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Where to buy a good and reputable cheap floor mattress?

In recent years, the need to search for for floor mattresses has become a "hot" trend more than ever. Thanks to the cultural appearance of floor mattresses in Korean and Japanese "hit" movies, this mattress line is even more prevalent. Here, let's find a reputable, high-quality floor mattress with Ru9 on the market!
Where to buy a good and reputable cheap floor mattress?

Searching demand floor sleeping mattress in recent years has become a "hot" trend more than ever. It is thanks to the cultural appearance of floor mattresses in Korean and Japanese "hit" movies that this mattress line is even more popular. Here, let's find out with Ru9 a reputable and good quality floor mattress on the market!

How many types of floor mattress are there?

In fact, almost all lines sleeping mattress on the market can be covered with floors. However, in terms of mattress structure, we can distinguish two types floor sleeping mattress is a roll-up mattress and a mattress. straight floor covering.

1. Floor mattress roll:

Floor roll mattress is a mattress with a soft mattress structure design. with thin and rollable mattress thickness. On the market, there are several types of roll mattresses such as: water mattress (air conditioner mattress), Korean roll mattress, Japanese roll mattress, topper mattress,,…

Floor Roll Mattress

Although this mattress line has many advantages such as: beautiful design, saving space, ... but along with that advantage, there are still worrying disadvantages. The biggest drawback of roll mattress is the lack of support and elasticity. Due to the thin mattress thickness, your body cannot create a distance from the ground, thereby not supporting and creating comfort for the back spine. Therefore, this mattress line is only suitable for office sleeping mattress or temporary use for naps.

2. Straight mattress with floor covering:

Straight mattress, also known as a traditional mattress with a thicker mattress texture, such as: latex mattress, spring mattress, pressed cotton mattress, foam mattress… Compared to roll-on mattresses, these mattresses have much better support and elasticity. In terms of space saving, the structure of straight mattresses can be folded as follows:

Comfortable foam mattress with good back support
  • The foam mattress is lightweight and can be folded in half for easy portability. However, you should not double the mattress too many times, it will affect the quality of the mattress.
  • Latex mattresses are heavy on weight and can also be folded in half.
  • Cushion mattresses usually have a 3-panel structure that can be folded.
  • Spring mattress alone has a bulky structure, so it is not possible to reduce the mattress area.

Where to buy cheap and good quality floor mattress?

You are wondering where to buy cheap and good quality floor mattress? A suggestion for You are the company specializing in sleep – Ru9. Ru9 foam mattress is a new generation mattress that has been used by many people recently. Customers choose to buy Ru9 sleeping mattress because the Ru9 foam mattress has good elasticity, the same quality as a natural latex mattress, but also has a cheaper price of only 1/3 mattress price rubber. Ru9 memory foam mattress series can not only be used as a floor sleeping mattress but also can be placed on the mattress as you like.< /p>

Ru9 foam mattress rolled up and shipped to your home

1. Buy a factory floor mattress at Ru9

<3 . But the reality is not so, most buyers can't buy the real value of the mattress, the value of the mattress before it reaches you has been accumulated a lot of commission costs for the seller, discount, agent. Level 1, Level 2, Level 3,…

But with Ru9 it's different, when you buy a mattress at Ru9 you will get the good mattress with factory price. Mattress prices at Ru9 are honest and not through any other agents or distributors. The mattress will be shipped directly from the Ru9 manufacturer to your home, and you won't have to pay any shipping costs.

2. Buy mattress with 0% interest installment payment at Ru9

Ru9 not only provides quality products such as memory foam pillow, memory foam mattress but also bring to main customers book buy mattress in installments with 0% interest. Investing in a good mattress to take care of your health is never a waste, but not everyone is eligible to own a mattress.

So, Ru9 hopes with the policy buy mattress pay Contributing 0% interest rate will help reduce financial pressure and create opportunities for customers to own the most advanced product lines at Ru9.

3. Sizes of floor mattress you can buy at Ru9

Currently, at Ru9 mattress store, there are 4 mattress sizes as follows:

mattress size Ru9 Original foam mattress 25 cm thick Nest by Ru9 foam mattress 15 cm thick
1m8 mattress
(180 x 200)
13,690,000 VND 7,390,000 VND
1m6 mattress
(160 x 200)
11,990,000 VND 6,690,000 VND
1m4 mattress
(140 x 200)
10,690,000 VND 5,990,000 VND
1m2 mattress
(120 x 200)
7,690,000 VND 4,990,000 VND

Besides, Ru9 also applies a program of 100 free trial nights when buying any Ru9 mattress products. Don't wait any longer, go to mattress store Ru9 today to buy mattress and receive it now attractive offers from Ru9.