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How to evaluate foam mattress is safe for your health?

To assess the safety of a foam mattress to the health of yourself and your family, you need to learn about the ingredients as well as the manufacturing process. Check out the article below!

How to evaluate foam mattress is safe for your health?

To assess the safety of mattress foam to the health of yourself and your family, you need to learn about the ingredients as well as the production process. Check out the article below!

Along with the explosion of the sleep industry, toxic chemicals in the manufacturing process are a major concern for both government and businesses. industry in the US. These chemicals are not only particularly hazardous to human health, but also have the potential to pollute the environment.

Then, health agencies and organizations such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and the International Standardization (ISO) promulgates regulations restricting and completely banning certain chemicals used in the foam production process in the past. This has contributed to minimizing the risk of harm to the health of users during the use of foam mattresses.

1. What substances are not allowed in foam mattresses

Fire retardants (PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP)

The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) recommends that PBDEs, TDCPPs or TCEPs can cause cancer, allergies birth defects or harm to the unborn baby. These substances were completely banned by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the production of foam in the US in 2005.

Mercury, Lead and Heavy Metals

Although not a common ingredient in foam construction, heavy metals, mercury or lead are always a concern for human health people. The toxicity of these metals accumulates in biological tissues, occurring in all living organisms as a result of exposure to metals in food and the environment. Their harmful effects are very dangerous, can directly affect the brain, intelligence, respiratory system, immune system, reproduction,...

Formaldehyde - Industrial Disinfectant

Similar to heavy metals, Formaldehyde is not the main component of foam but due to harmful effects on human health such as causing eye and membrane irritation mucus, watery eyes, headache, burning sensation in the throat and difficulty breathing. So this substance is always carefully checked in the structure of mattress foam.< /p>

Phthalates - Chemical Plasticizers

Phthalates are primarily used as softeners in the manufacturing process of some consumer products. In 2009, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission regulated the use of eight phthalates due to reproductive and developmental harm, organ damage , immunodeficiency, endocrine disorders and cancer.

2. Identify foam mattresses that meet quality standards by CertiPUR-US® certification

CertiPUR-US® is an American non-profit organization founded in 2008 with the purpose of verifying standards for content, emissions and The durability of our foams is sent in from around the world and analyzed by accredited independent laboratories.

The CertiPUR-US® foam mattress testing and evaluation process is extremely rigorous, taking place within 60 days, including 21-30 days for testing. analytical test. Ru9 - a sleep company that has passed strict standards and become the first Vietnamese enterprise to achieve CertiPUR-US certification.

According to the process, businesses when sending product samples need to submit some information such as laboratory test results, line images manufacture and declaration of prohibited substances. The CertiPUR-US® certification process works closely with environmentalists, scientists and furniture industry leaders. In addition, technical principles are all based on transparent science, setting criteria for a product's physical performance, component analysis, and product emission assessment, which have been developed to meet meets the guidelines established by REACH (a system of chemical regulation and safe use relating to the registration, assessment, authorization and restriction of chemical substances). In addition, the analytical method of CertiPUR-US® has been recognized with the standards of Eco-label (EU), LGA (Germany), OkoTex 100 (Mtress type IV) EUI, Blue Angel (Netherlands), IKEA, AQS Greenlabel and BIFMA.

Once the enterprise has completed the certification process for foam products, it will be recorded at the official website of CertiPUR-US®: < a href=""> Thanks to the certification of CertiPUR-US®, customers are completely assured when choosing Ru9 foam mattress because all foam mattress products at Ru9 have been tested by the organization. CertiPUR-US® will re-test at random every year to ensure long-term product quality.

A good night's sleep may not be enough, your family or yourself always need a comfortable and safe sleep for your health. With enthusiasm and responsibility for the health of consumers, the quality of foam mattress products at Ru9 is always committed to safety and fully supporting your sleep.