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Which Stores Sell Quality And Prestige Beddings & Pillows?

Which Stores Sell Quality And Prestige Beddings & Pillows?

Many people ignore choosing bedding carefully when equipping the perfect bed for themselves and their family because it feels like a small thing. However, this habit can be one of the big reasons why you and your loved ones don't sleep well because of some mistakes mistakes revealed in the article. write this.

Following Ru9, let's dig deeper into the essence of this bed-side product how important, This is the best way to choose bedding, as well as where to buy cheap and beautiful bedding!

1. The reason bedding is more important than you think

Beddings and pillows are products that come into direct contact with the skin while sleeping. Along with the quality of pillows, your blankets must also be soft and comfortable with great materials so that every minute of touching feels soft and easy to sleep. Buying "luxury" bedding with great materials is a smart investment in sleep, it simply makes you love your bed and fall asleep easier.

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So what if you buy inappropriate or even poor quality bedding?

<3 Every morning, after waking up completely, you can experience symptoms of fatigue because of tossing and turning all night. Second, you may not know that humans have the ability to remember emotions and experiences for a very long time (according to the psychology book Finding Yourself ), thereby creating a feeling of reticence or avoidance with things you don't like. So, if the quality of your pillowcase is not good, it can completely prevent sleep. These things will greatly affect your performance every day.
If you have the above signs or suspect that your bedding is not up to the standard, what are you waiting for, let's immediately discover these The mistake everyone makes when buying bedding.

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2. Mistakes almost everyone makes when choosing bedding

According to the sheet Los Angeles Times, Here are the common mistakes we often encounter when buying bedding:

Paying too much attention to bad design

Although this is an item that collides with the body every day, we tend to indulge in aesthetic trends related to visuals rather than deep experiences tactile color.

This is the reason why many bedding manufacturers invest more in design than in product materials. As a result, even if the product is expensive, the quality lies in the sample, more than the actual value it brings.

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The trend of choosing beautiful bedding patterns makes manufacturers often overlook quality.

No matter the material

Bedding materials should be selected from nature to bring the most comfortable feeling such as cotton, linen, silk, etc…

Some materials can feel cooler than others. For example, natural cotton has a cooler surface and a more breathable texture than cotton blends; This makes the contact person much more comfortable.

In our country, natural Cotton material is more suitable for the environment, temperature and humidity thanks to its ventilation, absorption and heat dissipation properties. good with affordable price.

Ignore yarn count and weaving technique

Weaving yarn count is a matter of technique. Therefore, many people often overlook or misunderstand that the more woven the fabric, the better. However, sometimes it is just extra weaving to artificially increase the yarn count.

How each fabric has a woven texture will greatly affect the quality of the product. Excessively high yarn density can cause occlusion and heavy fabric weight. Or if the cotton fibers are too short, the product may not be durable. Prestigious brands often use fabrics with a density of 200-400 fibers and long fibers such as natural cotton to give users a feeling of ventilation, lightness and a more durable product life.

The trend of favoring cheap bedding sets

Because this is a product that can change continuously, consumers think it's okay to choose a cheap product. However, the average lifespan of quality and well-maintained bedding is about 2 years (according to Better by Today). You absolutely can choose for yourself a sufficient number of products of standard value and durability over time instead of buying a lot but quickly damaged and have to be replaced.

Did not double-check the stitches

Usually, we choose to buy quite simple bedding sets without paying close attention like beds or mattresses because we always think that this is an auxiliary product. However, this product must be sewn meticulously to be a quality product.

See if the stitches, buttons, or zippers are well sewn! Products that guarantee these are often more durable and easier to wash during use.

Where can you find quality bedding? Where to buy cheap and beautiful bedding?

If you are looking for a bedding shop with quality products and to avoid the above mistakes, you should first go to reputable brands that specialize in sleep research like Ru9.

Long time ago, product line mattress and pillow is made up of Ru9's familiar memory foam material is internationally certified has created popularity and Many good reviews from users.

Currently, in order to bring more sleep experiences to the Vietnamese market, Ru9 delves into research and launches bedding Ru9 Bedding Set: includes two pillowcases, a mattress cover and a duvet cover.

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So what's so special about this bedding product that you must try?

Why you must try Ru9 Bedding Set

The most special feature of Ru9 Bedding Set is the natural cotton fabric, which feels soft and cool to the touch. In it, the set Cotton Sateen weave density of 400 yarns, very soft and with a slight sheen; and the set Cotton Percale< /span> has a density of 200 yarns for a light fit and breathability. Regardless of the type, this product is very safe, non-irritating, even for sensitive skin because it is completely natural. This is a quality product with good materials suitable for your sleep.

Not only that, this bedding set also eliminates common worries when you choose to buy products like this before. The duvet cover strap definitely limits the deviation to help the blanket always float like new. Exquisite snap buttons in handy neutral colors made of high-quality materials, on the inside to avoid clumps and clumps. increase aesthetics. In particular, with Ru9 Bedding Set, you absolutely don't have to worry about wrapping the mattress in the wrong direction, when length - width has been marked right on the cover.

Through the above article, hope you have understood the importance of the bedding set that we often ignore and know where to buy cheap and beautiful bedding. If you want to learn more about Ru9 Bedding Set products, don't hesitate to call hotline 1900 63 63 21, text Ru9, or contact Ru9 via Facebook for advice!

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