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Tips for buying a mattress for pregnant women

You are not sure how to buy a mattress for pregnant women? What should I pay attention to when buying a mattress? Ru9 will share tips on choosing a mattress for expectant mothers through the article.
Tips for buying a mattress for pregnant women

For pregnant women, the body gradually becomes heavier and more tired. Therefore, buying a mattress for pregnant women is extremely important. So how to choose and buy the right mattress for expectant mothers? Ru9 will share experiences through the article below!

Misconceptions when buying a mattress for pregnant women

Pregnant women often think that during pregnancy should buy a firm mattress to support and fix the spine during pregnancy. As a result, the fetus will be more stable. Some pregnant women think that it is better to lie down mattress soft because it has a certain softness, providing a good night's sleep. sleep better.

However, hard or soft mattress is just a feeling perceived by the user. It is this misconception that has led to the mistake of choosing a mattress when not caring about the level of support. The mattress has poor support, making it easy for pregnant women to lie in the wrong way. This will lead to body aches during pregnancy.

Misconceptions when buying a maternity mattress

If a pregnant mother chooses the wrong type of mattress and lies in the wrong position, it will not only hurt your back, but you will also be at risk of spinal deformity and lead to many other problems. other diseases.

Criteria for choosing the right mattress for pregnant women

There are many different types of mattresses on the market for pregnant women today. However, to choose the right mattress, you need to pay attention to some characteristics such as:

  • The mattress should be able to support the body and support the bones of the body.
  • Maternity mattress material should be eco-friendly, resilient, breathable, and adjustable good air conditioning. Currently, foam mattresses are fully meeting these criteria. This type of mattress is being considered the best choice for pregnant mothers.
  • Matresses for pregnant women need to be safe for health and do not contain harmful substances. You should choose products from reputable brands.
Buy the right mattress for pregnant women

Ru9 Foam Mattress - bring good sleep for pregnant women

Ru9 Foam Mattress is one of the useful suggestions when you are choosing a mattress for pregnant women. The mattress is made from 100% high performance foam material. This type of mattress has a 3-layer structure that is:

  • First, the contour foam layer provides optimal spine support, fully embracing the spine curve. Absolute comfort for pregnant women.
  • Secondly, the memory foam layer has a built-in cold gel to help disperse the pressure on the pregnant woman's body, conditioning temperature.
  • Third, the bottom foam layer helps to minimize movement and ensure quiet at night.
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With a three-layer design of foam for comprehensive sleep support, Ru9 lulls both mother and baby to sleep comfortably and comfortably every night. At the same time, whether summer or winter, the sleep of mother and child will always be cool and comfortable thanks to the memory foam layer with integrated temperature-regulating gel.

In particular, the Ru9 foam mattress product is certified by CertiPUR-US to be safe for users' health according to American standards. This certification meets safety standards for quality, composition, emissions and durability for users, especially for pregnant women.

Select buy mattress for pregnant women is extremely important and necessary to have a good night's sleep. This will help ensure the health of both mother and baby during pregnancy. Ru9 is a leading sleep company in Vietnam providing products such as foam mattresses. This is definitely a reliable address for pregnant women to choose to buy a healthy mattress. Contact us now to order mattress products for your pregnant mother!