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Certain Things to Pay Attention to When Buying a Hugging Pillow

Certain Things to Pay Attention to When Buying a Hugging Pillow

Due to the pressure of work and life, the disease of insomnia and sleep problems is increasing and rejuvenating, specifically, about 25% of young people belong to the group. group of 18-30 years old are having sleep problems. Let's find a way to buy the right pillow to improve sleep with a familiar bed at home with Ru9!

How important is it to buy a pillow?

Did you know, there are many studies that show that buying the right pillow will help you get a feeling of “Hug To Be Hugged” safely. all the time and sleep better.

Besides, buying a soft and good elastic pillow will help adjust your sleeping posture to avoid sleeping in the wrong position, causing fatigue after waking up. or, in the long run, lead to serious bone and joint problems. Especially for pregnant women - who are living in a sensitive period, prone to health problems, especially the skeletal system, hugging pillows help relieve back pain, support the respiratory system when sleeping and give a feeling of relaxation after waking up.

In addition, not only buying a hug pillow, that small pillow is also very versatile, not only used when going to sleep but also used in many activities during the day such as watching movies, reading books, watching TV.

Among so many pillows, how should we choose?

Depending on the area of ​​each room, there will be an appropriate bed size. Currently, bed sizes are very diverse from single beds (1m2 x 2m) to double beds with some popular sizes (1m6 x 2m, 1m8 x 2m, 2m x 2m, 2m x 2m2). Comes with beds with several mattress sizes of the same size.

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Usually, we often choose to buy a pillow according to the criteria of length compared to the bed in general. The ideal hug pillow will average about one meter in length for the best feeling of security and comfort. The length can be slightly different from the standard to suit the length of each bed. Especially for Asians with an average height of 1m6 which is very suitable for the length of the pillow from 1m to 1m2.

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Ru9 hug pillow has a specially designed shape of the same degree standard length

We often consider buying a pillow by the shape and style that matches the current bed. However, if you buy a pillow with good absorbent material, cool, easy to clean regularly, it will help you have a more complete sleep to wake up with a refreshed spirit and a supple health to do. productivity job. Furthermore, it is certified by CertiPUR-US®, material The foam in the Ru9 Hugging pillow meets strict material standards: it does not contain ozone-depleting chemicals, heavy metals, flame retardants, mercury or lead previously used in the foam industry, therefore absolutely safe and suitable for everyone.

How to distinguish the pillow in the market?

On the market there are countless designs that we can refer to through many different prices of hug pillows, in addition, hug pillow designs are also very diverse. with different designs and materials. The production of stamping mold industry will meet the needs of the market with a large number of products and many designs and low prices. However, in addition, the quality of the product has not been paid attention such as the pillow core lacks elasticity, easy to collapse when used, the pillowcase is mixed with nylon so it does not absorb sweat, there is no zipper on the cover so it is difficult to cleaning process. In addition, the length of the pillow on the market is also not up to the standard, usually only 70-90cm long, not creating certainty and bringing a sense of security to the user.

What's different about Ru9's pillow?

The pillow is designed with an ideal length of 115cm, suitable for a wide range of customers, especially those with joint problems, especially part of the spine. Currently, the number of people suffering from bone and joint problems is not only increasing in number but also rejuvenating in age. So need a great helper like Cushion Pillow from Ru9 to have a good night's sleep. Sleep well and maintain a stable bone and joint system for a supple health.

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Ru9 Hugging Pillow makes your sleep more complete and warm

Buy a pillow that is elastic and easy to move from foam and cotton materials to make the pillow, users will no longer face difficulties breathe when in use. Instead, it is a feeling of "hug to be hugged", which is far from the pillows that are too heavy, made of nylon, and lack flexibility.

Also, Ru9 Hugging Pillow has a unique design that holds your belly. always warm, and especially suitable for people who sleep on their side, keep your shoulders from falling down because lying on your stomach is bad for your heart and lungs. Therefore, using a pillow will support bones, joints, respiratory system, improve optimal sleep quality.

Pillow by Ru9 can also be used as a support pillow, multi-use even when watching movies, reading books thanks to its feature Flexible movement, compatible with body shape and hug. From there, you can also save some money on buying different types of pillows.

In addition to hugging pillows, if you want to learn more about good pillows to take care of your sleep, you can refer to this article. write at the following link: < /i>

VBuying a pillow can help you have a deeper, better sleep so you have more energy to be more productive. Here, you not only find your own sleep products, but also experience purchase convenience only available in Ru9. Hopefully, this article will help you get more information to choose the right pillow for yourself or as a meaningful health gift for your family!

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