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1m2 x 2m mattress, an indispensable great friend for every home

1m2 x 2m mattress, an indispensable great friend for every home

Currently, Ru9's 1m2 x 2m mattress is one of the most popular products with the size for one person. Ru9 mattress is highly appreciated for its quality in serving a full night's sleep. This compact mattress is an economical and effective choice if you are single, living alone or you want to buy a small mattress for young children,... Let's explore the outstanding features of the 1m2 Ru9 mattress via the article below.

Outstanding features of 1m2 Ru9 mattress

cushion 1m2 x 1m9 spring mattress 1m2
Ru9 Original mattress has a multi-layer foam structure that helps you sleep well< /span>

Ru9 is a company that wishes to bring quality sleep to Vietnamese families. At Ru9, the process of product research and development comes from listening to customers, resulting in a significant improvement for a good night's sleep.

Ru9 Original mattress 1m2 is a multi-layer foam mattress with a thickness of 25cm including Ru9 Contour Foam, Memory Foam integrated with cold gel and bottom foam layer. Each layer of foam offers many unique features with outstanding advantages to mention as follows:

Class Ru9 Contour Foam

The top layer of Ru9 Contour Foam is 5cm thick, exclusively designed at Ru9. This is a high-performance foam layer with an open grain structure that creates comfort and ventilation for the user. Moreover, the Ru9 mattress has the ability to support the natural curves of the body to help increase sleep quality and health for the person lying on it. Not only that, this foam layer always retains maximum elasticity, does not sink deeply after a long time of use compared to conventional mattresses: latex mattress, coir mattress...

Memory Foam layer with integrated cold gel

The middle layer of Ru9 mattress is made of Memory Foam material with integrated cold gel. This layer of active foam is 5cm thick with integrated cold gel to help disperse pressure on the body and regulate temperature, creating a smooth, easy sleep. bear for you. This is one of the outstanding advantages that make Ru9 mattress different from other mattresses.

Base Foam Class

The last layer of Ru9 mattress is a bottom layer of Foam made from PU foam, up to 15cm thick with high density. Thanks to the thickness and density of the foam layer, the bottom of the Ru9 mattress is firmer and more durable and has long-lasting durability. Moreover, the bottom foam layer also has the ability to insulate movement, keeping your sleep quiet throughout the night.

how much does a 1m2 mattress cost latex mattress 1m2 x 1m8
1m2 x 2m Ru9 mattress with open grain structure to create comfort and ventilation for users< /i>

Overview of Ru9 mattress sizes

With the outstanding features and advantages of Ru9 mattress, you don't need to worry, think about buying a good mattress. At Ru9, currently providing mattresses with different sizes to serve the family's mattress buying needs. Vietnamese:

  • SINGLE mattress (1m2 x 2m): This is a mattress suitable for sleeping alone with a small bedroom space, often used in dormitories. student dormitory. In addition, the mattress size of 1m2 is also a perfect choice for children to sleep alone.

  • FULL mattress (1m4 x 2m): This is the most suitable mattress for those who sleep alone, like the spaciousness, just right.
  • QUEEN Mattress (1m6 x 2m): This is the most suitable mattress for couples. The mattress size of 1m6 is also not too big for someone who likes to lie alone.

  • KING Mattress (1m8 x 2m): This is the largest mattress at Ru9. The mattress size of 1m8 is quite spacious, suitable for a couple lying with a baby.

how much does a 1m2 spring mattress cost 1m2 mattress
Ru9 mattress has 4 sizes including: 1m8 mattress, 1m6 mattress, 1m4 mattress and 1m2 mattress

Why should you choose to buy a 1m2 Ru9 single mattress?

The 1m2 x 2m Ru9 mattress is the perfect choice for those single person. In particular, this size is also suitable for young children. This is the optimal choice for babies to sleep comfortably and can be used for a long time.

padded 1m2 x 2m single padding 1m2

Through the article, hope you choose to buy a good mattress, a reasonable mattress size to ensure sleep quality and good health. Ru9 not only creates groundbreaking products in terms of features, but also offers superior service with 100-night trial and free returns. To choose to buy 1m2 Ru9 mattress, please contact us via Facebook, website or visit showroom for advice and support.

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