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Everything You Should Know Before Buying a Roll-Up Mattress

Nệm cuộn đang trở nên phổ biến, nhưng chính xác thì chúng là gì. Nệm cuộn khác thế nào so với nệm bình thường, và tại sao mọi người mua nệm cuộn ngày càng nhiều hơn? Dưới đây là một số thông tin hữu ích cho bạn trước khi mua chiếc nệm tiếp theo.
Everything You Should Know Before Buying a Roll-Up Mattress

Rolling mattresses are gaining in popularity, but what exactly are they. How are roll-up mattresses different from regular mattresses and why do people buy mattress roll date more and more. Here is some helpful information for you before you buy your next mattress.

A common stumbling block with mattresses usually is the size pretty big. Because of their oversized size, most mattresses require heavy transport to transport. Furthermore, once arriving, getting the mattress through the door can also be problematic. And having stairs in the house only adds to the difficulty. That is the disadvantage of a regular mattress, but also the most obvious advantage of rolling mattress, and there are many other advantages!

What exactly is a roll-up mattress?

Rolling mattress simply means a mattress that has been compressed and rolled up to a convenient size and easy to move. These mattresses are packaged and protected to a high standard so that there is no small damage to the product before it reaches your home.

Rolling mattresses are usually compressed to 25% of their original size.

Rolling mattresses are usually compressed to 25% of their original size.

Rolling mattresses are usually compressed to 25% of their original size. So it's much more convenient and easier to deliver to your home than standard mattresses. Once delivered, simply remove the packaging and let the mattress slowly return to its original size. The recommended time before using a roll mattress is to let it sit for about 24 hours, this will ensure the mattress is fully ventilated.

Rolling mattress making process

To understand how a roll mattress works (also known as vacuum packing), we first need to know how something so big can fit in a box!

Step 1: Put in protective bag

The mattress is covered with an extra “coating”, to keep the mattress from unfolding after rolling and also during packing and shipping.

Step 2: Flatten in compressor

The thick mattress is compactly pressed down to only about 3cm thanks to the flexible properties of the foam inside the mattress, along with advanced pressing technology, providing optimal compactness. .

Step 3: Roll the mattress

The whole folded mattress will be put into a special winding machine, which is also a modern industrial machine used in the production of mattresses in boxes.

Step 4: Seal it in the box

The mattress box is securely sealed, and the Ru9 foam mattress in the box is ready to go!

Scroll mattress is minimized in a movable bucket
The scroll mattress is scaled in a movable bin

Case-rollable mattresses

Both the memory foam mattress and the spring mattress are compressible. However, you will find that most mattresses that come in the box are activated foam. This is because spring mattresses are a bit harder to compress due to the amount of materials and parts used to make the mattress.

Otherwise, memory foam much easier to resize and still avoid damage. Because this type of mattress uses layers of material made from foam, gel, or latex, which can be machine-compressed without damage.

The scroll mattress is easy to resize without damage

The roll mattress is easy to resize without damage

Advantages of a roll mattress

Environmentally friendly

Delivery drivers can carry more roll mattresses in their trucks. Fewer journeys means less fuel is used, which reduces carbon emissions.

Super fast delivery

Because trucks can hold more roll mattresses than regular trucks. So it takes less time to drive to and from the mattress manufacturer's warehouse. This means you will receive your mattress faster!

Easy to maneuver

Say goodbye to stuffing your new mattress through doorways and climbing stairs. The roll-up mattress is easy to bring into any room of your choice.

Always available

Because the rolled versions take up less room, mattress manufacturers can manufacture and keep more in stock to ensure they are always ready to ship.

Should I buy a Ru9 mattress?

Ru9 Roll-Up Mattress offers the same comfort and sleep support as a regular mattress. There are even more service benefits. The reason why more and more people are starting to buy a roll mattress is because:

  • Pressure Relief: Cushion that is too firm can lead to painful pressure points along the knees, hips, back and shoulder. But the thick layer of Ru9 Contour Foam of the roll mattress evenly disperses the body weight on the surface, returning to its original shape after removing the pressure this problem will be eliminated.

Rolling mattress evenly distributes body weight to relieve pressure on the spine.

Rolling mattress evenly distributes body weight to relieve pressure

  • Relieve back and joint pain: Ru9 roll mattress provides health benefits by reducing pain, body aches, also like helping your body quickly recover from an injury. Thanks to the high density foam performance in transferring more or less pressure on that area of ​​the body..

  • Spine alignment: One of the great benefits of a Ru9 roll mattress is that it can utilize body heat and pressure. to form your exact shape. From there, it hugs the body curve, supports the lumbar region and is suitable for all sleeping positions.

  • Allergy relief: Ru9 roll mattress has a dense foam structure, which is great for reducing the number of allergens present can accumulate. Dust, mold, and other allergens won't be able to find their way into your mattress.

  • Durability: A higher density Ru9 roll mattress will have excellent durability than other mattresses. Due to much less nightly repetitive wear and tear.

  • Easy Care: The antibacterial spandex cover contributes to the protection of the roll mattress from bacteria, and is easy to clean. than.

Through the above article, Ru9 hopes that you have understood more about the uniqueness and undeniable advantages of a roll-on mattress. A roll-up mattress is not only convenient to carry. home, but also for quality sleep every night. What are you waiting for, contact Ru9 immediately to bring the rolled mattress home!