="">Ru9 Contour Foam exclusive top has the highest density, providing elasticity, supporting the body and spine in natural curves all night long, providing better and more comfortable sleep ever.

2mx2m2 mattress rack 2mx2m2 mattress 2mx2m

Original mattress for a good night's sleep

<3 details. The size of 2m x 2m2 of the mattress is quite suitable for spacious rooms and decorated in a minimalist style.

padding 2m2
Foam material for optimal support and ventilation

Foam Topper Roll Mattress

The 2m2x2m mattress size is not only common in traditional mattresses, but is also available in roll toppers. For those of you who do not know, a mattress topper is a pad placed on top of a mattress to add comfort and ease to the user as well as used as a separate mattress to spread on the floor.

Foam Topper has the advantage of being compact, space-saving, and comfortable anywhere. The mattress is designed with a smart button to help you roll / fold the mattress neatly to save space, easy to move anywhere, anytime.

bedding 2mx2m2 spring mattress 2m 2m2
Comfortable roll topper mattress for any space

With dimensions of 200cm x 220cm x 5cm, Topper mattress is not too bulky because it can be used and moved flexibly. Especially in situations where there are relatives visiting the house, or you want to create a play area for your children. In addition, the price of this mattress is more affordable than the Original mattress above.

If you want to see other mattress sizes, please click here here to find out.

Hopefully the above article can update useful information for those of you who are looking forward to owning a large mattress, bringing moments of rest. Comfortable rest like mattress 2m x 2m2. You can also visit the website for more options to suit your preferences!

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