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Can a traditional mattress store really help you choose a mattress?

A good night's sleep comes from a quality mattress

Can a traditional mattress store really help you choose a mattress?

When you think of buying a new mattress, what comes to mind? For a lot of people, the first thing that comes to mind is the brick-and-mortar mattress stores: overwhelming mattress assortment, overflowing mattress display, all-inclusive price range. This is a channel to buy mattresses that is easy to find everywhere, but the effectiveness is not as high as you think, because you don't have to go to the place, get advice from the seller, touch and try on each mattress. can bring home a really good mattress. Why? Let's find out with Ru9!

1/ Sellers at traditional mattress stores may not understand your needs

Mattresses are not an easy purchase for many reasons: high value, unfamiliar materials, difficult to check details, It's an item that almost everyone buys once in many years. Therefore, our understanding of mattress is quite small, so we depend on advice. of the seller quite a lot in the product selection process.

However, sellers often don't understand customer needs well because they can't experience your daily living environment. even less understanding of the health status of customers. Furthermore, sellers are also influenced by the number of mattresses they need to sell in order to receive rewards and by the commission level of each different mattress they will be entitled to.

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Seller information may be considered an easily accessible source of information, but At the same time, we should also have our own judgments. In addition, you can find out information about mattresses through online channels, such as the brand's sales website and Facebook, to have a more accurate view of the product. Ru9 is a typical choice for how to get online shopping advice with clear and honest information. Also, ru9 foam mattress is directly distributed by Ru9, so you will receive the most accurate information, without worrying about consultants being dominated by different commission rates of different products that ignore the true quality of the product.

2/ Interacting with a mattress for a few minutes at a mattress store is not enough to truly understand what it feels like to lie on a mattress

Normally, Vietnamese people like to see and touch the item with their own eyes before buying. Mattresses are no exception, so it's understandable that many people choose to go to a traditional mattress store to experience the feeling of lying on a mattress before buying.

However, it is actually very difficult to get an accurate feeling after just a few minutes of sitting or lying on the mattress. You need at least a couple of nights to know if the mattress is good enough for your needs, is it too hard or too soft, is it hot, etc.

So, to find the best mattress for you, search for brands. allows you to experiment at home and return the mattress if it doesn't fit like Ru9 please! All ru9 foam mattress< /span> all come with a 100-night trial policy, allowing customers to have a real experience of up to 100 nights with Ru9 mattresses. During these 100 nights, you can return your mattress for any reason and get 100% of your money back buy mattress.

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3/ The amount you pay at a traditional mattress store is not necessarily the true price of the product

In fact, the price of the mattress is at the mattress store has burdened themselves with many different costs in addition to the cost of producing finished products, including: marketing costs, advertising costs, costs for intermediaries, shipping between intermediaries, commissions to sellers etc. The brick-and-mortar mattress store itself often acts as a third party, so part of the cost you pay for the mattress is actually covered by the brick-and-mortar store.

So you should be wise in choosing where to buy your mattress to get the price and the best quality next to the traditional mattress store. Ru9 foam mattress is also a very cost-effective suggestion. You can buy Ru9 mattress online, the product will be delivered directly from the factory to your door, absolutely no intermediary channels, so 99% of the price you pay is the actual production cost of the mattress. Moreover, Ru9 also offers free shipping on all orders nationwide, giving you the best mattress at the best cost.

Fashions often have a price when sold

4/ Customer care and warranty policies at traditional mattress stores are often not carefully invested

For mattress items at a brick-and-mortar store, once you've finished your purchase, you're generally not eligible for a refund for any reason. what. In addition, the seller does not really care about the customer care step after selling the mattress. Not only that, in most cases, you will have to pay for the cost of shipping the bulky mattress home after you buy the mattress. Warranty policy is also a rather difficult issue to solve when you buy a mattress, because brands are often unclear about warranty conditions.

Everybody knows that buying a mattress is a worthwhile investment to increase the quality of their sleep. Choosing a place to buy a reliable mattress with dedicated service and clear after-purchase policy will help you feel more secure and sleep better every night. Understanding this, all Ru9 mattress products come with free shipping, an outstanding customer care policy, receiving all feedback and ready to work with customers to solve arising problems. Besides, foam mattress Ru9 has a very clear 10-year warranty policy, giving you peace of mind when using a durable mattress.

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If you are wondering about mattress buying options, please refer to American standard foam mattress and the secret behind a good night's sleep okay!< /span>

Hope you can always find your perfect mattress!