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Mattress 1m8 x 2m Memory Foam Optimum Support, Keep the Spine Straight

Mattress 1m8 x 2m Memory Foam Optimum Support, Keep the Spine Straight

1m8 mattress Ru9 is being trusted by many users. In addition to the popular size, suitable for two or more people, the foam material (especially memory foam) is also a factor that makes customers satisfied with Ru9 products. This type of material helps to provide optimal support, keeping the spine straight for the person lying down. Let's learn more about Ru9's 1m8 mattress through the article!

Ru9 memory foam mattress ensures a good night's sleep

Choosing to buy a good mattress is one of the necessary conditions for a good night's sleep. The mattress not only needs to be comfortable and comfortable, but also has to ensure the health factors for the user. Understanding this, Ru9 has brought a new modern technology memory foam mattress product line.

Ru9 mattress is manufactured based on scientific research on sleep and advanced production technology. The product is now widely available in the market. In which, 1m8 mattress is the preferred mattress size of many Vietnamese families today. This mattress size is suitable for spacious rooms from 3m*4m or more. The 1m8 mattress is suitable for two people to lie down comfortably even adding a baby.

In terms of materials, Ru9 memory foam mattress is made from an exclusive foam material researched by Ru9. This is one of the key factors that make the product different from other mattress lines available on the market today. Ru9 has conducted a survey and analyzed the actual sleep needs of Vietnamese users. Since then, the successful production of Ru9 foam mattress is a good mattress for the spine, not only supporting effective sleep but also ensuring the health of users.

cushion 1m8x2m folding mattress 1m8 folding mattress 1m8 folding mattress 1m8
Ru9 mattress 100% made in Vietnam

Outstanding features of memory foam mattresses Ru9 in general and 1m8 x mattress types 2m in particular can be mentioned as:

  • Soft foam material supports body curves. Therefore, the product is considered a good mattress for the spine.
  • The mattress has a moderate settlement, creating comfort without losing shape after a long time of use use.
  • The mattress structure uses up to 3 layers of foam with different functions, notably the integrated memory foam layer. Cold gel effectively dissipates heat.
  • Breathable mattress cover, using zip lock for flexible removal, easy to clean.< /span>
  • In particular, Ru9 mattress has been internationally certified for consumer health and safety from CertiPUR-US

Ru9 mattress sizes are on the market

Ru9 mattress is now widely available in the market and become a favorite product of many consumers.Ru9 also offers many types of mattresses with different sizes for you to choose and buy according to your needs. Specifically:

  • 1m8 mattress (KING size mattress) with dimensions 180cm x 200cm x 25cm. This is Ru9's largest mattress, suitable for two people or two people with a baby.
  • 1m6 mattress (QUEEN size mattress) with dimensions 160cm x 200cm x 25cm. This is the most popular mattress line because the mattress size is just right, not too small but not too big. QUEEN mattress size is suitable for two people. This size is also not too large for those who want to sleep alone.
  • 1m4 mattress (FULL size mattress) with dimensions 140cm x 200cm x 25cm. This mattress size is quite compact, suitable for those who sleep alone with moderate spaciousness.
  • 1m2 mattress (SINGLE size mattress) with dimensions 120cm x 200cm x 25cm. This is a single mattress with small size, suitable for sleeping alone.

If you are still wondering which mattress size is right for you, quickly answer with Ru9 at here.

1m8 mattress 1m8 latex mattress how much does it cost 1m8 x 2m young latex mattress
Select mattress size according to actual use needs

Customer care policy and outstanding service with Ru9 1m8 mattress

Ru9 offers optimal customer care incentives, including:

  • Directly experience product quality with a 100-day trial sleep policy.
  • Free shipping and returns.
  • Especially, Ru9 also supports customers in the form of installment shopping with 0% interest rate.
  • Ru9 mattress is warranted for up to 10 years, ensuring long-lasting quality
sprung mattress 1m8 cushion 1m8 2m2
Comfortable in any position with Ru9 mattress

With the above policies, couples or families with small children are still hesitating to buy mattress 1m8 Ru9. Ru9 is always committed to bringing quality, safe and healthy products. You can rest assured to shop and use products for yourself and your family by contacting Ru9 through the website https://ru9 .vn/ or Facebook Ru9 - The Sleep Company for advice and quick ordering from today.

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