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How to stay up late for longer?

Many people ask me how to stay up late longer? They cite being busy and oversleeping procrastinating their work and life.
How to stay up late for longer?

Many people ask me, how to stay up late for longer? They cite being busy and oversleeping procrastinating their work and life.

They told me that they wished they could be like the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who is said to only need about four hours of sleep a night, or like the painter Salvador Dali, who only needs a little too much sleep. They don't want to sleep much, they want to sleep less and have time to do more.

But sadly, I don't have an answer for them. On the contrary, I can only advise them that we need to sleep and get enough sleep.

Let me tell you about a role model people think they are who are sleeping very little, and they succeed because they have a lot of time to do it, is Napoleon. They once rumored that Napoleon was a person who rarely slept, even it was said that he only slept when he was sick, but in reality he closed his eyes and rested quite a lot.

Getting enough sleep helps us more than staying up too late and eating Steal sleep time to work. Getting enough sleep, and getting a good night's sleep helps us to have more energy, to be healthier, and more alert. New factors are the conditions that help us do our work better, not try to stay up until we are tired before going to sleep.

Dear friends, what if you force yourself to wake up a few hours earlier each day or If you sleep a few hours later, will your body eventually adapt to it, will you be more focused to work?

Sadly not.

Changing habits is extremely difficult, changing circadian rhythms is difficult. more. Sometimes, our circadian rhythms are born and created by many different factors and are already optimal for our lives. We should not change, especially when it comes to changing sleep time.

What each person should change is not change in sleep time but change sleep quality. Sleep quality is more important than sleep duration. Having a good quality sleep will help us lead a more exciting life, more relaxed mind and longer life.

Sleep quality depends on 2 tangible factors that we can influence movement, 1 is the psychology of sleep, 2 is the sleeping space. With a sleep mentality, be comfortable, put aside the hustle and bustle of work before going to sleep, be less worried, less depressed and think of good things. As for the sleeping space, let's focus on the night light so that it's soft and suitable for the eyes when sleeping. Pay attention to the scent of the room, the sound when sleeping so that it is gentle and refreshing. In addition, another condition is the quality of the bed, sleeping mattress and pillow. Notice how we select mattress because the mattress not only affects the quality of our sleep, but also affects the quality of our spine and our long-term health when we wake up.

Understand that caring about sleep quality is extremely important, and quality Does the mattress play a big part in that important thing? When you start to question your mattress, you're one step closer to improving the quality of your sleep. Take extra care in finding your sleep companion, preferably when you can experience it before making a decision.

Don't forget, it's a good night's sleep that makes the most productive day, rather than by staying up late working long hours.

Good night!!!