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What factors should a good bed sheet ensure?

What factors should a good bed sheet ensure?

Someone thinks that the bed sheet just needs to be beautiful and suitable for the bedroom interior. Okay. Others say that a good bed sheet must be made of high-quality, expensive and comfortable material. So what standards must the bed sheets meet to be called good and is it easy to find a good bed sheet according to international standards in Vietnam?

Many people still have the misconception that a good bed sheet only needs to have beautiful colors, textures, thick fabric and come from a big brand. According to leading sleep experts, truly high-end bedding must meet standards in terms of density, weave, and temperature regulation.

Therefore, not all expensive bed sheets are of standard quality and suitable for where you live and your sleeping preferences. To improve and improve sleep quality, let's find out with Ru9 what a good Bedding Set should achieve!

What standards should a good bed sheet meet?

Each fabric has its own properties and advantages and disadvantages to suit the needs of each family. However, cotton fabric is still the most preferred by Vietnamese families because of its airy cool, absorbent, not difficult to care for like silk, but more affordable than tencel and linen.

Weaving density of fabric

Weaving density of a fabric is a very important factor that determines the quality of a fabric that few people know about. There is a perception that the higher the density of the fabric, the smoother the surface. This is imprecise as many manufacturers may use softening silicone injection to increase the density of the weave.

Therefore, experts recommend bed sheets made of 100% cotton with a weave density of 300-500, which is just enough for smoothness and comfort. roof with affordable price.

Fabric material

Good fabric will bring a pleasant and comfortable feeling to use

Good fabric will bring a pleasant and comfortable feeling

The fabric is often chosen by users according to their preferences. For example, people who are not good with cold will prefer bed sheets made of cotton percale or wool fabric because they keep warm. In the low-cost segment, polyester cotton fabric is preferred because it is less wrinkled.

Linen is more expensive and easy to wrinkle, but is environmentally friendly, cool in summer and softer after each wash. Cotton fabric is popular with a fairly affordable price, but it is easy for users to buy the wrong bed sheet from non-standard cotton fabric (Standard cotton fabric is made of 100% natural cotton with a weaving density of 300-500).< /span>

Weaving style

Two different weaves of Ru9 cotton fabric

Two different weaves of cotton fabric

If you love velvety silk or tencel but are on a budget, cotton with a satin weave is the perfect alternative. With a high weave density in a 1:3 weft-warp ratio, cotton sateen fabric has a smooth, soft surface but does not wrinkle like silk.

In contrast, cotton fabrics with percale weaves have a thick, lightly textured surface that is more suitable for people who often experience heat or sweat while sleeping.

Colors and textures

Although not too important in terms of quality, the color of the bed sheet has a great influence on the overall aesthetic of the bedroom. If your pillows and blankets already have a lot of textures, you should choose a solid color bed sheet.

If the overall room is monotonous and needs accents, don't be afraid to choose bed sheets with outstanding colors or textures like plaid. Also, bed sheets in neutral colors like black, green baby, hong san ho...also helps the bedroom look elegant, modern and not outdated.

Ru9 bedding set with many youthful, modern and elegant colors

Ru9 Bedding Set with many youthful, modern and elegant colors

Suitable for each time of the year

If you live in a place where the year-round temperature doesn't change as much as Ho Chi Minh City, you can use a set of bed sheets continuously without changing. . On the contrary, if the place where you live has distinctly cold and hot seasons, you should choose to buy bed sheets with different fabrics to suit each time of the year.


Before buying a bed sheet, carefully double check the exact size of the bed to choose the best fit, avoid being too small or too big. All cause waste and reduce the aesthetics of the bedroom.

Set Bedding Set of Ru9 very convenient It is beneficial to have all sizes such as Queen (200x160cm), Single (120x200cm), Full (200x140cm), King (200x180cm), Square King (200x200cm) and Super King (200x220cm).

What features does the Ru9 Bedding Set have to meet these requirements?

You don't need to waste time and effort ordering expensive bed sheets from abroad or worry about buying the wrong product from the wrong brand. some anonymous. Now you can easily shop Ru9 bedding set from 100% natural cotton through our showroom or website online in Vietnam.

Ru9 bedding set with soft, cool fabric, at an affordable price, suitable for the climate and preferences of Vietnamese users. Ru9 Bedding Set currently has a variety of sizes and colors for you to choose from.

<3 good night.

To buy the most suitable product, check factors such as weave density, fabric material, weave pattern, brand reputation , production process meets safety standards, attentive customer service.

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