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How to sleep without being startled at night?

How to sleep without being startled at night?

Children are quite sensitive, so they often startle during sleep. In order for your baby to have a good night's sleep without waking up in the middle of the night, a soft and suitable mattress will be essential. Therefore, parents are required to research carefully before choosing the most suitable mattress for their baby. So what are the tips to help parents choose the best mattress for their child and help them sleep well? Let's find out in the article below!

The reasons why babies wake up at night

Wake up in the night makes the baby's sleep incomplete, it can even lead to insomnia or stay up all night. Meanwhile, staying up a lot at night is one of the causes of delayed development in children. Therefore, parents need to limit their children's waking during the night. To do this, you must understand the reasons why babies often startle when they sleep, specifically as follows:

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  • Most children wake up at night because their body feels uncomfortable during sleep. Ignoring health conditions such as illness or teething, the reason from the outside environment can be an uncomfortable bed, mattress, or it can be due to ambient noise….

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  • Another objective cause is that you let your baby sleep too much during the day. At night, children are not sleepy, leading to waking up and crying.

How to Sleep Without Startling? Tips for buying a mattress for a good night's sleep

A baby's body is so fragile that it always needs to be protected, even in sleep. When buy a mattress for a baby, parents need to clearly understand what their child needs for their sleep. me. Parents can note the following:

1. Choose a mattress with moderate softness for children

A baby's body is much more sensitive than an adult's. Lying on a rough mattress will make your baby uncomfortable. This leads to the baby often waking up, crying at night. Therefore, a mattress for a baby needs a certain degree of softness.

Children are still developing, so the mattress also needs to have the right firmness. If the mattress is too soft, the baby's body will not be well supported, affecting bone development.

2. Choose mattress with ideal thickness and elasticity

Many families prefer to choose thin mattresses to limit the baby falling off the mattress. However, this is completely wrong. Mattresses that are too thin will lack musculoskeletal support for children. This will not limit the forces acting on the child's body, making the child prone to pain and fussiness.

That's why you should choose thick mattresses with good softness and elasticity to fully support the baby's body movements. About the ideal height of the mattress is the thickness from 15cm to 25cm. In addition, to no longer have to worry about the child falling off the bed, you can use the bars around the bed to limit the child's play space.

Choose a mattress for your baby that needs softness to avoid discomfort

3. The mattress must have ventilation

When buying a mattress for a baby, you also need to pay attention to ventilation. Young children and especially babies always have a hotter body temperature than adults. Sometimes the baby is sweaty and the bed is hot, making the baby feel uncomfortable. Therefore, you need to buy a mattress with high ventilation, helping your baby feel cool and comfortable when sleeping.

4. Mattress material is safe for health

Baby's skin is also very sensitive. Therefore, parents need to choose a mattress for their baby with safe materials for health. This prevents the baby from having allergies or other health problems.

5. Mattress size for children

In life, there have been many sad cases of sudden infant death while sleeping with relatives and parents for many reasons such as: hot weather .

One ​​suggestion for you is to buy mattress size 1m2 x 2m to make a separate sleeping space for children. With this mattress size, the child will be able to lie down until the age of 15. Having a separate bed helps children practice independence and protects their safety

Ru9 Foam Mattress - the secret to a deep sleep

Meeting all requirements for a good, comfortable and safe mattress for your baby is foam mattress Ru9. Ru9 Foam Mattress is the answer to the question of how to sleep without being startled with its multi-layer structure of high-performance foam. Including Ru9 Contour Foam layer with optimal spine support. Your baby will grow up healthy thanks to the support of Foam Ru9 mattress. At the same time, parents will also rest assured to choose Ru9 as the mattress for your baby because of the softness of this foam layer. Children will get a better night's sleep, not waking up in the middle of the night because of discomfort.

Foam Ru9 is suitable as a mattress for babies and the whole family
Foam Ru9 is suitable as a mattress for babies and the whole family

Besides, the Ru9 Foam mattress also has an activated foam layer that integrates cold gel like an air conditioner mattress. This mattress helps to regulate the baby's body to help the baby sleep more deeply. Thanks to that, the baby will also reduce the situation of hot back, night sweats when sleeping. mattress Foam Ru9 Certified CertiPUR-US® about safety for users' health. As such, this is definitely a great choice for parents who want to buy a mattress for their baby.

Hopefully through the above article, you will be answered on how to sleep without being startled. Ru9 - a sleep specialist who always wants to bring you the best products. So, don't hesitate, contact Ru9 via website or Facebook Ru9 - The Sleep Company when you want to buy sleep care products for your baby and family!

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