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Experience choosing a pillow to sleep on to protect your neck and not collapse

OptionPillowfit and quality will ensure the health of your body, especially your neck. So how to choose a pillow product that can help you sleep well and protect your neck effectively? Let's find out through this article!
Experience choosing a pillow to sleep on to protect your neck and not collapse

Not only your body but also your cervical spine will be easily affected if not carefully protected in every sleep. To protect the neck area, a memory foam pillow contributes to making your sleep more comfortable and pleasant. Therefore, find yourself a suitable sleeping pillow based on the following suggestions. !

3 types of popular sleeping pillows on the market

1. Natural latex pillow:

Strong latex sleeping pillow
Intestines sleeping pillow rubber

Made from 100% natural latex, this sleeping pillow guarantees for the health of the user. You will not smell the smell of synthetic rubber in pillow products of reputable brands, and especially the skin will not be irritated, affecting health. Using natural latex sleeping pillow helps blood circulation, cools and doesn't make you uncomfortable due to the heat like normal pillows cause.

In addition, the elasticity of the pillow intestine is also appreciated, helping you to have a comfortable, light sleep. On the surface of the pillow, there is a system of ventilation holes to help eliminate the feeling of suffocation while sleeping, helping you to enjoy a perfect sleep. However, the current situation of natural rubber is quite scarce, so the price of this product will be quite high.

2. Polyester Cotton Pillow

Polyester cotton sleeping pillow
Polyester cotton sleeping pillow

Sleeping pillow insert made by Polyester cotton so users will Get a soothing experience as soon as you lie down. You should choose products with cotton yarn completely imported from Korea, refined to ensure the safety of users. However, the nature of this type of pillow will easily sink because of its inability to support. So, if you choose a pillow to lie on all night, don't choose this product.

3. Latex pillow/memory foam

Low latex sleeping pillow
Intestines sleeping pillow young rubber

Non latex pillow is being chosen by many customers today. In fact, young latex pillows are not made from "young" rubber. Products are made of memory foam, so they are also known as pillow memory foam. Because, this material has good elasticity like natural rubber, so it is favorably named "young rubber".

This material has the ability to memorize body temperature and weight, so it can adjust the support to suit each sleeping position and Different head sizes. However, also because of this property, memory is prone to heat and subsidence. That is why memory pillows need to be combined with advanced technologies to help dissipate heat quickly and without causing subsidence.

You can refer to the article: Compare the pros and cons of neoprene pillows and Ru9 pillows from Ru9 better understand the quality of non-latex pillows.

Tips for choosing a healthy sleeping pillow

Besides the analysis of pillow materials above, you also need to consider other equally important factors to choose the right pillow. suitable for you and your family.

1. Stiffness of the pillow

To choose a good sleeping pillow you will need to pay a lot of attention to product hardness. Do not choose pillows that are too soft or too hard because they will affect your neck area, causing more pain after each sleep. You should choose a product with sufficient softness, so that when lying down, the pillow can fully support the curve of your neck..

2. Thickness of pillow

Using a pillow that is too thick often in your sleep will make you suffer from chronic neck pain, making it difficult to breathe, thereby making you sleep snoring. The same goes for pillows that are too thin. The reason is that when the pillow is too thick or too thin, it will misalign the spine with the neck. It is best to use a pillow with a thickness of 12-14cm and a size of 30 x 60cm to get the most comfortable sleep.

3. Choose a friendly pillow color

Do not underestimate the choice of pillow color when sleeping because this is a factor that affects your mood and feelings for sleep. there. Some pillow colors that can stimulate you to fall asleep quickly that you can choose are light yellow, light pink, and blue colors. And note that you should not choose two contrasting colors on one pillow, if you do not want your sleep to be hindered. Because they make your eyes and mind more stimulated, but not relaxed.

Ru9 sleeping pillow optimally supports and protects the cervical spine

Insert of sleeping pillow Ru9

Graphene foam material fully embraces the neck area

Ru9 has launched a product line of sleeping pillows that both support and protect the cervical spine and stay cool during a long sleep, which is the Niu Ru9 pillow. Niu Ru9 pillow uses graphene foam material - a material using the most modern technology in the world today. Graphene foam is a material that dissipates heat almost instantly, so it always retains its elasticity and returns to its original shape easily.

That's why, the pillow core is made from exclusive graphene foam that will help lift and keep your head and neck straight, making you comfortable and pain-free after every session. sleep. The ideal height of the pillow is also a big plus to help attract users' attention.

Meticulously designed, delicate, easy to care for

The pillowcase is made of Tencel knit fabric for breathability and durability, and the zipper is designed to make cleaning easy. easy. Thanks to that, you don't have to be obsessed with the condition of the pillow being dull and easy to accumulate bacteria anymore.

With OEKO-TEX® comprehensive and rigorous measurement system testing, Tencel fabric and pillowcase materials are designed for products that have been certified safe for users' health.

A good night's sleep will be determined by many factors, including the choice of your pillow. Therefore, do not underestimate the choice of pillow and you should consider buying a pillow that is suitable for your condition!