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Discover the surprising link between the size of your bedroom and your good night's sleep

There is a special relationship between bedroom size and sleep quality that no one expected. So these two factors are related. How specific systems are and what methods can help you optimize them to improve your health by getting a good night's sleep.  

Let's explore with Ru9 right through the article below!

Discover the surprising link between the size of your bedroom and your good night's sleep

Between bedroom size and sleep quality there is a special relationship that no one expected. So how are these two factors specifically related and how can you optimize them to improve your health by getting a good night's sleep?

Let's explore with Ru9 right through the article below!

Does the size of your bedroom affect the quality of your sleep?

According to the sheet Forbes (US) ), the size of the bedroom affects the quality of sleep and how much of the effect will depend on the purpose of the bedroom as well as the interior layout.

Accordingly, the ratio between the items and the layout has a significant impact on your sleeping space. Usually sleep experts will ask you about the size of the bed - the largest and most important item - and then slowly ask the question of whether to add other items or not.

You can refer to the following example: If you like a king size bed, you need at least 13m2. To make sure it fits the room, you should calculate where you will put the bed, have enough room for other necessary items such as bedside cabinets, wardrobes or not, decorative lighting. How will fit. And above all, do you have enough space to move all the furniture in the bedroom?

Therefore, in order for the bedroom to function properly and bring a sense of comfort after entering the room as well as every morning when you wake up, what you need The most important thing is a bed of the right size and suitable for your bedroom.

The size of the bed and the layout of the room have no effect on the quality of your sleep .

If the bedroom area is small, choosing a bed as large as a king size will take up space, making the room cramped and secret. In contrast, a room with a large size but little furniture and single bed for example can completely create an unsafe feeling for the homeowner when sleeping.

So how to choose the right size of this most important piece of furniture?

Guide to choose the right bed and mattress size for your bedroom

Choosing a bed and mattress size is not easy for young and inexperienced people. Here is a detailed recommendation for each home bedroom size:

  • Single bed and single mattress suitable for small rooms or corner rooms, with an area of ​​​​about 18m2 or less.
  • size double bed for two adults and rooms with an area from 20m2 to 35m2.
  • Queen Size is a great choice for rooms from 35m2 - 45m2.
  • King Size will be very suitable for your room if it has an area of ​​​​over 45m2.

(The two sizes Queen size or King size are not too suitable for rooms with many small corners, you should note this. )

Single or double bed depending on your living needs and the size of your room.

From the bed size, you can choose the mattress size to suit your current needs to both harmonize the interior and create a quality sleep. .

In addition to the right size, choose a healthy mattress

For a person, the room they use the most is the bedroom. Therefore, investing in a bedroom includes not only a bed of the right size, but also a soft and high-quality mattress.

Such a mattress often includes many evaluation factors such as premium materials and user experience. Lying on a good mattress will bring comfort and support to important points on the body such as the spine, neck, shoulders and nape. In addition, the mattress must be made of material Memory foam first internationally certified technology, providing all-night coolness and no adverse effects. In particular, the mattress has the ability to ensure smoothness and low noise even when the next person moves, even with large sizes such as King size or Queen size.

Among the best mattress products today, the most prominent and impressive is the line mattress high quality branded Ru9.

Ru9's high-quality mattress will bring you unforgettable sleep experiences right away from the first try.

Not only includes all the above advantages suitable for consumers' health, but Ru9 also owns many different sizes - from single mattress to double mattress - for your choice and technology mattress rolls in the box for optimal living space.

Hopefully through the above article, you have found the answer to whether the size of the bedroom has any effect on sleep and how to choose the bed size as well. as a standard mattress to improve your health.

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