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The Hot Weather Hard to Sleep? With Ru9 Cooling the Bedroom For Better Sleep

The Hot Weather Hard to Sleep? With Ru9 Cooling the Bedroom For Better Sleep

Hot weather is one of the reasons why it's hard to fall asleep. If you do not install air conditioning, your family will feel extremely uncomfortable with this high temperature, especially when lying on the mattress. Let's immediately discover the secrets of bedroom cooling to help you sleep well in the summer in this article!

There are many simple tips to sleep well to help you easily fall asleep on hot summer days without air conditioning. Among them, there are many ways to cool the bedroom that are both easy to implement and most effective.

3 tips to help you cool down your bedroom

On hot and humid days, having a good and cool night's sleep is hard to come by if your home doesn't have air conditioning installed. So, Ru9 will suggest you some tips cooling off your bedroom to help you fall asleep easier:

1. Cool pillows and blankets

If the temperature is too hot and uncomfortable, you can apply the method of cooling the pillowcase by putting it in the refrigerator and then taking it out when going to bed. . However, this practice can make you sick if you accidentally freeze your sheets and pillowcases. Because of the amount of water, moisture in the pillow has the ability to seep back into your body, making you more susceptible to cold and illness.

laminate bed room
Cooling the bedroom with a cool mattress and fragrant blankets - the secret to a good night's sleep despite the heat < /span>

2. Apply baby powder over bed sheet

You can apply a thin layer of baby powder to your bed sheets. The talcum powder particles will help absorb moisture and keep the mattress surface dry and limit the amount of sweat that penetrates the mattress. In addition, the mild fragrance of baby powder will help you relax mentally and fall asleep more easily.

3. Choose a breathable mattress

With the above cooling methods only temporary, choosing a breathable mattress will help you have sleep long and uninterrupted paragraph.

In the summer, instead of using a sleeping mattress, families often choose bamboo mats, bamboo mats or anti-wooden mats. This type of bed is easy to cause back pain, body aches, and restless sleep because you are not used to lying down. One of the secrets to helping you sleep comfortably every night on a hot summer day is to choose the right type of breathable mattress with the right material and structure in the summer.

nem stupid mat
Breathable mattress cool - the secret to good sleep in summer days

Actual types
latex mattress with closed, dense structure, so when lying down for a long time, it will not create ventilation. As for spring mattresses, when used for a long time, the mattress will sag and lead to back pain and aches. Therefore, many users noticed that and switched to using the foam mattress line. Foam mattresses are rated as having good support and coolness when sleeping.

However, similar to any mattress line, there are many high-end foam mattresses on the market that make customers confused. when choosing a mattress for the family. Therefore, in order to minimize the risk of choosing the wrong mattress, you should consider reputable mattress brands that are certified for health and safety such as foam mattress by Ru9.

IceGuard™ cooling pads - lie cooler, sleep better

Understanding the uncomfortable insomnia of Vietnamese families in hot summer days, Ru9 has researched and created quality sleep care products High quality exclusively for Vietnamese people. In addition to cooling the bedroom by the above methods, choosing to buy IceGuard™ cooling panels with the function of an air conditioning mat is an effective solution to help you have a quieter and cooler sleep.

IceFiber™ cold fiber technology

IceFiber™ is the most modern artificial cold fabric technology available today. In particular, each fabric has the ability to absorb the cool temperature in the air and retain it on the fabric surface. This technology is applied to Ru9's IceGuard™ cooling pad.

Learn more about IceFiber™ cold fiber technology by visiting the following link: https: //

IceGuard™ cooling pad - an improvement of air conditioning

IceGuard™ cooling pad, an improved version of air-conditioning mat, is The solution for you and your loved ones to enjoy a cool, complete sleep, regardless of the hot weather in Vietnam with the following features.

Cool your sleep

People who "sleep hot" easily feel hot between the back and the plane below, leading to discomfort and difficulty falling asleep even when sleeping with fans and air conditioners. The IceGuard™ cooling pad is like an air-conditioning mat, absorbing the coolness in the space from the fan or air conditioner and retaining it on the fabric surface, helping to reduce the surface temperature by 1 to 2 degrees Celsius.

lamp bed room
Cool your bedroom with IceGuard™ cooling pads to say goodbye to the feeling of hot back and suffocation while sleeping even in summer

Smooth and safe

Traditional cooling products such as bamboo mats often cause pain and red lines when waking up. However, the IceGuard™ cooling pad with its smooth surface will help you sleep comfortably and always feel cool. In addition, Ru9's IceGuard™ fabric material is certified to be safe for users' health, meeting international standards of STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX.

how to make your room better
IceGuard™ cooling pads provide a comfortable and safe sleep< /em>

Waterproofing - mattress protection

Because it is used on the surface of the mattress, the IceGuard™ cooling pad is integrated with an absolute waterproof feature with the TPU layer on the lower layer, so you no longer have to worry during use.

IceGuard™ cooling pad protects your mattress with a flexible TPU layer

The IceGuard™ cooling pad is the secret to a perfect night's sleep alongside the secrets to keeping your bedroom cool on hot summer nights. For mattress buying advice and more product details and to experience dedicated services such as 30 days 1 for 1 and free shipping, please contact Ru9 now!

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