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Sleeping on your side brings more unexpected benefits than you think

Sleeping on your side brings more unexpected benefits than you think

There are mornings when you wake up, you will find your body aching, more tired than the previous night, possibly the main cause of the condition hey, you've slept in the wrong position. Did you know that your sleeping position can affect your sleep quality as well as your mental state when you wake up? And according to experts, sleeping on your side will help you get deeper sleep and solve health problems.

1. The relationship between sleeping position and sleep quality

You may be surprised to learn that each sleeping position has a huge impact on sleep quality as well as overall health. body. Each sleeping position is not only a determining factor in your strength the next day, but also contributes to brain disorders such as dementia, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease...

If you wake up one morning and suddenly feel shoulder pain, back pain, cramps,... You have slept in the wrong position. Therefore, to get a quality sleep and ensure health, the sleeping position plays an extremely important role.

The right sleeping position will result in quality sleep

The right sleeping position will give a quality sleep

2. Side sleeping position - the position recommended by experts

Different sleeping positions offer distinct advantages and disadvantages. If you're feeling uncomfortable after waking or experiencing health problems, you may need to switch your sleeping position to manage your symptoms.

And according to experts, lying on your side is the position that can help you cure or improve a number of problems:

Reduces snoring

Snoring loud not only causes loud snoring causing inconvenience to themselves but also affecting the people sleeping next to them. Sleeping on your back is also one of the causes of snoring, because when you sleep on your back, all of your body weight will be on your back. That's why, Alexander Blau, a sleep expert and pulmonologist at the Sleep Academy in Berlin, recommends sleeping on your side to reduce snoring and then the lungs will work better.

Good for the heart and stomach

According to research, people often experience stomach problems and heart disease.

  • For people with heart disease, it is recommended to sleep on the right side to help blood flow to the right more, reduce the burden on the heart, and breathe easier more.
  • For people with heartburn (stomach) it is advised that the left side position is the best position. Because then, the internal organs will be properly arranged to significantly reduce the amount of acid leaking out of the stomach into the esophagus - the cause of heartburn.

Brain works better on side

According to Dr Hans Förstl, a doctor who runs a psychiatric and psychotherapeutic clinic in Munich, when you sleep in a sleeping position Lying on your side, the brain will be better relaxed. Because then, toxic substances will be discharged from the brain and eliminated through the body's immune system at night.

Back pain relief

Sleeping in the wrong position, such as on your stomach, can increase pressure on the spine and lead to morning aches and pains. Switching to side sleeping will greatly improve this, especially for the lower back.

Sleeping is beneficial for pregnant women

According to a study published in a medical journal in the UK, women during pregnancy lie on their side. Reduces the risk of miscarriage by up to 50%.

Advice from the experts, pregnant women should sleep on their left side because of the benefits:

  • Add more nutrients and blood to the placenta

  • Helps keep the uterus from pressing on the liver

  • Reduces pressure on the lower legs and lower back

  • Reducing leg swelling for pregnant women in the last months

3. Limitations of side sleeping position

However, the side-lying position also causes limitations and problems. Firstly, lying on your side can impede blood flow and put stress on internal organs. Secondly, sleeping on the side will put pressure on the shoulder on that side, causing the shoulder to be sore after a long night. Besides, there is another limitation that increases the risk of sagging breasts (for women).

To improve these issues, experts advise:

  • Use thick pillows for support below the neck. It is recommended to choose a pillowcase made of satin material to prevent wrinkles on the face.

  • To support your upper leg, and support your shoulders, you can place a pillow between your knees for a good night's sleep. than.

girl lying on left side with her head resting on Ru9's blue pillow, blue painted wall and clouds white clouds

Use a snug fit to help lift shoulder support when lying on your side

4. Expert advice

Should I lie on my left or right side?

Lying to the left is said to be better for health because in this position, internal organs will easily eliminate waste poison. However, both the left and right side positions help with sleep apnea and reduce back pain.

Setup steps for optimal side sleeping

  1. Choose a mattress with moderate firmness and a pillow with good support.

  2. Lie to the left first. The ears and shoulders should be in line with each other, the chin should be balanced, and the head should not drop near the neck.

  3. Keep your arms and hands below your face and neck, preferably parallel to your sides.

  4. Place a firm pillow between your knees (especially if you have low back pain) to avoid dislocating your hips and knees .

  5. Bring your knees slightly toward your chest to relieve pressure on your back.

Time to change the location

Although sleeping on your side has many health benefits, what you should do is find a comfortable position. best for yourself. If you are worried that sleeping on your side can cause sagging skin or cause shoulder pain, switch to lying on your back/straight because this sleeping position is also very good for the body. You should only avoid sleeping on your stomach due to its harmful effects on the spine and inner abdomen.

Getting used to a good sleeping posture is not easy. Taking the time to train yourself to get used to the best sleeping position is the key to improving sleep quality.

5. In short

Hopefully with the above article, you have gained the necessary information about the benefits of posture Sleeping on your side can change, improve sleep quality and health through the night. Ru9 hopes to be able to accompany you in all sleeping positions with products pillow Niu and hugging pillow with ideal materials and services dedicated to a complete sleep. Contact Ru9 immediately via website or Facebook Ru9 - The Sleep Company for advice and quick ordering.

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