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Guide to Choosing the Right Mattress Size for 1 Person

Một chiếc nệm đơn “xịn” ít nhất phải có kích thước nệm 1 người nằm phù hợp với cơ thể mình nhất. Bài viết này sẽ chia sẻ cách chọn nệm đơn tối ưu cho bạn!
Guide to Choosing the Right Mattress Size for 1 Person

For a comfortable night's sleep when sleeping alone, a "good" single mattress is essential, along with obvious criteria like budget. , you also need to take into account the lying position, room area and mattress size for 1 person. Here Ru9 will guide you on how to choose a detailed mattress for you!

Quick comparison of mattress sizes suitable for 1 person

Matress size< span style="font-weight: 400;"> is calculated in length and width. As for the height (thickness) specifications, the mattress will vary depending on the manufacturer. Therefore, there is no universal thickness for each mattress type like the following size comparison.

Single Mattress (1m2 x 2m)

As the name suggests, 1m2 x 2m measurements are the standard for 1-person mattress sizes. This is the smallest mattress size among the popular sizes in Vietnam, known as the most popular small 1-person mattress. This type of mattress is mainly for teenagers or single people with a small bedroom area. The compact size of the Single mattress is also suitable for office sleeping.

This size is also very suitable for children, not too small and not too big for children aged 2-12. Mattresses have an average lifespan of about 10 years, along with an average growth rate of about 6 cm per year from after the third year of age until before puberty. Thereby, after about 10 years, the mattress you chose for your baby when he was young has just reached the time to change to ensure health, and the children will also have developed enough to change to a new, larger mattress.< br>

Full mattress (1m4 x 2m)

Size between a Single and a Queen size mattress, this option becomes a top choice for living in a small apartment, especially those People who like to sleep alone and need space on the mattress to suit all sleeping positions. At the same time, Full mattresses are also less expensive than large mattresses.

Full mattress is 1m4 wide and 2m long. Therefore, your room should have a minimum size of about 2m4 x 3m to have space for other items and feel more comfortable with your sleeping space.

Queen mattress (1m6 x 2m)

This is the size of the mattress just enough for 2 people to lie on. The average adult shoulder is 35-45cm, so the Queen mattress will give you a comfortable enough space and not too far from the person lying next to you. Therefore, with the size of Queen mattress, people lying alone can be more and more comfortable with all sleeping positions. With this size , your room should be at least about 2m6 x 3m in order to be able to arrange the mattress along with some basic furniture.

single mattress mini sleeper
Queen mattress is much larger than mini mattress size for 1 person lie comfortably

In addition to the above sizes, some other popular mattress sizes are:

King mattress (1m8 x 2m)

King mattress size is relatively spacious for a family of 2 and a small baby. To minimize movement caused by the person next to you. However, the King mattress is not too suitable for the need to find the size of a 1-person mattress.

Super King Size Mattress (2m2 x 2m)

Before choosing this type, you will need to check the size of your room to see if it will fit. Because the Super King mattress provides enough space for the tallest, most rolling people to sleep.

How to choose a small mattress for 1 person

Budget for a small mattress for 1 person

When comparing mattress sizes, you should also look out for the cost difference. The price of most mattresses increases gradually with each size. A Super King mattress will definitely cost a lot more than a single bed.

nem mini
Defining how much you're willing to pay will help you choose the size mattress for 1 person lies exactly as desired

Considering your height and weight

You should consider your own height and width when choosing mini mattresses. Make sure you choose a sheet mattress is long enough to comfortably measure when you're sleeping in bed.

Your sleeping position

You should find out your favorite sleeping position when looking for the right size of 1-person mattress for comfortable sleep. While there are some people who like to sleep in a curled up position like a fetus, the width will not need to be too large. But for those who have a habit of rolling horizontally on the mattress when sleeping, the small mattress for 1 person sometimes causes problems.

Bedroom area

An important fact when choosing a mattress or new bed size is whether it will fit the area of ​​your room. Before buying a new mattress or bed frame, make sure you measure the space in your bedroom and consider where to place them. As a general rule, you should keep at least 75cm of space around your mattress.

Single mattress - Ru9 Original mattress

One-person mattress size is a flexible choice, but comfort is what matters. a good night's sleep. Here are mattress suggestions Ru9 Original < /span>with many suitable criteria to choose a small mattress for 1 person:

6 popular size choices

First of all, the Ru9 Original mattress has 6 popular size options for different bedroom spaces:

  • Single Mattress (1m2 x 2m)
  • Full mattress (1m4 x 2m)
  • Queen mattress (1m6 x 2m)
  • King mattress (1m8 x 2m)
  • Square King mattress (2m x 2m)
  • Super King Mattress (2m2 x 2m)
nem Ngu van Phong

Ru9 Original mattress with 6 universal size choices for every need

Sleep nurturing material

Ru9 Original mattress with high-performance foam technology provides elasticity, supporting the body and spine according to natural curves all night long. Even if you have to choose a limited mattress size for one person, it is still guaranteed to bring a smooth and comfortable sleep.

< br>

Comfortable all year round

The open-structure foam incorporates a cool, breathable gel, keeping you asleep in any weather. Matress Ru9 Original certified by international certification < a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">CertiPUR-US < span style="font-weight: 400;">- the world's leading prestigious certification of foam that helps your sleep when you're single is more complete than ever.

Transports easily into small spaces

Ru9 Original mattress easily rolls up to move to any small space. The weight is quite light, for flexibility in moving and using.

In addition to the size of a single-person mattress, there are a variety of factors that contribute to a good night's sleep. If you need help finding the perfect mattress for you, contact Ru9 via our website or Facebook Ru9 - The Sleep Company for more advice and 100-day free trial!

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