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How to "choose" to get a good night's sleep?

There are thousands of things that can affect your good night's sleep. Pajamas, room temperature, quietness, sleeping position, etc. can all be the reason why you have trouble sleeping or are sore every time you wake up. But did you know that the mattress  you lie on every day is the main cause of prolonged numbness.
How to

MEvery day, a person spends at least 6 hours on the mattress, and with poor quality mattresses will cause unnecessary consequences: poor sleep or continuous insomnia, the body always painful, aching… So, with a product that is said to be a "buy-once-and-only" product like a mattress, how to choose the right and best choice for you?

On the current market there are many different mattress products suitable for each segment different price ranges. That is, each type of mattress will have its own unique features and “noisys”. Here are some common mattress types that you can consider when shopping.

Spring mattress

Spring Mattress Affordable But Painful In The Long term
Spring Mattresses Are Affordable But Painful

Consists of a spring class on the bottom and a layer of foam/wool/cotton on the top for comfort, spring mattresses are known for their high elasticity and comfort. There are two types mattress typically springs are linked springs: consisting of springs that are linked together. into a block — and pocket springs: each spring is housed in a small pocket. Pocket spring mattresses are often preferred because of their better support and durability.

With affordable price and elasticity High-recovery, spring-loaded mattresses are common types of mattresses on the market today. However, spring mattresses do not have good support because the mattress will create back pressure on your body. This means that the parts that come into contact with the mattress a lot will be pushed back with a force similar to the downward force. This puts pressure on the body, leading to lack of blood circulation and pain in the body and joints. Besides, cheap spring mattresses often lose 16% of their original support after a year of use.

Latex mattress

 Latex Mattress Big Heavy Hard to Move
Large Heavy Rubber Mattress Hard To Move

As the name suggests, this type of mattress is ok Made entirely of rubber material. The most prominent is mattress rubber natural with high quality, long-lasting durability and extremely friendly to user health. However, this type of mattress is quite rare because the production cost of the mattress is very high. Instead, people often mix natural rubber and artificial rubber to create synthetic latex mattresses. This type of mattress is usually more prone to heat and is also not as durable.

In general, the firmness of the mattress Rubber also helps prevent the body from sinking and supports the spine well. However, because of the firmness of a latex mattress, sleep comfort is also reduced — the soft parts of the body will feel sore when faced with the pressure of the mattress all night long. The firmness of the mattress also minimizes the escape of air so there are a lot of ventilation holes on the surface of the mattress, but also because of that, the latex mattress does not completely support your body.

Ru9 active foam mattress

 Mattress Foam Ru9 Body Support For Good Sleep
Ru9 Foam Mattress Support Your Body For Good Sleep

Ru9 Active foam mattress is a mattress that is composed of many layers of multi-layer foam with a special type of foam that is resilient based on temperature and weight. This means that when your body is lying down in any position, the foam mattress can fully embrace and have maximum contact with the body. So, foam mattress works extremely effectively in supporting the body, thereby adjusting the spine, circulating circulation blood, relieve muscle and joint pain, bring comfort.

With an open grain structure, foam generates ventilation but still form an effective support plane, the activated foams are adjusted for high durability, friendly to the user's health.

Referring to foam mattresses Like Ru9 mattress, many customers in Vietnam will be surprised, but in countries like the US or Europe, foam mattress has long been a no-use application. indispensable in the bedroom of every household.

In Vietnam, most foam mattresses Active is an imported mattress, so the price of activated foam mattress is also quite high and less popular in Vietnam.

Don't waste "youth" on uncomfortable mattresses: be careful, meticulous and take extra care with this important everyday item!